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  1. I downloaded it to my iMac on the 22nd January. No problems, but I'm not using an external monitor.
  2. I dont post any pictures on Facebook other than some personal ones that I don't care if they get stolen. As a marketing tool for pictures, I don't consider FB to be of any value whatsoever.
  3. Not seeing any problems here, good as gold. Nikon Coolscan working fine.
  4. Updated iMac this afternoon. PS and LR working fine. Wireless and internet fine. Machine is "noticeably" faster across the board. Would seem to be a good update.
  5. RM editorial, shot from public property. My answer to them would be very blunt and to the point! I shall refrain from publishing my likely reply here!
  6. I agree with most around here. A single vision prescription for desktop work. My Optician calls them "office glasses"
  7. Even if I had that kind of money I think I'd pass. I've just bought a pair of old Nikkormats for 45 quid a piece. Going back to film for a while!
  8. I know this is an old one to bump, but I thought there might be one or two folk interested. I've been badgering Adobe for a long, long time about the issues of watercolour smearing and lack of detail rendering in LR. Having tried C1, which really did not impress me in the slightest, I decided that I would maintain a sustained attack on Adobe for all the good it was likely to do. Anyway, following an email that I sent them about 5 days ago, lo and behold, I got a telephone call from the almighty Adobe themselves asking if they could help with my issue! The very helpful man asked if
  9. Interesting piece Julie. I'm going to give that a try. Thanks!
  10. I installed Yosemite when it was first released. No problems whatsoever.
  11. For what its worth, I used the face/eye detection system this evening for some portrait/fashion work. Shot 350 pictures, 2 scrappers due to poor focus out of the whole lot!
  12. Like most people, I have updated the firmware but haven't really had a chance to play with it. For what I do, I don't think there is a lot there for me, but for a lot of people I think it could make a major difference. More importantly for me I need Adobe to get their a**e's in gear and sort out LR!!!!!!!!!
  13. I don't mind Key wording, I kind of lose myself in it, always do it in manage images, never before upload. I'll normally upload 20 to 30 images at a time, sometimes more. Used to sit and plough through all the images in one evening. Nowadays, I'll do 6, 10, maybe 15 and then walk away. They're always there the next day. I actually prefer to keep a backlog, I find that it keeps me in the zone, as it were!
  14. Everything has been up to usual speed here Betty, particularly QC, certainly the fastest I have ever seen. I usually key word in the evening and the pictures are always on sale the next morning. Over the years I have found that you can get the odd "hang" with certain things. I have always put this down to a timing thing, sometimes you just catch it wrong. Either there is a volume of traffic issue or more likely there is some server maintenance going on which backs things up. Doesn't hurt to let MS know though, just in case. Thinking about it, I saw something like this a couple of month
  15. "Don't forget the straight cucumber too" Thanks Allan. This also reminds me of the even more important fruit and veg issue, that of the straight Banana!
  16. Don't forget standardizing the amount of toppings a pizza could have is very very important as well, if not slightly more important Thank you PatrioticAlien, Damn!!!!, how could I have forgotten that one?
  17. Ah, the good old European Parliament, a never ending source of entertainment, mirth and merriment! Why can't they find something useful to debate and vote on? Banning the use of after shave, limiting razors to two blades, standardising the length of spaghetti strands, standardising the size of toilet paper sheets, or something that might actually benefit mankind!!!!!!!
  18. Likewise, I have started to annotate RF where possible. Not sure that it going to do a lot of good, but it does give me more scope.
  19. Seemingly another clanger dropped by Adobe then! I am very keen to get my hands on a version of LR that will handle Fuji RAW files properly. Had considered signing up to CC, but maybe not. Or not yet anyway. I'll stick with my old 5.7 for the moment and see how things pan out. Apparently, there are further improvements to come(?????) Anybody using 6.1 and seeing any significant improvement, or is this just a bit more window dressing?
  20. Duncan, I've just started playing around with the trial version of C1, and you are right, the foliage issue is certainly a lot better. I'm finding it very frustrating at the moment as I have been using LR for so long, and the change is proving very difficult. Do you set NR and sharpen controls to suit each picture individually, or do you have some presets?
  21. Fuji makes a wide angle adapter (28mm FF equivalent) and a tele adapter (50mm FF equivalent) that can be attached to the fixed lens of the X100, X100S and X100T. Maximum aperture stays the same at f/2 and apparently, there is no loss of IQ when using the adapters. I have the wide angle converter and it is very good. There is a very slight loss of IQ, but images still get through QC with no problem. Only downside is fitting it if you use the Fuji filter/lens hood adapter. Lot of fiddling about taking one off to fit the other. Actually a small price to pay for the quality probably :0)
  22. I don't know whether its meaningful or not, but I use the X100 (original) and prefer the images that it produces to the X Pro and XT. Its shortcoming, of course, is that it has a fixed 23mm lens. This is actually the focal length that I use most often, although I do use the 60mm quite regularly. When I first bought the X100, I remember thinking, if Fuji could make this camera with interchangeable lenses I would be first in the que to buy. Unfortunately they chose to develop the X Trans sensor and put it into the X Pro. I dont blame Fuji for wanting to develop a new type of sensor, but
  23. I agree with both Allan and Paul above. Lightroom doesn't do a good job on the files, whereas, it was perfectly adequate for the X Pro 1. I have been deeply disappointed with X-T1 results in LR and am now trying to get my head around C1 which, seems to render a decent picture. This isn't good for me as I use VSCO film presets in LR for other areas of work, which C1 doesn't support (as far as I know, someone please tell me different!!!!!!) I'll find a way around it in due course, but it does extend my workflow. Fuji have done a good job with the X series, from the original X100, which I
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