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  1. I apply a very small amount of sharpening, if you don't know what the output is, how can you judge? Don't bother asking FAA about technicalities, they know "jack" about it from my experience. Just take a guess and go with it.
  2. Neil and John. Those 55-210 shots look pretty good. I've never had a lot of success with Sony lenses, but I may have to investigate that one.
  3. Bryan. I use 16GB Sandisk cards in my 6 and 5N and haven't had any problems so far, touch wood.
  4. I have a very small rent-stabilized apartment, Richard. Can you sleep standing up? Ed. for a chance to shoot for a week in New York, I'd sleep standing on my head. Just find me a corner somewhere.
  5. No, I'm definitely not going to trade my X100 for the S version, I'm very happy with the original. I might consider buying an S if there were any real advantages, which I don't really think there are Duncan. Don't get me wrong, I think the XP1 is a very good camera. I enjoy using it, and importantly, it has produced quite a few pictures that have sold. To be fair, I think my gripe is more with the software manufacturers, not least Adobe. The RAW conversion software just hasn't made the grade so far in terms of demosaicing (I think that is the right term) The watercolour effect on out of fo
  6. 64,000 dollar question Ed. I'll tell you one thing mate, I'd give damn near anything to have a week shooting pictures in New York, I wouldn't get bored! If I ever make it over there, I'll tell you what works for me. But if I do, you'll have to give me a weeks room and board! Deal?
  7. I've been using the X Pro 1 since it was released with good and bad results. All shots so far accepted by QC. I'm not a big fan of the X Trans sensor, but I can see that it has a future so long as Adobe, or someone, gets the RAW conversion process right. LR is a lot better than it was, but not perfect by a long shot. The original X100, which I also use occasionally is extremely good with its Bayer sensor. X100S. Any thoughts, experience?
  8. Yes, you are right John, the NEX 6 has phase detect which seems to have made a bit of a difference to the focus speed on my CZ 24 (I think). The images from the 6 would appear indistinguishable from those from my 5N, in as much as I can tell anyway. I expect DK has made an in depth study of the two and would be able to describe any differences far better than I can. Alamy QC seem happy with both I'm pleased to say.
  9. Odd that the NEX-6 isn't there. Perhaps Alamy just got sick of adding new NEX models. It's tough to keep up with camera manufacturers these days. I still plan to buy the NEX-6. Can anyone think of a reason why Alamy might not like the results from this camera? All the reviews that I've read have given it high marks. I've been submitting pictures from the NEX 6 for some time with no problem and before that the 5N, they both have the same sensor. I think it sometimes takes Alamy a while to update the listing.
  10. I've just downloaded Gimp out of curiosity. Can't make any sense of it at the moment! Could be a pretty steep learning curve I think. I'll have a fiddle around with it when I've got time.
  11. Cant remember the last time I bought one. Years ago I used to buy Amateur Photographer and Practical Photography regularly.
  12. There may be a positive here. Perhaps the reputation rating will help to take our minds of Alamy Ranking!
  13. Not too sure what purpose these buttons serve. Perhaps if you reach a certain "reputation" level you get a Head Boy/Girl or Prefect badge like we did at school.
  14. A bit like Vlad, I have LR running while I am key wording and just check where I'm not sure. I also declare one person even if its a dodgy reflection of myself in a window, or car bonnet etc. Also like Vlad I count parts of people as one. I haven't had any queries from Alamy in the 6 or 7 years I have been contributing.
  15. Somewhat ironic in some respects. Adobe are trying to stop people pirating their software, and we are trying to stop people pirating our images. Its a shame we photographers don't have the same clout as Adobe!
  16. I think its looking good. The discussions so far seem to contain good information and good humour. The old forum was somewhat intimidating for some I think. The trend toward members using their real names, myself included (formerly Richc), is probably helping. Its a little more difficult to be rude and aggressive when not hiding behind a pseudonym!
  17. +1 I don't trust them much either. I have to say here that I am using Photoshop less and less as time goes by, most of my adjustments are made in Lightroom. As long as they maintain and improve LR, I'll be reasonably happy, and like most folk I've spoken to, will maintain my current CS5 until it stops working for whatever reason. Guess I'll just sit back and watch from the sidelines to see what happens.
  18. I haven't seen anything of that. It is very worrying from my point of view. No way will I pay Adobe a monthly subscription, that is plainly taking the p**s. There are viable alternatives that I would have no hesitation in turning to, although it would be a nuisance changing workflow. I would tend to think that such a move "could" be somewhat detrimental to Adobe. Like Ed, I am not much into monthly payments, particularly as I am approaching retirement, albeit a few years away yet.
  19. I only ever had two NU sales, one for $1.50 and one for $1.00. I stayed in for two reasons: 1. I take the view that a sale is a sale. 2. I am too lazy to click the opt out button. Apparently its coming to an end anyway, so that saves me the effort of clicking the opt out button.
  20. Yeah, the old forum had some gems of information for sure, along with a lot of nonsense. The search facility wasn't that great though, when I tried it at least. Probably best to post questions. You will find that most people are more than happy to answer questions that have been posed previously anyway. I don't think members really find it that much of a bother. Well, I don't anyway.
  21. Sad to say, but, welcome to the real world of stock photography. And congratulations on the sale, may there be many more, and hopefully for better money!
  22. I emailed MS and asked them if I could change to my real name instead of Richc and they did it for me. Worth asking.
  23. Ed. I've got the old Sigma 19 and 30 and they are really good, I seriously doubt that the newer versions are going to be any better, optically anyway. And I doubt whether the focus is going to be any quicker. I'm in the market for the new 60 when Sigma get their a*s in gear and release it. That said I'd like to have a play with the CZ 50.
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