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  1. Yes, that's what people do in costal areas whenever extreme weather is expected. After Hurricane Sandy we went 5 days without power, heat, phone service or public transportation in Lower Manhattan. I neglected to stock up so I had to ride my bicycle uptown to shop, charge my phone, make phone calls and get cash. It was much worse in suburban or rural areas and that was "only" a Category 3 Hurricane.
  2. Why not download a 30 day free trial of Photoshop?
  3. I wasn't aware that 47th Street Photo was still in business and Brooklyn has some of the most notoriously dodgy mail order photo supply houses. If you're thinking of ordering from the US I would go with B&H or Adorama
  4. Orlando is 300 miles (500k) north of Key Largo, and about 400 miles (620k) north of Key West. Unless the Hurricane makes a sharp turn along the Florida coast, you probably won't find yourself in the thick of it. Even so, If Orlando has text alerts, and you have a smart phone it wouldn't hurt to subscribe.
  5. Here's an interesting comparison of florescent vs LED lightboxes. Apparently some types of LED are better than others. Fluorescent vs. LED Lamps in Backlit Lightboxes
  6. According to Petapixel Nikon now has more pre-orders than they'll be able to fill initially. So unless you're one of the lucky ones you'll have to wait. Nikon is Sorry That the D850 Sold Out Before It’s Even Out
  7. The hourglass symbol began to appear when the camera would write to the card, my computer had trouble reading the card and my camera had trouble formatting it. Since cards are relatively cheap I decided to replace it rather than take the risk of losing photos. I prefer the idea of using two smaller cards. If one fails you still have the other. I was wary of getting another 32gb card my local photo supply shop was out of smaller cards when I stopped by to pick up replacements. I would never use any of these cards for storage. I always transfer cards to my computer the same day I shoot and store photos on an external hard drive which gets backed-up to the cloud. Then I format my cards in-camera. My theory is that non start-up drives should be less likely to fail but that doesn't always hold true.
  8. I used to use Lexar CompactFlash cards. The only time when I had a problem was when I ran out of room, deleted some images, and then shot a few more. Fortunately I was able to retrieve the images using their recovery software. Several years ago when I bought my current camera it came with a free, plain white Sandisk 32GB. That began to fail about a year later. As soon as I noticed something was off I replaced it and fortunately didn't lose any images. I've read about other 32 gb cards failing, I wonder if there's something about the size. The two 32 gb Sandisk cards I currently use in my camera have been fine.
  9. Jim Keir's Plug-In , Alamy-Lightroom Bridge, allows you to download your keywords from Alamy and match them up with images cataloged in Lightroom.
  10. One of the more interesting features of the D850 The Nikon D850 Doubles as a 45.7MP Film Scanner
  11. Last year when I bought my Dell 27 inch Ultrasharp at B&H they had several off-brand monitors for as low as $100 US. My previous monitor was an LG 22 inch IPS display that I bought for $150 US at BestBuy. It lasted a bit longer than the warranty.
  12. For unknown reasons, I seem to have been logged out of the forums four or five times today, using Chrome on a Mac. Each time I go to the"Last Sale" thread there's a login form at the bottom. Once I've logged in again and go to that thread I get another login request, even though my name appears at the bottom of the page as a logged in user. Maybe I should just be thankful I haven't encountered the much dreaded reCaptcha.
  13. Consumer goods as well, which include Calendars, Credit Cards, t-shirts, Post Cards, key chains, mousepads, menus, CD Packages, posters, etc.
  14. Yes it showed up immediately in AIM's Location field with very specific addresses. Unfortunately they were wrong.
  15. Not everyone thought it anything to get excited about. Others thought it was a good excuse to get a manicure
  16. I tried adding GPS coordinates in Lightroom. AIM picked up GPS data but it was about two miles off. No idea whether this has changed with recent updates. fD
  17. One of the obvious problems with shooting news in the US for Alamy is that we're at least 5 hours behind. Newspapers tend to make their editorial decisions in the late afternoon so unless you can upload well before noon (EST) or you have breaking news with international interest, the chances they'll make space is pretty slim. It's possible they could run it the following day but when you consider everything that's been going on in the world over the past few days it seems unlikely.
  18. I've gotten errors with every other update since November or so.The last Lightroom Plugin was fine but since I updated I can no longer connect - some kind of "internal error" For anyone who is getting errors it might be worth the time to check and make sure you have the latest version. fD
  19. I've had the same thing when I upload to Live News even though I l use a preset caption in Photoshop. It seems to happen more often if I use the button to add more images after uploading the first one that I want to appear at the top of the stack.
  20. I get this site, and others like it, every time I do a google search for my name/Alamy. Most times they've already replaced it with some other image they've lifted.
  21. Maybe this will help? http://lightroomsolutions.com/qa-how-do-i-migrate-from-extensis-portfolio-to-lightroom/
  22. Problem is, even if your camera didn't move boats do. I'd try reshooting it with a shorter exposure time and multiple shots to increase the likelihood of a sharper image.
  23. Most photographers seem to use Adobe Lightroom nowadays. If you've keyworded your photos in the IPTC area with software such as Photoshop they should import without a problem and Lightroom will create its own set of thumbnails. One downside is that you'll have to use the export function to retain keywords added in Lightroom. I don't think the catalog automatically writes this data to file unless you specifically do so. Many years ago I switched from Cumulus, a similar program, and was able to import my files to Lightroom without a problem. You can download a 30 day working demo from Adobe. Both the CC version as well as the stand-alone version are available. fD
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