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  1. Zooms have been very slow coming, I put this down to the slow return to normal after the Christmas holidays. I think I saw the same last year. It was February before things got back to anything like normal.
  2. As John says, you could try downsizing it, but it looks a little bit beyond help to me. Probably better to scrap that one and move on.
  3. I'm not really interested where my pictures go, or even whether I get a credit, just as long as I get paid for them. The excitement of seeing my pictures in print and my name underneath them passed many years ago.
  4. A friend of mine has a Samsung something or other phone, which looks more like a wide screen TV than a pocket sized, mobile phone!!!!!! The picture quality is amazing. I've checked a few of his pictures through my iMac and they are seriously good quality. Not up to QC, but they are bloody good none the less. I am sure newspapers would be more than happy to have such quality.
  5. I think the buyer put a little more info into the box than was necessary, and it was automatically transferred to the Alamy sales report. I've never seen it before, and I doubt whether I will see it again. I downloaded a PDF of the magazine just to show my Wife. I won't be pestering them for the hard copy version!
  6. Had a little sale to a German magazine pop in this morning, $49 gross, happy with that thanks! Strangely, the usual info, i.e. editorial use, repro size, print run, web use etc. etc. Included the buyers name and even, the page number of the magazine the picture was destined to appear on! Copied and pasted that into Google, and there was the page! Never, ever seen that before. Anyone else had this happen?
  7. Auto perspective correction can be useful, other than that, not much.
  8. Thats interesting David. It would seem clear to me that Sony haven't done their homework on this lens. I did everything I could think of to make it work, but it wasn't going to happen. The only use for this lens is as a vase to put flowers in, it is apparently waterproof afterall!!!! And thats all it has going for it.
  9. Ok, just to update anyone interested, I have returned the A7 and its lens for a refund. The lens is utterly appalling, maybe I had a bad copy, I don't know. Everyone I have spoken to is telling much the same story The A7 itself is pretty good as far as I could tell, and I'm sure it performs well with the Zeiss 35 and 55 lenses. Anyone thinking of buying the A7 "kit" with zoom lens..............BEWARE!!!!!!!
  10. Cant speak for the RX10, haven't used one, but I can strongly recommend the NEX 5N and NEX 6 when coupled with the 3 Sigma lenses. Also, the Zeiss 24 is extremely good. I have used both up to ISO1600 with no problems, beyond that I find them a bit hit and miss, although that said, I have gone to 3200 and had useable pictures. Fuji X100 is also extremely good up to ISO3200. Fixed lens but the wide converter does not degrade the image and gives the camera a little more flexibility. If I could have only one of the three I would go for the X100. It only has 12MP but the IQ in my opinion is
  11. There is an inevitable delay after bank holidays and particularly Christmas. Virtually everything, including Alamy shuts down for two weeks, it then takes a month of shovelling coal into the boilers in order to get enough steam up to get things cranked up again. Give it a week or so and things will be back to what passes as normal.
  12. Mirco, I'm sorry to see you're leaving us, particularly after such a short time, and particularly after you have put in such a spirited and inspiring (to me anyway) effort to build what is a very good collection of pictures. Your posts here have been constructive and helpful in a number of ways. Personally, I would have kept the 5000 collection with Alamy and maybe added to it from time to time when your personal situation allowed. Exclusivity is not something I have ever considered, but you obviously have your reasons and I respect that. Best of luck my friend. And, as others have pro
  13. Ed. I tried post in LR on my MacBook Pro once, and once only. Transferred the results to my iMac to check them......................Not likely to be trying it again anytime soon!
  14. Same here, my 5N and 6 have always been set to first curtain. I use The three Sigma lenses and the Zeiss 24. Haven't noticed any problems. I think I read somewhere that it was a recommended setting, so I just set it and never thought any more about it. I think you will enjoy the 6 John, its a nice little camera. I certainly don't regret buying mine. Best of luck with it.
  15. I agree Linda. I haven't tried the Fuji Zooms, but their prime lenses are extremely good. With the exception of the 18mm, which is truly appalling in all areas! Just for any followers of this thread, I have received some pictures from a bloke in Australia who has used the Sony 28-70 on his NEX 6 with very impressive results. From what I've seen of his pictures, if I don't like it on the A7, I'll use it on my NEX.
  16. Thanks Linda, I did read that. I would routinely replace the kit lens with Zeiss anyway in due course. I have yet to use a Sony lens that I like!!!! One accepts that the Sony lenses aren't that great. What beats me is that Sony can produce a full frame, possibly, flagship camera body(?) and sell it with a C**p lens (note the capital C)
  17. Thanks for the reply Mark. I am aware of some shortcomings with the A7R, however, it's the A7 I am questioning here, which, if I understand correctly does not suffer the same problems(?) Hopefully DK will jump in here and clarify the difference, if any. The camera can be returned at anytime within the next 7 days.
  18. Anyone using the Sony A7? Any thoughts or experience? I've just bought one but haven't had the chance to use it yet. Looks to be a good lightweight full frame option, but I am a little doubtful about the quality of the kit zoom lens. Any thoughts and observations welcome.
  19. I think this a one off (1 day?) short term offer that they do every so often. I have used iMacs since 2006, and I agree, they are absurdly bloody expensive, but they are very good!
  20. Canon, Sony NEX, Fuji X. I only ever use a single spot focus. I move it up and down and side to side according to the picture. Multi, never had a usable picture out of it.
  21. John, I have heard the 55-210 is pretty good. I keep meaning to try one. Must put that on the "to do" list for this week, I could do with a bit more reach.
  22. I've been using the NEX 6 and Zeiss 24mm for some months. Its a good camera/lens combination and passing QC hasn't been a problem. Personally, I wouldn't touch any of the Sony lenses with a barge pole, my experience with them has only ever been bad. The best NEX/lens combo I have is the 5N and Sigma 30mm!
  23. Ed. What a beautiful cat shot!!!!! That deserves to sell and sell and sell. Bloody brilliant!!!! Oh, and thanks for the tips on the table top set up, very useful
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