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  1. I'm finding it worse with the XT than with the X Pro. Tried all of the RAW converters, no real difference. I haven't had any issues with QC so far though. I try not to use the Fujis for pictures that include foliage. It is an annoying phenomenon for sure. Hopefully it will get sorted eventually, but I'm not holding my breath.
  2. Thanks for the heads up Duncan. Very interesting set of improvements there. If its as good as the video cracks it up to be it is indeed a "game changer" and a significant step forward for mirrorless. I'm impressed with the X-T1 as it is for what I do, but this could make me expand the areas that I have traditionally worked in. However, as big a fan as I am of Fuji mirrorless, I am very wary of their hype. Seeing is believing! Bring it on! Lets give it a try.
  3. Thanks Allan and Phil. Yes, I did clock fairly early on that it was easy to over do the detail slider. Generally there doesn't seem to be any need for going to the max as Mr Bridgwood suggests. Nothing like it in fact.
  4. "First upload with the X-T1" Flew through, literally! And well inside 24 hours! I used Mr Bridgwoods sharpening settings, so, thanks Pearl, nice one!
  5. Thanks for that Pearl. It is indeed a good read and the suggested settings are very effective. The basic "sharp" setting would seem to be adequate for most of the images that I tried it on. The $64,000 question is: are any of these settings QC friendly?????
  6. How am I getting on Betty? Thank you for asking :0) Ok, is the answer! I'm not missing, or scrapping as many shots as I did with the X Pro through poor AF performance. It is definitely more responsive with my old 60mm lens and it handles nicely. Definitely not as "clunky" as the old X Pro. Loving the dials for fast adjustments!!!! The most interesting thing I find at the moment is that RAW rendering in LR "would appear" to be worse, as in less sharp, than the RAW files produced by the X Pro, can't quite see why this should be. However, when they are opened in the Affinity Photo Be
  7. Thanks for the nod Russell. A quick look would suggest nothing to get too excited about, for me anyway.
  8. Interesting thread. I bit the bullet and bought the X-T1 today. I've sat on the fence for a long time but finally decided that it is probably the way to go. My old X Pro 1 is getting on a bit now although still a lot of life left in it yet. I must admit the X-T1 was like a breath of fresh air! Whereas my beloved 60mm would take an eternity to focus with the X Pro, and often fail to lock time after time, the X-T1 snaps it into focus quickly and accurately every time, even in relatively low light. The X Pro has been a struggle from day one, even with firmware upgrades, but I have st
  9. Good answer Joseph. Your answer should probably included in the Alamy guidelines for contributors!
  10. Sounds like it might be worth a look, especially if it has IS that works with third party lenses. I like the touch screen on my 5N, so that would be another plus. After my "ruck" with Sony over the A7, they may stand a chance of redeeming themselves with this one. More interested to see if Fuji are going to deliver an X Pro 2 though!
  11. Just downloaded and had a quick play around with it. Seems to be pretty good. As to whether it is a viable alternative to PS remains to be seen, it would be nice to think so. I don't see myself moving away from my old CS5 anytime soon though. Well worth closer scrutiny I think. Watch this space I guess!
  12. A sad loss for the world of photography. Her portrait work was outstanding, and as marc says above, deceptively simple. I have always found her work to be compulsive viewing.
  13. Bit of a difficult one given the constant risk of terrorist attack these day. The Police have to be on their toes, so, I'm not altogether surprised. I have photographed a few "cop shops" and never had a problem. A friend of mine took a photograph of a Police car during his lunch break in the Market Square in Salisbury (very much public property) and was followed back to his place of work and questioned. I think you did the right thing personally. If it had been me, I would have invited them to arrest me under the terrorism act if they were that concerned, and if they declined to arrest
  14. I'm a fan of the old NEX5N and 6 used with Sigma and the Zeiss 24 1.8. I bought an A7 when they first came out and without going into detail, I was very disappointed with image quality, the kit 24-70 lens was utterly appalling at all apertures! I returned the whole kit for a refund, and went back to my trusty Fuji X Pro 1 and X100, which I have to say have far superior IQ.
  15. I was once given some good advice by an older person when I was young. They said, "Only the rich can afford cheap shoes." Sorry off topic. Allan What a wonderful quote Allan! I'm going to use that!!!!!
  16. Interesting. Just checked on my iMac, using Safari and running Yosemite, also iPad air 2 with IOS 8, no sign of the problem.
  17. Updated to Yosemite as soon as it came out, touch wood, still no problems here. Interesting to see that yesterdays update contained fixes for WiFi. Seems fine to me. I am starting to appreciate the connectivity with iPad and iPhone through iCloud now. I didn't think it would be a lot of use to me at first, but now that a lot of my picture work is done on iPhone, it is actually quite useful.
  18. So far, no internet/WiFi problems with my iMac. I haven't upgraded my MacBook Pro just in case. Duncan, thanks for taking the trouble to post that lengthy fix. I'm sure a lot of people might well be grateful for that in due course.
  19. I updated my 5s and iPad mini to IOS 8 and latterly to IOS 8.1, both through iTunes and touch wood no problems. iMac is updated to Yosemite, likewise, touch wood, no problems! Probably speaking too soon!!!!!!!
  20. Released and installing now. Wonder if PS 5 will still work!!!??? Mmmmmmm...........I wonder
  21. Like the picture of the inside of Salisbury Cathedral, very nice!
  22. I've had a few distributor sales, mostly of a reasonable gross. It is frustrating to see the net at the end of the day I agree. Similarly, I had a distributor sale to the Czech Republic a couple of months ago. I think I ended up with about £1.50. My view has always been the same, whether its distributor, NU, newspaper, a sale is a sale. I have always found that a couple of low value sales will be balanced out with a couple of higher value sales a bit later on. I think its called "taking the rough with the smooth"
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