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  1. That's my impression as well. The $1 per image theory has been around as long as I can remember. Of course things were different 30 or 50 years ago - fees were considerably higher and photographers often received more than 50% of gross sales, but photographers usually had less distribution options. Another important factor is the estimate was based on film images but even with dupes, the likelihood of making multiple sales of the same image, in a week or two, was less common.
  2. Like Julie, when I "Fetch Alamy Metadata" I usually just set it to go through all my files in Lightroom. It seems to go through every file uploaded to Alamy anyway. I had to do this several times in the beginning for it to retrieve all the data to include all of my files in the "Submissions" Smart group. It takes a long time so I often leave my computer to do it overnight. FWIW all of my filenames are date based but I've haven't had any problems with .NEF, CR, TIF, PSD, or JPG extensions.
  3. In PhotoShop, under the File Menu, go to File Info. It will bring you to a panel where you can add Headline, Description (Caption) Keywords and other IPTC Information. Lightroom has a similar panel in the Library module but Headline and Description aren't always visible.
  4. Headline and Captions should be written with whatever software you use, before you upload.
  5. You really can't make any generalizations based on a month. Some sales take longer than that just to be reported.
  6. Have you checked the Adobe Forums? https://forums.adobe.com/welcome
  7. I love to sit on the couch with my iPad, looking up various references when I watch movies. They're great for checking email and social media, watching Netflix and yes, you can even edit photos and upload, but they were never intended to replace computers for photo editing or storage. The largest model only has 512gb storage and, as far as I l know, there are limited back-up and storage options. Given the cost, I'd much rather spend a little more on a MacBook that runs real PhotoShip, Lightroom, and allows you to store photos on an external drive.
  8. You can import and process .NEF files with either the built-in Photo app or third party apps. I have an old version of FilterStorm on my Original iPad that allows me to caption and ftp. None of the software I have installed supports CA removal, spotting, etc but maybe it's available with newer versions or Lightroom Mobile. My iPad also tends to downsize larger files when I export.
  9. If you want to put Personal Use Restrictions on an image, check on the image in AIM, go to the Optional tab, and click on the box that says "Don't sell for Personal Use." If you want to remove Personal Use Restrictions, un-check the box. Changes seem to take effect when the system upfates.
  10. All of my images are marked "No Personal Use" too but that didn't keep them from being offered as wallpaper on this site. Adding "Editorial Use Only" did the trick. I added some more restrictions yesterday and today I'm down to 518.
  11. Definitely looks like a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog to me. http://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/bernese-mountain-dog/
  12. When I first stumbled across this site I had 880 images there. Then I placed Editorial Restrictions on the first 500 protest photos and today I only have 651, so they do seem to be honoring restrictions and updating frequently. Now I only have to figure out how to place restrictions on the next 250 or so photos.
  13. Ideally it would include every restriction AIM has.
  14. Thanks! I found the way to search for images without model releases, without property releases, etc, but what I'd like to do is search for images that don't have editorial restrictions. That way I could update restrictions on older images before the Copyright Team has to send us email.
  15. Last night I came across a wallpaper site, in Australia, that's offering 880 of my Alamy photos for wall murals. I presume the site http://www.customwallpaper.net.au/ is legitimate, in part, because it says the Alamy watermark will be removed from the final product. Most of these images are unreleased and really shouldn't be offered as Consumer Goods. At the time they were submitted I presumed lack of model releases would prevent them from being sold as Consumer Goods. With all the concern over marking some images "Editorial Use Only" life would be so much easier if we could do a quick search in AIM to find images that either do, or don't have, restrictions and need to be updated.
  16. Where in the US are they located? I'm not a lawyer but.... if it's only for a few hundred dollars you could file a non-payment case in Small Claims Court. You wouldn't need a lawyer but you'd probably have to be here to file and appear in court.Small Claims Court in New York goes up to $5000. If you want to bring a Copyright Infringement case that would probably be heard in Federal Court where you would need a lawyer. Oftentimes photo thieves will grab an image from elsewhere knowing that it's too much trouble for the photographer to pursue. You could contact the company's website provider and issue a DMCA take-down notice.
  17. It's certainly confusing. If Alamy asked me about an exclusive where the image had been licensed previously this way, I'd have to send it back to them for an explanation.
  18. When I was looking around foe storage I tried a 90 day free trial with Amazon. I think it was unlimited storage for $12 a year, specifically for photos.. The downside was that you had to upload the photos manually, while I prefer something that works in the background. I don't know if the $12 deal still exists but they still offer free photo storage with Amazon Prime.
  19. At the time it was submitted, prior to AIM, it was marked RM "No Property Release, no People" and the usual Alamy disclaimer appeared beneath the photo. I don't think "Editorial Use Only" was an option at that time. Now that we can, I've set "Editorial Use Only/ No Personal Use" as a default.
  20. I thought I had already placed Editorial Use restrictions on all of my "art" photos. I'm currently using Editorial and No Personal Usee as a default. I wonder if Alamy checked to see what restrictions were in place before resetting them? One of the problems I’ve found when Alamy resets restrictions on images is that the process seems to remove any restrictions that were already in place. Last year I asked Alamy to add Personal Use restrictions to all of my images but today I see some of them are now gone. Unfortunately I don't have time this afternoon to go through them. I just hope they're not licensed for Personal Use until I can get to them. fD
  21. Ed, If I had time on my hands and nowhere to live I'd spend time in Puerto Rico photographing the recovery. Maybe not the ideal vacation spot these days but the weather is good and there should be plenty to photograph. I think I may have missed your Housing Interview. Is it online? Stacy
  22. Ed, ironically many of the murals you and I have shot in the Noho, East Village, Little Italy area were done in conjunction with the L.I.S.A. project - http://www.lisaprojectnyc.org/ It's a not-for-profit whose mission is to create a mural district, attract tourists and encourage people to photograph the many murals. I don't know what their agreement in terms of copyright might be with the artists, but restrictions would seem contrary to L.I.S.A.'s mission. The artists themselves have seemed flattered and quite happy to pose for photos and sign autographs when I came across them.
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