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  1. No, I don't notice it getting in the way of anything. I've been tempted to click on it a couple of times just to pass the time of day. When things are slow :0)
  2. Agree with John and Martin above. I won't have anything to do with them!
  3. Well, yeah, I actually collected an iPhone 5s yesterday. Reason? I'm somewhat bored with what I am doing, having done it for so long, despite a degree of success. I don't intend to depart from "conventional" stock photography anytime soon. I took a long, hard look at the material on Stockimo and decided that it offered an interesting departure, and something that I would like to try. Could be a fad, could fall flat on its ass, don't know. Needed a new phone anyway!
  4. and the problem with that is? Duncan. I guess there is no problem really! I use my Samsung Galaxy to make phone calls, which it excels at. I use my cameras to take pictures, which they excel at. Don't know why I'm beating myself up here.
  5. iPhones? Why are we discussing iPhones? This is a forum for photographers............sorry, did I miss something? Anyway, I can't joint in, I have a Samsung Galaxy and it takes c**p pictures!
  6. I suppose I had better get out and buy an iPhone then! Obviously thats where the future is. Saves me agonizing over which make of camera to buy!
  7. Given the range of material on Alamy, that would be a hell of a lot of categories. Cant see it as workable personally. I have been with Agencies that operate the category system and spent a lot of time scratching my head, and trying to work out which category to put pictures into.
  8. I think its working fine. I have found zooms to be a bit slow coming this year so far, its just crawling up to its usual level now. That said, sales have been good, best first quarter on record so far.
  9. I pretty much agree with you Martin. The more information available to us the better.
  10. I had a batch waiting since Tuesday 11th which has just cleared. I thought initially that I had a processing error because it sat at "processing 24 hours" for a day or so, but it seems not as all images are present and correct. I think John is quite right in that QC probably are "pretty stretched these days". The number of new folk coming onto the forum would probably bear that out. Given the volume that Alamy QC processes a slight glitch in the system will have a nock on effect that is bound to result in delays. I'm amazed that they manage to get stuff through as quick as they do.
  11. Learnt a fair bit from this thread. Thanks for kicking it off Betty. Nice one!
  12. Couldn't agree more about the "never ending new equipment circus" John. Its becoming incredibly tedious, and I've made my mind up that I'm staying out of it for 2014. I am sticking with what I'm using right now. You're lucky getting Sony lenses that work. To be fair, there are good copies about, I have just been unlucky I guess. It would be nice to think that Sigma could get their ass in gear and produce a few more lenses, but with the speed at which the camera manufacturers, not least Sony change their specs, one can see why they are a bit shy of committing.
  13. Likewise, I'm a bit fed up with Sony's approach at the moment. They are not flavour of the month with me following a substantial argument I had with them over a problem I had with their A7. Like John I'm happy with my NEX 6 and the Zeiss 24 thats permanently glued to it. Also my 5N and the Sigma lenses which I absolutely love and would not be without. I have absolutely no intention whatsoever of investing money in the so called NEX replacement. Rather than putting R and D into bodies they need to come up with some decent bloody lenses!!!!! The only decent lenses available are the Z
  14. The X100 is an excellent camera. I love mine, can't fault it. The only camera I can't fault in fact. Enjoy!
  15. Yep, had the same. But what are we going to do about it. Bank it and forget it.
  16. Yeah, its a tough call Betty. You are right, it depends how much you use the thing. I licensed it a couple of years ago, but its only recently that it has been used regularly. I always take the view that, "once I've bought it, I don't have to feed it", if you get my drift! Much like my cameras!
  17. I bit the bullet and bought Office for Mac. I think it was about 80 UK quid at the time. I rarely use Excel and never use Powerpoint, but my Son does for his school presentations. I do a lot of writing, so to have a full working version of Word that easily transfers between Mac and Windows was a Godsend. Its earn't its keep over the year or so that I've had it. I've had some run ins with freeware over the years so I tend to stay clear.
  18. I've never got into the pros and cons of straps. I only ever use whatever is supplied with the camera!
  19. Good points Jill. I have always thought "crowd sourced" material to be potentially dangerous. Trouble is, a lot of the press have the old "publish and be damned" mentality. The press don't seem easily intimidated by the threat of lawsuits. Although, that approach may be catching up with some of them now.
  20. Wow! Campkins. Are they still going? I did a lengthy stint at the National Institute of Agricultural Botany on the Huntingdon Road(?) back in the early 80's. I remember drooling and dribbling on their window, didn't dare go inside. On topic, I have sold a load of stuff on eBay for good prices, Commissions etc. are a pain, but I always set the price to take those into consideration.
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