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  1. I've been using the NEX 6 and Zeiss 24mm for some months. Its a good camera/lens combination and passing QC hasn't been a problem. Personally, I wouldn't touch any of the Sony lenses with a barge pole, my experience with them has only ever been bad. The best NEX/lens combo I have is the 5N and Sigma 30mm!
  2. Ed. What a beautiful cat shot!!!!! That deserves to sell and sell and sell. Bloody brilliant!!!! Oh, and thanks for the tips on the table top set up, very useful
  3. +1 Quick look, not seeing any problems here
  4. QC has been a bit slower over the last couple of weeks. Normally, I upload on a Sunday evening and they are through, awaiting key wording on the Wednesday afternoon. Last week I waited until Thursday afternoon and this week my Sunday submission passed today (Friday). On quite a few occasions it has passed on the following Saturday morning. So, it is not unusual to wait 5 days, or maybe a little more. Personally I consider this to be pretty good given the amount of submissions that QC have to work through these days. And it should be remembered that one has to earn a good QC reputation
  5. Ed, Personally, I wouldn't touch the Sony 16 with a barge pole!
  6. John, the Sigma 30mm is a very good investment, believe me, for the price its unbeatable! So sharp you can shave with it! IS, yeah well, you can't have everything, not for 130 quid anyway.
  7. Likewise John, slow here. But, its only the 18th, so plenty of time yet. Think positive!
  8. Lens testing is a very worthwhile, but, time consuming exercise I have found over the years. I reckon it takes me about a year to get used to a camera/lens combination. This may seem a slightly absurd practice to a lot of you, but, this is what I have found to work well for me: Fuji X Pro 1 with 60mm lens @ 5.6 and 8 Fuji X100 with 23mm lens (fixed) @ 5.6 and 8, occasionally with wide converter @ 5.6 Sony NEX 5N with 30mm Sigma lens @ 2.8, 5.6 and 8 Sony NEX 6 with Zeiss 24mm @ 5.6 and 8 The camera lens combinations never change, and no, I don't carry all of them at the same time.
  9. I'm inclined to agree with Pearl on this one. There is no way I would ever shoot exclusively JPEG, but I am considering RAW+JPEG just to see if there is any advantage. When I first got my X Pro 1 I used RAW+JPEG for a while but always ended up processing the RAW files and dumping the JPEG's. I can see that under ideal conditions the JPEG might well be good enough to use with very little tweaking, but then, do I want to spend time comparing the two files to see which is going to give the better picture? Probably not.
  10. I have always shot in RAW and followed a process through Lightroom with a final check in PS. This doesn't actually take very long per picture. However, a lot of photographers seem to be using out of camera JPEGS more and more with minor tweaks. The Fuji X series cameras seem to enjoy a very good OOC JPEG reputation, and as I have both X100 and X Pro 1, I think I might look into this. At the end of the day, I guess its what works for you, and, more importantly, what gets you through QC that counts!
  11. Nice one Mirco, well done! I'm sure you will have many more. My problem is, I never put the glass down long enough to pick the camera up!!!!!
  12. I've done my bit for both charities and local newspapers (with no budget for pictures) over the years. My answer now is always the same, you want to use my pictures? 25 quid, take it or leave it sunshine! You might be a registered charity, but I'm not!
  13. Worrying to say the least. Thanks for the heads up on that. Like Pearl, I'm using WD drives but not any of the associated software. Touch wood, all seems ok at the moment.
  14. Updated early this morning. Approximately 90 minutes from starting download to up and running. Everything working fine as far as I can see at the moment, primarily LR and PS. I can't see many of the new features being of much use to me, but looks to be a good system update anyway.
  15. Civilised behaviour is something that I can just about remember!
  16. Tempted to go for it, but I'm going to sit back a few weeks. Been burnt by various new releases before. Mountain Lion is doing a fine job for the moment.
  17. Mac or PC? An old discussion/argument that crops up from time to time. The answer is.............. It doesn't make any difference! Its what gets the job done for you that counts. For what its worth, I've used both successfully. Used iMacs since 2006 and don't intend to go back to PC anytime soon. It gets the job done for me!!!!! And no, I don't have an iPad, iPhone, iPod or iAnything that I would want to synch with my iMac, I just use it to process pictures.
  18. Sorry to hear that John. I really think that Alamy should modify this failure process. Ok, you get a fail, you know you've cocked up, you put it right, simple! If you cock up on a regular basis then, yes, sin bin for 28 days or whatever, but for simple once in a blue moon mistakes there can be little justification, if any, for holding contributors up for such an absurdly long time. That said, I have "cocked up" a couple of times in 7 years and the longest I waited was something like 14 working days, might not have been that in fact. But, during that time I could have put right the wron
  19. I'd be very interested to know what you think of the 55-200 Allan. I have the 60mm lens and it is very good when you learn to use it, I'd definitely recommend that, I use it a lot. I have a grip that I used on my X Pro 1 that is surplus to requirements. I was going to put it on eBay. If you are interested send me a PM.
  20. Hi Paul, I'll second what Alex said, I also think you entered the game too late. Stock Photography was never a way to get rich quickly, but rather a steady source of income, something which one could use as a pension, or part of. I was hoping, but am changing my plans as the day is rapidly approaching. +1 David, 10 years to go here. Just my luck to get enough pictures online to make a decent return and I'll drop dead! But there is always hope eh?
  21. Good question John. I bought one for my 6 and it looks very much the same as the one I bought for my 5n, As for low reflectivity, is there such a thing? In bright conditions I just resort to the EVF, thats why I bought the 6.
  22. The leaves get blown of the trees by wind and rain in the UK before you get to photograph them usually. As a subject, pretty much done to death!
  23. Well, I reckon I must have had a bad copy from what I have read here. I was somewhat surprised that a mark 2 version could be worse than a mark 1. It has been interesting reading the various experiences in this thread, and thanks to all for carrying it on. I don't think I will revisit the camera, at least not for a while anyway. But best of luck to all of you who are fortunate enough to find good copy's of what should be a great little camera. And to Sony I would say, maybe you need to look at your QC!
  24. I think my first sale came after two years with about 80 pictures online with Alamy. The same picture sold again a couple more times in the same year and it kind of rolled from there. I think somebody already said, it depends what you've got. You could have ten pictures online of the right subject, shot in the right way. If the right buyer is looking for that shot at the right time, hey presto, you're up and running. Everyone on here has a different experience.
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