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  1. I've had a few distributor sales, mostly of a reasonable gross. It is frustrating to see the net at the end of the day I agree. Similarly, I had a distributor sale to the Czech Republic a couple of months ago. I think I ended up with about £1.50. My view has always been the same, whether its distributor, NU, newspaper, a sale is a sale. I have always found that a couple of low value sales will be balanced out with a couple of higher value sales a bit later on. I think its called "taking the rough with the smooth"
  2. Don't know about shoe shop capital mate, but we seem to be growing a lot of charity shops!!!! Oh, and Cafes!
  3. Kelley, you have some very nice pictures, a lot of them I wish I'd taken, or at least had the opportunity to have taken. Add another 5000 and you are well on the way. The advice you have been given here is sound and from people who know the industry well, some of them far better than me. However, in my experience, don't be put off submitting pictures to categories that appear "over subscribed". I don't give a hoot in hell how many other pictures are in my field, or how many photographers are submitting to it. If I get a picture that I think is worth submitting I put it in, and I've had sal
  4. Ive been using a 5s since February this year. My old Samsung was somewhat knackered and needed replacing, and with the rise of Stockimo, it seemed like a good time to move to iPhone. I've been happy with the phone, and enjoyed taking pictures with it and fiddling with them in the various photo apps. It has, if nothing else, provided a much needed distraction from Alamy stock. I hasten to add that, at the time of writing I have sold sod all through Stockimo, but then I've only got 300 odd pictures on there. One lives in hope. Anyway, to get to the point, I just checked the comparative specs
  5. +1 Seen some very bad reviews for this make. "Pays your money takes your chance" with any external hard drive it seems to me. I've been using WD for some years now, touch wood, no problems yet. But, if it can happen, it will happen!
  6. Depends what they are looking for, and how precise they need to be. The Alamy search engine gives those options, so no, I doubt that they do always search by default
  7. Lack of sales on Alamy. Two things to consider: 1. Number of pictures on sale 2. Content Two points that are worthy of honest consideration. In the early days of 2006, 2007, 2008, months and months of no sales. 2010, one sale only! At this point I had to look hard at what I was doing and decided that these two points were the stumbling blocks. Once addressed, sales have climbed steadily to a point where I am happy. Logically, if I keep doing what I am doing, they will climb still further. Alamy are more than capable of selling contributors pictures, as long as they have the pictu
  8. I agree with you Linda. None too happy about it either, which is why I don't tend to say too much on here lately.
  9. Its not often that I am left speechless, but this disgusting, despicable, barbaric act has left me with nothing to say that can adequately describe my feelings. My thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues
  10. There is only one person I trust to check my submissions, and that's me!
  11. I heard that too John. Not sure what the final cause was but if you remember there where some who were not happy with MkI lens and returned the camera to makers for repair. Allan I posted on the old forum about poor IQ with the mark 2. I didn't have the mark 1 so couldn't do any kind of comparison. To be fair I think the cause may have been a defect in a batch of lenses. I seem to remember the word "de-centering" being used at the time. It would seem to focus reasonably well on one side, but hopelessly out on the other. The same problem was reported by a lot of UK buyers. I ga
  12. Looked pretty clear to me to Julie. Ie. we want pictures taken on an iPhone please! Don't see anything ambiguous there.
  13. I think James West should take the winning photographer out to dinner! That would be an interesting evening. Well, that's what I would like anyway, probably not a hope in hell of me winning it though!
  14. John, to come back to your original question. I have been using the Sigma 30 on a 5N with unequalled results and a CZ24 on a 6 for the last 18 months or so. All 3 Sigma lenses highly recommended!!!!!!!! For the the money, they can't be beat.
  15. Thats good to hear Lynn, well done! Have I missed something, and Stockimo are now accepting images from Android phones????
  16. You could try here http://www.mediainfo.cz/clanky/imigracni-vlna-ktera-se-nekonala/ I had a similar sale. Mine was of a UKIP poster on a bill board in Trowbridge UK, which is still on the site. Came up straight away in a Google search.
  17. Nice blog entry Ed. The word "like" is a word I have come to "dislike" because of its over use. Walk around town here and every couple of teenage girls you pass, all you hear is the word "like". Every generation has its "word". Anyone remember the word "gear" from the 60's? Made popular in England by the Beatles I believe.
  18. It certainly should be more, no doubt about it. 300+ would be good, but not in todays market unfortunately.
  19. Thank you Lisa. It was actually taken on a Wednesday around lunchtime in Southampton. The doom and gloom atmosphere is probably coming from me as I waited for my Wife to get finished clothes shopping. I was so bored I just leant against a wall and kept pressing the button as people walked by! Hey presto a 4. Just goes to show. I hit another 4 with a picture of 3 carrots. Again, just goes to show!!!!! :0)
  20. Thanks for that link Geoff. I downloaded the free version to see if it was a runner and actually managed to get into the manage images page. Selected an image to key word, but couldn't see how to get the key pad to come up. Do I need the paid version in order to get this? Rich.
  21. Reply from MS. Apparently the old manage images route is no longer possible. :0(
  22. Thanks ReeRay, I have emailed MS to request access. Cheers. Rich.
  23. I'm sure this has come up before somewhere. Does anyone know if there is a way of keywording on an iPad?
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