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  1. I'm very keen to try the Sony RX100. I had a look at one in the shop yesterday, also the RX100 II which was a couple hundred quid more I think. I didn't dwell on them too long as I would have ended up buying one or the other for sure. The two appeared to be very much the same as far as my "quick look" could determine, apart from the obvious tilt screen on the II. Anyone done any sort of comparison between the two? Is the II worth the other 200 or so quid?
  2. QC has been a bit up and down over the last few weeks. I've had batches go through next day and others where I have waited 4 or 5 days, leaving the "23 hour" episode aside. As Ed said earlier, Its August, people are on holiday. Even Alamy QC staff must be allowed a break sometimes! Its nearly September, kids will be back at school, the UK will slide into its usual dismal winter state, and we'll all be happy again woohoo!
  3. Sony NEX 5N and 6. Fuji X Pro 1 and Fuji X100. All go through fine.
  4. I wonder if we shouldn't have a separate thread/forum category for this subject. It seems to be happening more and more. Anyway, familiar story. I found one of my images used on a UK company blog site. Checked with Alamy who knew nothing about it, which I suspected. I sent a polite email asking how they came by the image etc. etc. along with a screenshot so that they could see what I was talking about. This is the reply that I got: Richard Thanks for your email. The image was obtained from Google Images and there was no license or copyright information with it when sele
  5. The baseline box is something I always look at before the final save. CS5 switched itself on me once, but I never figured out why.
  6. Yep, same here. I take far more pictures with my mirrorless cameras than I ever did with DSLR's. Don't really know why, it just happens that way.
  7. I uploaded last night (Sunday). Started out at 23 hours, but I see it has changed to 24 now.
  8. Thats interesting Ed. I was just key wording some new pictures and wondering to myself, should I mark pictures as vertical or horizontal. I never have done in the past.
  9. I wondered why you had a picture of Howard Keel as your profile pic Oh yeah! Strong resemblance there! Apparently I bear an uncanny resemblance to Jack Nicholson, hence no profile picture
  10. And now they have passed QC!!!!!! I think that is the quickest QC pass I have ever had. Hats off to QC, well done and thank you.
  11. Guess what! Uploaded last night, started out at 23 hours as usual, it has now gone to 24 hours!!!! Do we have an ongoing problem here?
  12. Always reassuring to know that other people are having the same problem
  13. Upload from the 1st went through late this morning. Indeed, things would seem to be getting back to normal. An unfortunate experience for contributors, and Alamy alike I suspect. Technology is great when its working! Uploading a batch later this evening, we'll see what happens.
  14. Yeah, same here. Uploaded on 1st, still stuck awaiting QC after moving from 24 hour. Might be a fail I suppose, but I have re-checked all of that batch and can see no reason for a fail. Becoming somewhat frustrating now. At least I'm not the only one it would seem.
  15. I'm happy with Alamy, although not deliriously so. A $10K license tomorrow morning would mean I head to the Slug and Lettuce in Salisbury for lunch. Battered Cod and Chips and a pint for a tenner(ish)! But then, so would a $50 license. I'm a creature of habit.
  16. Likewise. Uploaded Thursday evening, stuck in 24 hours. It'll come right shortly.
  17. I have two pseudos which I consider to be "main" and "secondary". Every so often I pull older images out of the "main" that have done nothing, and put them into the "secondary". Also, the "secondary" acts as a platform for the lesser, similar images. I get more zooms and sales from the "main" so, I guess it does some good to separate images from a ranking point of view. I don't consider any of the "lesser" images to be cr@p, as it has been proven that one mans cr@p is another mans artwork, and as most of us who have been doing this for a few years have found, its always the picture you lea
  18. Yeah, I'd go with that suggestion to.
  19. I have already taken that route Ed, and did so some time ago. I still have my Canon DSLR bodies and lenses, but the last time I used them was June last year, haven't touched them since. I will be selling all of my Canon gear off over the next couple of months as it is not going to get used. I have the NEX 6 and 5N along with the three Sigma lenses and the CZ24, also the Fuji X100 and X Pro 1 with 35 and 60 lenses. That lot does everything I need these days. I'm kind of sitting on the fence at the moment as to which system to settle on, like you I am not impressed with Sony's lens l
  20. I use 16GB Sandisk cards and transfer by slotting the card into the SD slot on the side of my iMac. Every now and again the iMac doesn't "see" it, or recognise it. Taking it out and putting it back in again seems to do the trick. Sometimes I have to close any open folders before the card shows up on the desk top.
  21. Likewise, Salisbury is a major tourist draw here in the UK. Take a walk around the Cathedral on any day and its wall to wall with people taking pictures. Similar story, iPhones, iPads and DSLR's. Although, this year for the first time, I saw a couple of Japanese girls carrying silver NEX's. And I bumped into an old bloke who had come from London for the day with a Fuji X100. Given the (apparent) popularity of Sony and Fuji mirror less cameras, I'm surprised I don't see more on the streets.
  22. I always find that I learn something of use at that kind of event. Put it this way, if it was being held in Salisbury, I'd probably go along. Martin has clearly been successful in this field and my view is that he probably has knowledge that might just help me along a bit. Good luck with it Martin, hope it goes well.
  23. Oh yeah, thats a familiar one. My attitude has hardened considerably over the years and now most people don't bother asking me anymore. The upside of learning the word "NO" is that I don't get invited to quite so many tedious events
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