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  1. There is a backlog at the moment. Most likely due to the manage images issue a week ago. I uploaded last Sunday, would normally have gone through Tuesday/Wednesday, went through this afternoon (Friday). I had expected tomorrow morning. John, I've had a couple of real "cock ups" go through before now! Emailed MS to let them know and they just said "set them for deletion", which I did, they dropped off three months later. Which just goes to prove that, sometimes you get lucky!
  2. Ed, no apology necessary. The UK weather is consistently c**p! Although we have had a pretty good summer this year. As far as the Crown goes, the Queen is probably in agreement with me..............but she probably doesn't use the same language to describe it. The Duke of Edinburgh probably does though!
  3. Same here. Never seen that before. I'm sure that will be sorted pretty quickly on Monday.
  4. This is a subject that was discussed ad infinitum on the old forum if I remember correctly, and never with any kind of definitive answer, unfortunately. It would seem that everyone has a different setting when it comes to brightness. My last two iMacs, and my present one, were set to about 50% +/- This seems to be more or less ok for me. I always pull the curtains and shut all lights off when I process. Touch wood, haven't come up against any problems. I only ever turn my iMac up to 100% if I have factor 50 handy. It would be nice to have some kind of definitive answer, but seeming
  5. DEF81J. Ed, no, I don't think I have seen a sky like that, other than those "doctored" in PS. We get some decent blue skies in the UK..................now and then. We much prefer grey, overcast skies here
  6. I've been using the NEX 6 for some months now ISO200, 400, 800 and 1600 and haven't come across any noise issues so far. On the very rare occasion that noise does appear with any of my cameras I find its easily dealt with in LR's detail panel. As Ed says, we are unlikely to see such a sky in the UK, so I cant really imagine what he is seeing in his picture.
  7. Good philosophy. Perhaps this line should be quoted in the submission guidelines. I wonder how many of those 60 would have sold? Just because you couldn't find a reason to buy them, doesn't mean to say that other people wouldn't. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, its always the one I don't think will sell that sells. One of mine, that I didn't expect to sell sold 6 times in one year and grossed near on $500. Go figure. I have had 4 pictures sell this year for fairly good money that surprised me.
  8. Just thought I would bump this one to let you know that the infringer has paid up. Payment arrived via bank transfer today. No big sums involved, but I am happy with what I got. The bloke was very reasonable and understood my position. Shame they aren't all as switched on as this chap! He will think twice before taking pictures from Google Images in future.
  9. John, I think you summed up my thoughts on the subject with the words "a sale is a sale". In this day and age, and the stock world as it is, I'd be inlined to stay in there and accept the rough with the smooth. I tend to find that a low value sale is usually offset by a higher value sale somewhere along the line. A $45 distributor sale is better than bog all I say to myself.
  10. As said, number of images makes no difference. Over the last 4 weeks or so I have had submissions go through next day, three days and 5 days. So, for me, I guess an average would be 2/3 days. If I upload on a Sunday evening, they are usually ready for key wording on the tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning. I dont tend to worry too much about QC time unless it goes over 7 days.
  11. Sorry to go off track here, but Ed, smoking seems to have aged you very quickly!
  12. No problem here. I'm long sighted, but had the finder tuned in pretty quickly.
  13. Lisa, thats both interesting and encouraging. Your post might make me look at the RX100 (original version) Thanks.
  14. I have noticed this a few times now. Starts out at 23 then goes to 24 and then to Awaiting QC. I think after the issues a while ago Alamy have made changes to the queuing system, possibly to avoid the "processing error" problem in as much as they can. Just my theory for what its worth.
  15. Ed, no, I have the older version of the Sigma 30, wouldn't swap it for anything! Damn good lens, even wide open. I have the new space age 60 though. Looks like s**t, but a good lens nonetheless.
  16. Interesting review John. I think from a point and shoot perspective its probably very acceptable. From a serious Alamy standard camera, it falls way short.
  17. The CZ24 for the NEX is an extremely good lens. Like Ed, mine does most of my NEX work, in fact it has done all of it since I got it earlier in the year. I don't know about the Touit's, I don't intend to use them. As far as the NEX goes, the only other lens I am likely to use is the Sigma 30. As far as my preferred NEX model goes, I like the 6 and the 5N. I have seen results from the 7 and they were very good, but I don't see myself buying one.
  18. I got a full refund on the II. From what people are saying about the original RX100 I might be tempted to try it later on. We tried another II that was in stock at the shop and the result was the same unfortunately. For reasons best known to themselves, Sony would appear to have cocked up what was otherwise a good model.
  19. You can have 7000 or 700 or 70. Depends what you got that counts! There is no benchmark.
  20. Interesting observation David. I cant say whether my version has a soft bias right or left with what I have done, but for sure, it is excessively soft toward the outsides of the frame. That said, it seems pretty good at maximum aperture at the wide end. I would like to try the original RX as a comparison, but probably wont get the opportunity. I reckon, looking at the results from the II, I would be in for an SOLD award from QC, so I'm going to bale out of this one for the moment and stick with good old APS-C. From what people are saying, the original version would seem to be somewhat
  21. My quest for lighter and more compact cameras has brought me to the Sony NEX's and Fuji X series cameras, all of which I am happy with, despite my occasional complaining of the Fuji X Trans sensor, which for most of my stuff is actually ok. A lot of my decisions are based on members findings and recommendations on this forum, which I find very useful. Based on what I have read around here about the RX100, I took a flyer and bought the Sony RX100 II. Nice little camera, fits in my trouser pocket, helps me blend in with the tourists and does not draw attention. Never likely to be my main cam
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