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  1. As I mentioned in another thread, I received email this morning informing me that restrictions have been placed on about 7 more images. Most of these, if not all, are actually billboard advertising, including this sexy Calvin Klein billboard. I guess I should be glad they weren't deleted.
  2. I just got another email today with a list of images, mostly billboard advertising, that have been set to "Editorial Only." This is an ad for Camel Cigarettes, featuring Joe Camel, that was painted over sometime back in the 1990s.
  3. Could be a mixed breed or it could be some sort of hound. The ears look a bit short for a Black and Tan Coonhound.
  4. I think I would sooner leave New York (temporarily) than go into a homeless shelter. Use this as an opportunity to live elsewhere. Chicago and Austin seems more affordable than New York. Or you could spend some time outside the continental US where the cost of living is lower.
  5. My Crashplan subscription is paid up until September. Once that's up, I believe I get something like a 50% off the following year. I'll probably take a look at Backblaze after that unless Crashplan comes up with something more affordable in the meantime.. Backblaze seems to be pretty much the same deal as Crashplan was a couple of years ago. I need to replace my local back-up drive. For whatever reason I've found back-up drives seem to fail more often than my main drive.
  6. Sorry but I don't think it would be appropriate to name distributors, on this forum, with whom Alamy is currently doing business. Let's just say that when Alamy opened the New York Office I oped out of English Language agencies in North America presuming those clients could go straight to Alamy - not that I had had any North American distributor sales anyway. Other ones I opted out were the ones that have consistently low rates. Once you've had a few distributor sales you'll know who they are.
  7. As far as I know, Entertainment News goes through the same process as General News. The difference is that it will show up in the general news feed as well as when you click the Entertain News tab. Just make sure your captions and headline explain what the photos are about -- who, what, where, when -- and you should be OK.
  8. Go to My Dashboard Click on Additional Revenue Options Click on Distributors and it will take you to a list of distributors arranged by continent. Check on the ones you want. Uncheck the ones you don't want.
  9. Some distributers get higher rates than others. You can pick and choose which ones you want to distribute your work. I opted out of one particular distributor that always gives a very low "bulk distribution rate" about two years ago, but decided to continue with most of the others. In 2017 my number of sales, and average rate per image was up over 2016. I might have made more if I had continued with that particular distributor but probably not a whole lot more. fD
  10. No I wrote to Alamy and they agreed to restore it this morning. I can't find it today in a search. Maybe it will reappear after the update.
  11. Sometimes there's a fine line between street art and advertising. This one was created to mark CBGBs, which no longer exists, and promote Blondie's new album “Polinator.” It was marked "Editorial Use Only, and was not available for Personal Use or Prints. Personally I feel there's plenty of context and it goes far beyond being a "copy" of the work .
  12. I have to admit I've been through rent reductions, once or twice, so I know a little about the process. Fortunately it wasn't due to a fire. Hang in there Ed. You'll get through this.
  13. Then you should definitely contact DHCR Monday. I think there's a certain procedure for a Rent Reduction after a fire. You may also need supporting materials such as proof of rsidency, photos or a fire report. Do you have a Tenants Association? You might also want to speak to someone at Goles (Good Old Lower Ease Side) and the Cooper Square Association who helped regulated tenants after the Second Ave Gas Explosion.
  14. Is your apartment Rent Stabilized? If so, the landlord is required to honor your lease, and you only have to pay $1 per month until the apartment is ready for you to move back in. You should contact the Department of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) as soon as possible to exercise your rights. http://www.nyshcr.org/AboutUs/ContactUs.htm
  15. Same here.In fact, since I'm about 5 hours behind, many of my news submissions are outside office hours.
  16. Top of their list for IOP Photography Jobs is Volunteer Photography in London. https://www.institute-of-photography.com/iop-jobs-2/
  17. Same here. In fact, with all of these stories all over the internet, it surprises me that anyone still does weddings.
  18. From the Alamy link http://www.alamy.com/customer/help/alamy-photo-prints-art-com.aspx " Any image that's available for a personal use license Buy a 'personal use' license for your chosen image and then click the 'order print' button on the order confirmation page. If you've placed Personal Use Restrictions on an image then it shouldn't be available for prints.
  19. Jack did quite well on his trip to the Philippines to photograph evacuees and general life in the area. One of the volcano, at dusk, ran on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, above the fold.
  20. My friend Jack Kurtz recently photographed a wedding couple while he was in the Philippines covering a volcano eruption.It's marked as Editorial Use Only but he did ask permission from the couple and got their names before photographing them.It ran in quite a few places and was featured in Petepixel.
  21. Now that we know the image is of a mural, to be printed mural sized, I think I would pass on this too, unless they have written permission from the artist.
  22. Marking it Editorial Only on Alamy shouldn't prevent you from licensing the image for commercial use directly as long as it doesn't require releases. Since it's being used to raise money, I would consider basing the rate on indoor display/promotional use/non-profit-other. That may be well beyond the school's budget so it may be helpful to ask what their budget is. You didn't mention whether they want a digital file or if they expect a mural. If they want a mural sized print of course that would be extra.
  23. A search for M47H7X brings up a thumbnail for me, and when I mouseover I get a caption, but when I click on the image it brings up a page not found error.
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