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  1. As far as I know, once you "Delete" an image you can no longer edit it, but it will continue to be searchable for some time. That's why some people remove keywords and captions before deleting. (Not recommended by Alamy) Nobody on this forum can help you since it seems to require system privileges contributors don't have. You'll have ask CR to do it for you. In the future I'd suggest carefully checking your submissions and avoid uploading images unless you're certain you want to license them.
  2. That's the main reason why I'm still with PhotoShelter. I've tried a couple of other web providers but I have several thousands images online. Moving them would require a good amount of time. PS is more reliable and, most of the times, things work the way they should. I also prefer the PS templates to many of those offered by other providers.
  3. I think it has more to do with Lattice and the current design than demand. Clients can still search PhotoShelter but the results aren't as straight forward as they used to be. Even if I have a dozen photos that meet the search criteria the Lattice format only shows one. Since PhotoShelter takes a percentage of sales made through their site I have no idea why they decided to take this route. I haven't asked but I suspect most of my more recent sales have come from Google searches.
  4. I haven't had a direct sale in quite some time either. My PhotoShelter site has paid for itself over the years, but they're so infrequent now that I've begun to re-think the money and time spent. I've also had inquiries from people who have no budget for photography. Sometimes I've been able to work with them, sometimes not.
  5. Agreed. I had two re-use licenses for a major textbook publisher some time back. I think the client originally requested a RF type license but we eventually settled on RM. I added up the various uses and billed the client around $1100 per edition. The researcher responded that I could've billed for more. Of course smaller publishers probably won't have that kind of budget but it never hurts to ask. fD
  6. I had been going to TekServe long before Apple opened a store in New York. When I was working for a group of community papers back in the 80s. They were the one who serviced the company Macs. They also did a couple of free repairs for me, while I waited, and there was that 10 cent coke machine. I don't remember the WNYC drives but I do remember the recycling events where you'd get a $50 off coupon and free mouse pads for recycling. Now if I want to recycle electronics I have to haul them over to the Lower East Side or wait for the City to hold their yearly recycling event in Union Square.
  7. I couldn't charge my iPhone 6s and discovered I couldn't make a Genius Bar appointment for my iPhone online with my computer. So I resorted to the old fashioned way and called the Soho Apple Store. They gave me an appointment for the next day. I thought I needed a new battery. The Genius quickly cleaned the port but it still wouldn't charge so he surmised it was damaged. I took it home, cleaned it about three times as long, and it finally charged. Now, about a month later it's as good as it was but I still think I need a new battery. Fortunately they've lowered the price of battery replacement.
  8. Was there one on 14th Street? I was talking about TekServe on West 23rd Street. I miss them. I was not happy about my last visit to the Genius Bar for my iPhone. Swapping the hard drive in an iMac is a major pain. I had either a 2007 or a 2009 where the drive was deep inside the computer and the screen has to be removed with suction cups. Then there are several layers of components that have to also be removed. There are instructions online but it's not for beginners. AppleCare to extend the warranty is a good choice. I'll have to remember to buy it before the one year warranty runs out on my current computer. EDIT: Looks like I missed the AppleCare deadline. They now expect you to purchase AppleCare within 60 days of buying a new Mac.
  9. On a side note, Macs do crash and there are occasional lemons. I had a 1998 Powerbook that was recalled when it was only a few months old because the case was cracking. Apple send a prepaid shipping box and it was returned to me about a week later. Then there were other issues. All in all it went back to Apple about three times under a special Extended Warranty. Eventually they sent me a voucher for $500 off on a new computer. Most new Macs aren't user upgradeable but they can be upgraded by an Apple Authorized Repair shop. One local shop ( which unfortunately has gone out of business recently) had a deal where they would max out the RAM and hard drive for a flat $200.
  10. I had a Canon G10, a 14 megapixel older model. Alamy made a good number of sales from the images I submitted but I wouldn't call it an upgrade from my Nikons. The zoom wasn't so great, it lacked interchangeable lenses and I rarely shot above ISO 200. Oh and there was shutter lag. Even so, it was an OK camera to pop in my jersey while cycling. If you want something better you probably need to spend a bit more.
  11. Sometime in the time when it's January in New York, and February in London, my sixth sale of this year dropped in. It's a little hard to find in My Alamy but it's there. That makes it 6 for $240.
  12. I bought my last Mac, and one for my grandchildren, using PayPal Credit. Six month no payments and no interest. I think they currently have a deal where you can stretch it out over 24 months when you spend over $600 US.
  13. It depends on how much of the frame the paintings occupy. While property releases aren't required for editorial images Alamy has rather strict guidelines regarding copying artwork. It would certainly be better to include a release to avoid any confusion over whether the images violate anyone's copyright.
  14. Gas was cheap and nobody really thought about the environment. Buying a new car every year or two was a status symbol. It was part of the "American Dream." My in-laws had a Cadillac convertible. Maybe pink? Riding around in a car like that was certainly different.
  15. Another point - Some people use a special filter over their plates to avoid detection by red light and speed cameras. Of course that's illegal. Blurring the number might give the impression the driver is using one of these when, in reality, he's not.
  16. There's also the question of authenticity. If the license plate has been blurred then what else might've been digitally altered? More and more buyers are moving away from obviously photoshopped images. CVS, a major Pharmaceutical and Beauty Aids chain in the US, just announced this week they'll no longer be using "photoshopped" images on their house brand products. If the client doesn't want to include the plate number then let them remove it themselves. Unless you're creating a space for a client to insert their own text, I feel it looks amateurish, but that's just my personal opinion.
  17. Here in New York, and probably all the other states as well, license plates are government property. When you dispose of the vehicle you're supposed to return them. Unless you have a contact in law enforcement there's no easy way to connect them to the owner. By the same token, a property release signed by the owner wouldn't be valid because they're not his or her property.If they're on public property it shouldn't be an issue. On the other hand, I've read that in some European countries license plates are the property of the owner are are easily traceable, so it may be different there. Even so, if it's on public property I would doubt the owner would have any expectation of privacy.
  18. Are you suggesting Profimedia is licensing images to yet another agency?
  19. I would hope it is a "bulk rate" they are talking about where Alamy gives a discount for so many images purchased in a given time frame; a set fee per image purchased. An example would be newspaper xyz can purchase 100 images per quarter for "x" amount of money. My fear is, like Betty's, that these images are purchased and then added to a library to be used later or possibly re-licensed, illegally, to someone else. Profimedia is a distributor. Isn't this what distributors do - access Alamy images for resale at some point? I don't understand why people think this is somehow "illegal." If you don't like the idea of distributors then why not opt out? If you don't like the prices one distributor in particular charges then you can opt out of that distributor. I opted out of Profimedia a couple of years ago and my overall number of sales, and gross income have continued to grow. fD
  20. If you were using Lightroom 6, it looks like you would be able to upload photos directly from Lightroom to Portfolio. Since I haven't explored this area, I don't know if you could upload in one process, but one alternative would be to export a group of watermarked images and then upload those. As MDM said, watermarking in Lightroom is easy. Create a watermark and then click a box when you export. You can probably create a Watermark action in PhotoShop but this is one aspect where Lightroom really excels. http://blogs.adobe.com/jkost/2016/11/publish-from-lightroom-web-to-adobe-portfolio.html
  21. Petapixel has actually posted a tutorial on how to get these results and someone else posted a Facebook Camera Filter. Petapixel seems to enjoy shaming inexperienced photographers. Only a few days earlier they posted a bad wedding. Of course we never know if the client actually saw the photographer's photos before they hired him or her.
  22. Saw this on Petapixel. Yes it's a terrible job but sort of a shame to mock the photographer all over the internet.
  23. It's regional. Here in the Northeast portion of the US we say Soda. Pop seems to be used more in the Midwest. Others call it soda pop. When I was in Western New York State, which is more like the Midwest, everyone called it Pop. I remember reading an article about what "regular coffee" means in different parts of the US. In some places it means black coffee. In other areas it's coffee with milk and sugar, while other places it's coffee with milk or cream. Of course the more we travel and use the internet these regional differences are becoming less obvious. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/12/soda-vs-pop_n_2103764.html
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