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  1. Most photographers seem to use Adobe Lightroom nowadays. If you've keyworded your photos in the IPTC area with software such as Photoshop they should import without a problem and Lightroom will create its own set of thumbnails. One downside is that you'll have to use the export function to retain keywords added in Lightroom. I don't think the catalog automatically writes this data to file unless you specifically do so. Many years ago I switched from Cumulus, a similar program, and was able to import my files to Lightroom without a problem. You can download a 30 day working demo from Adobe. Both the CC version as well as the stand-alone version are available. fD
  2. I lived for years without air conditioning but one day when it hit 107f, and I nearly passed out at the computer, I finally decided to give in... but I waited a day until it was "only" 103. iMacs, for example, are only intended to operate between 50° to 95° F (10° to 35° C)
  3. Eco-friendly travel will probably get you much more interesting photos. fD
  4. Digital photography is considerably more eco-friendly than traditional film based photography but there's still the issue of computers and components. Best thing to do is recycle or donate your old equipment, use energy saving computer equipment, possibly turn off your computer at night, avoid disposable batteries. Of course if you can share your computer and internet that probably reduces your carbon footprint as well. Beyond that it's pretty much the same as what we do in other aspects of our lives, use mass transit whenever possible, avoid excessive packaging, get some re-usable shopping bags, recycle paper, plastic, metal and other electronics. Use energy saving light bulbs and recycle those properly too. New York is beginning a City-Wide composting project but if you have room you can do that on your own. Oh and if you have air conditioning keep it above 78º f. As the saying goes, think globally act locally. fD
  5. I'm sure a wired connection is preferable. I have the camera kit for my original iPad and it transfers photos quickly without a hitch. I probably should've spend my money on this Lightning to USB Adapter.
  6. I have the WU-1b for my Nikon D610. As reviewers warned it doesn't work very well. When I'm at home my iPhone prefers my home network to the one the adapter uses. It seems to prefer files that are less than 5mb and often disconnects. Also I haven't yet found a way to prevent it from disconnecting after the first photo has transferred.Maybe I missed something in the settings? I haven't yet tried it in the field. Perhaps once I'm away from my home network, in a place with fewer wi-fi networks, it would work better. fD
  7. When I was a student and needed to hang prints on a budget we'd use tenter hooks. Just sandwich the matted print between backing such as Museum Board and a glass or plexiglass plate. The holes are small and easy to fill when the show comes down. http://kilianhardware.com/tenterhooks.html
  8. It's midnight in New York and voting has come to an end. Congratulations to Imageplotter for this great photo. As the winner, Imageplotter gets to choose the subject for August's Challenge and choose the finalists. Thanks to everyone who participated. Stacy
  9. Distribution - Alamy makes images available to affiliate agencies in various parts of the world. Photographers receive about a third of the total price but these are sales you might not otherwise make. You can opt-in to all of the distributing agencies or choose by country. According to the Alamy contract, images with Restrictions may not be available to distributors so it's something to keep in mind if you're placing restrictions on any images. Novel Use is pretty much dead as far as I know. Newspaper Scheme - Alamy makes photos available to newspapers in the UK at a reduced rate. It's not a lot of money but it can add up. I have a couple of images that have been used multiple times in the Guardian and the Sun over the past year. Because my images are Rights Managed I'm paid for each use. fD
  10. Just to the right of the "Submit Vote" button, you should be able to see some gray text on a white background that says "Show Results." If you can't see it on your screen then try hovering your cursor just to the right of "Submit Vote" and if you're using a Mac it will change to a hand. Click on that and it should work. Stacy
  11. Despite my post-Fourth of July panic, where I had 0 zooms in about 10 days, things seem to have picked toward the end of the month. My CTR which was down to .19 mid month, is climbing back up, and July ended with slightly lower than average number of sales, but revenue was about half of what it was in June. All in all, 9 sales for $329 gross.
  12. Sorry but somehow the poll got posted before I could add the images. Please bear with me, I'm trying to add them as quickly as I can.
  13. Please excuse the multiple posts but I haven't yet figured out how to combine a message post with a poll. There were so many wonderful entries it was hard to whittle it down. Of course it's subjective so don't be discouraged if I didn't include one of your photos in the poll. Please try again next month! Voting will close Sunday 6th August at midnight. Stacy Sally J02724 Matt Ashmore J0C8N1- Brick Lane in East London Wim Wiskerke EEH4H0 - Denver public library Imageplotter HP1H42 - Lie Lie Land revisited (Islington, Bambi) NYCat DWJ1WH - Cafe Cups restaurant in Homer, Alaska Doc DN9B14 - A scooter passes a wall mural image of Che Guevara, Trinidad, Cuba, Caribbean Rubens Alarcon J0WY5R Alterra C6WW90 - Sculpture The Long Banker / Langer Baenker in front of the Deka Bank at the Kirchberg plateau, Luxembourg VPics EA9X44 East Side Gallery in Berlin Michael Ventura DCG04T Venice Beach, CA
  14. I finally found it by hovering my mouse over "Content" but as Paulette suggests, it's completely invisible on my Mac with Safari. Thanks Philippe, Stacy
  15. RESURRECTED AGAIN! I'm trying to create a poll for the July Challenge but I can't find a poll icon in the message icons (using Chrome) I can't find a help page either. After several attempts I tried to log in with Safari but I can't get past CAPTCHA. fD
  16. Definitely email. Plenty of contributors travel and it's much easier to check your email than browse the forums when traveling. I'm on Twitter but I don't check it every day. And, even though I'm following Alamy I'm not sure I always see your tweets.
  17. Personally I don't understand why some photographers upload a hundred or more images to Live News. Most newspaper editors I've worked with prefer to see a tight edit, especially if they're on deadline. Somewhere in the contributor pages Alamy recommends no more than 5 similars. If you can delete 80 out of a hundred images without losing the essence of what the story's about then you're probably uploading too many. Why not edit it down to your best images and save yourself and editors a bit of time?
  18. I didn't get the email even though I have restrictions against Personal Use as a default, and a good number set as Editorial Only. I began using this after one of my unrelesed images was licensed for an ad on Facebook. Up until that I relied on clients to understand when a release was necessary but I guess, as Alamy says, some clients are confused by this.
  19. The Lightroom Plug-in for Alamy gives you a smart list of images that have sold, Once ou select an image the side panel shows the number of times, and the gross amount for all sales for a particular image.
  20. According to Nikon Rumors, as of 30 July 2015 you need ACR 9.1.1 for D810 NEF files. This is still compatible with CS6 but I noticed I have an older version in Lightroom 5.7 so you may have to upgrade Lightroom. You can still buy the standalone upgrade version of Lightroom. There shouldn't be any need to subscribe CC. https://nikonrumors.com/2015/07/30/the-latest-adobe-update-fixes-the-nikon-d810-adobe-standard-profile-bug.aspx/
  21. I bought a Dell P2715Q 27" Ultra HD 4K Monitor for my Mac Mini just over a year ago and I'd highly recommend seeing it in person rather than ordering it online. B&H offered another model for about $500 but when I saw it in the store it was much dimmer than other models. I asked the salesman why it was so dark but he couldn't figure out why. Then I noticed they had a higher resolution display that was nice and bright for only a few dollars more. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?A=details&O=&Q=&ap=y&c3api=1876%2C{creative}%2C{keyword}&gclid=Cj0KEQjw-qbLBRD79JWsjuXI784BEiQAftBCI4Cl7QVsTnwPscyC3E75V_NS8PRlqUrnPKN7KCQCDF8aAj3b8P8HAQ&is=REG&m=Y&sku=1106149 Turns out, I'm much more comfortable using it at a lower resolution because the text is larger and more comfortable for my eyes. Also my Mac Mini didn't really support 4k with a standard Mini Displayport to HDMI cable.
  22. Since July 4th - 0 zooms and my CTR is down to 0 too. By comparison I had 30 zooms for the month of June and my CTR was 52. So far I've had 2 sales this month when I had been averaging 10.
  23. Plenty of people on the left dislike Peta as well. This story is getting plenty of coverage on both sides of the pond. I'm hoping he sets up some kind of fundraising site, like GoFundMe, to cover his legal expenses. I'm sure plenty of photographers and other creatives would be willing to contribute.
  24. Jeff, one of the few requirement of the competition is that images have to be available on Alamy. If and when this image becomes available on Alamy, please replace it with a preview showing the Alamy Reference number.
  25. Actually Slater did win in Federal Court several years ago. That's why PETA has taken it to the next level and is trying to appeal the decision. From the story linked above " The US Copyright Office ruled that animals cannot own copyright but People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) sued Mr Slater in 2015. " According to what I heard on ABC news last night, the Appeals Court is questioning whether or not PETA has legal standing to bring such a suit. I guess when you rely on donations it doesn't matter how much of other people's money you spend just to try to make a point. If PETA loses this round it could go to the Supreme Court, if they're willing to hear it.
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