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  1. Never delete any images, why would you even consider that? Of course some may not look pretty in your collection but never underestimate what sells....
  2. That was the amazing thing, both were very ordinary shots especially windsor castle where the sky was terrible but which sold for $8000. It was used by dupont in a global advertising campaign where a glass fascade was placed as a layer over my image - it worked for them ! Up until then I uploaded only my best work, after that sale I uploaded virtually everything.... oh and I received 70% - $5600 but exchange rate was 1 GBP=2 USD !
  3. Remembering the good times.....never to return!
  4. Just had a couple of batches of ISO 12800 aurora borealis images passed and now on sale ! Canon 6d is amazing. Looked very, very carefully at every single image at 100% before submitting....
  5. pembrokeshire is a great area with plenty of diverse opportunities - the green bridge of wales is one place not to miss. Tenby, stackpole head... its all good. Good luck with the weather.
  6. I have revisited this 6d raw image in LR 5.3 and other blue sky images from a 650d. With zero sharpening you can still see minor artifacts at 200% but in all honesty they would not be visible in any image output. Applying NR does not seem to help. So how do you avoid this situation in exported images from raw ?
  7. alamy have reassessed at my request and this image is now passed QC qualified by "Your image does display signs of interpolation artifacts, which when sharpening is applied makes it borderline" Maybe QC is more onerous than it used to be... "effort vs reward" still plays on my mind.
  8. yes def this is the right image that was rejected! The point I'm making is, I'm not about to start correcting so called defects ( and maybe introducing others) that none of us would be concerned with if this was a private sale in the real world. 6/7 years ago there was proper reward for the time invested in submitting images here but with the billions of images out there a time comes when its not worth the effort anymore especially in the case of this thread. Its not alamy's fault there are doing their best in an ever more competitive market and as a footnote THANKS to alamy for m
  9. thx andy that's helpful....but that's still the last image i upload.....
  10. yes this is the image with "interpolation artifacts" and as far as i can tell...i cannot see them, can you? This image has not been upsized ( no need) nor worked upon in any way just exported from the raw file through LR5. For the life of me i just cannot c any problem at all ??!! All of my new images are destined to be uploaded here from now on http://www.buyimage.co.uk Increased commission again and again and alamy income dropping by 90% in the last 6 years.Where was the promised increase it sales? rant over sorry....
  11. hi, please look at my failed image here: http://www.buyimage.co.uk/x/x.jpg 650d 24-105 L lens no manipulation output through lightroom reason for failure : interpolation artifacts do you agree there is a problem or not? I certainly don't and haven't a clue why this and several others have been failed! thx for your help
  12. iso 1600 canon 6d - passed image iso 400 450d these are crops original images are here: www.buyimage.co.uk/x/x.jpg www.buyimage.co.uk/x/y.jpg regards
  13. lefthand image failed QC - sample returned by alamy. slightly larger greener image passed QC and sold several times over. part of my response to alamy: "Thx for the feedback - the following is not an attempt to get you to change your mind about this particular image but just to share my thoughts as a professional photographer with some $5000 of successful sales(after commission) of similar northern lights images in my alamy collection. Because of the nature of the image I applied some luminance/colour noise reduction which results in some loss of detail but as we are only talking abou
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