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  1. Anybody using Capture 1 in preference to Adobe LR/PS, or combination of?


    Being a Sony user I found that LR wasn't doing a good job on RAW conversion. After some research, Capture 1 came up as the best solution. I downloaded the free "Express" version which definitely helped. Having used that for 18 months or so I took the plunge and bought the full C1 Sony version. I wish I'd stayed with the Express, free version!!!


    The thing is a nightmare!


    On opening files the free version did a good job, the full version can only be described with words that will get me thrown out of the forum!


    The catalogue system is an over complicated disaster!

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  2. 3 hours ago, Betty LaRue said:

    Heavy gear carried in bags can eventually cause neck problems, which can result in headaches. Especially for the weaker sex. That’s why I never carry bags. I carry my camera in my hands on a shoot, always.

    And of course, back problems react from every bit of added weight due to spinal compression, even my camera carried in my hands. No way will I carry extra lenses/bags. You young, strong and healthy, enjoy.

    Yep, I can confirm that Betty!


    Back in the 70's I could happily carry a couple of motor driven Nikon F2's plus half a dozen lenses with no problem. Through the 80's and early 90's I did the same with Hasselblad bodies, film backs and lenses. I now have all of the problems that you describe!


    These day's I'm happy with a Sony A7lll and 24-70 lens. Even better, my wooden pinhole camera which weighs nothing!!!

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  3. 6 hours ago, Jools Elliott said:

    I think what we DO understand about the agency business is that time and time again we are getting screwed over.



    How many times did @Alamy say the commission wouldn't be dropped etc? And yet here we are again! And no response from them either which speaks volumes. They go on and on about how fair they are to photographers but their words are now meaningless and full of cr@p.


    They are no better than any other agency out there.

    Jools, I agree with your observations, and your opinion. Your post speaks for a lot of us I'm sure.


    I've been with Alamy since 2006, overall, its been a reasonably good ride. Sure there have been some contract changes and reductions in licensing and commission rates, but then I have seen the same with other agencies that I deal with. I had only been with Alamy for about 12 to 18 months when I became very aware that they are, a law unto themselves!

    However, they have consistently sold my pictures and paid me on time, every time. They have answered my questions and corrected some of my cock ups. Because of this, they have always had my trust and respect.


    I agree, the fact that they have not engaged in this discussion speaks volumes. I regret to say that following this latest contract change, my trust and respect has diminished somewhat.

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  4. I have refrained from comment so far because my view is, and has always been "it is what it is" there is nothing I can do about it. This step has been coming for a long time, clear for all to see surely.


    I shall continue to contribute to Alamy albeit with less enthusiasm, whatever the commission rate is. The legal aspect is a little unsettling to say the least, I am making changes to my collection in order to avoid any awkward situations. However, at the end of the day, if anyone wants to sue me, go right ahead, because "you can't have what I aint got"

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  5. On 16/12/2020 at 12:28, Colin Woods said:

    A very timely thread as I was wondering the same thing. I am still on High Sierra and am loath to change as it all buzzes along nicely. Are there any big advantages to upgrading or am I better sticking to HS? All techie advice welcomed, if not always understood.

    Colin, I haven't found anything of any use to me yet!!!

    It would appear to me to be an "incremental" upgrade from Catalina. There's always something useful for some people, but for me, not really. I use Adobe CC, Capture 1, Safari, Mail and Microsoft Office. They all look and work as they did with Catalina, High Sierra etc.



  6. On 16/12/2020 at 15:39, MizBrown said:

    Given that Apple is locking everything up and is using soldered in components now, I'm somewhat tempted to go to Windows in the future.  I have a medium quality Dell with some upgrades I installed (SSD, more memory) that has a crappy display, but I can either get an external monitor or replace the display with a better spec'ed Dell 30 pin display.



    I'm thinking along the same lines. Apple aren't doing themselves any favours. As much as I dislike Microsoft Windows, it "might" make more sense in the future. I'll review things when my iMac eventually goes to meet it's maker!

  7. On 16/12/2020 at 10:56, CAROL SAUNDERS said:

    Hi Richard can I ask how long it took to do the update ? I hate when the screen goes black for hours, I go into panic mode !😠


    Thank you.



    Hi Carol.


    Sorry its taken me a while to reply. It was a surprisingly short time. I wasn't watching the clock but I think it was around 30 to 40 minutes. I know what you mean about the black screen, I just walk away from it for 15 minutes or so and do something else!


    All the best.


    Rich :0)

  8. Interesting point Ed. I love B&W and did a lot back in the days of film.


    I've converted quite a few digital images to B&W in various editing programs, by and large, the results haven't been too bad depending on the colour original. The more colour, the better the result I have found.


    Take a look at Sebastiao Salgado's latter day work. Apparently he's converting files taken on Canon 5D's and getting pretty close to his famous film shots from back in the day.

    Sorry, I have no specific links, but a bit Googling with bring it up.

  9. For what its worth to anybody, I've just updated my 2019 MacBook Air to Catalina, and alls fine.


    Lightroom and Photoshop are opening faster than they did with Mojave, in fact there would seem to be an all round speed improvement with all apps.

    Yes, there seems to be a "glitch" when saving TIFF's out of PS, not a big issue with me and Adobe will sort that in due course.


    I wonder if some of the more irritating issues that are being seen are showing more on pre 2019 machines(?)

    I am using a 2019 iMac which I don't intend to update until next year because some of the apps are still 32 bit and I don't want to lose them. My other iMac is 2011 and doesn't qualify for Catalina which is a shame, it would be interesting to see what happens.


    I hope everyone eventually has a trouble free update!

  10. On 12/08/2019 at 11:03, Yackers1 said:



    Missed that one - apologies. You have convinced me the 100/6 is worth a look. A faster lens would be nice, but then I want a lens with a little more reach than 70mm. 200mm is a bit of an overkill (for my needs) but the 85mm - 135mm is ideal. What's the image quality like in this focal length please? Does it start to degrade too much to pass Alamy QC?


    Thanks all for your input with this. 

    I took a few shots with the lens at 200 today, and I definitely would not want to submit to QC. I reckon 135 might be the limit for me.

  11. I got the chance to use the RX100 Vl today for the first time and yes, I agree with Ed and wiskerke, it is an extremely good and capable camera. And Ed, yeah, I do love it!


    Yackers 1 Cant comment on the Vll, I did look at one in the shop but couldn't find a reason for the extra 200 quid.


    I normally use a full frame Sony A7lll and opening up the RX files in Lightroom was a bit of a shock, but with a bit of fiddling about, applying a sharpening figure of 60-65 and using Ed's Luminosity figure of 40 followed by downsizing a little in PS, I ended up with images that I am happy to submit to QC.


    Interesting to note, when opening the files in Lightroom, they render a damn site better than the A7 files, didn't have to do half as much work with the HSL sliders to get the colour right!


    Yackers 1 go buy a Vl, like Ed Rooney said, you'll love it!!!

  12. Interesting thread!

    I have just bought the RX100 Vl a couple of days ago, but haven't had a chance to use it yet. My intention was to use it for other agencies/libraries that I supply but, having read the comments here, plus looking at Ed Rooney's pictures, I am reconsidering its purpose.


    Can anybody tell me what sort of maximum ISO level it will stand for Alamy submission?

    I usually draw the line at 1600.


    Ed Rooney, some of your food shots must be 800 to 1600?

  13. Hi Mark.

    I am sorry to hear of your problems. I'm in my 60's now and thank the Lord, pretty fit but, trudging the streets laden with camera bodies and lenses is becoming a thing of the past, the back and legs just won't do it anymore!


    Having realised this a couple of years ago, I took to photographing things around the home, mostly food items in a cheap light tent I bought off eBay under the pergola on our patio just outside the back door. Three steps, and I'm in position. Subject laid on an A2 cartridge paper sketch pad, job done.


    Here's the rub my friend. All pictures taken on an iPhone, uploaded to "so called" micro's which I can't name here obviously. Income result, good! ;0)


    Say no more, nods as good as a wink.


    All the best my friend

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  14. 3 hours ago, wiskerke said:


    IPS display = essential.

    sRGB is fine.

    AdobeRGB - a good score is rare in a laptop. Even in desktop displays btw. My Eizo's do 99%. My Dell's 96% of AdobeRGB. The recent MacBooks do just over 77% of AdobeRGB.

    Even then: don't forget to calibrate your screen.


    AdobeRGB laptops?


    Acer Predator Helios 500 PH517-51-93LS  - 4 kg ( = 141.1 oz / 8.82 pounds) - 88% - 2863 Euro

    Schenker XMG Ultra 17 (Clevo P775TM1-G) - 4.368 kg ( = 154.08 oz / 9.63 pounds) 88% - 3842 Euro



    Lenovo ThinkPad P51 (Xeon, 4K) - 2.634 kg ( = 92.91 oz / 5.81 pounds)  -  87% - 3300 Euro

    HP ZBook Studio G4 (Xeon) - 2.058 kg ( = 72.59 oz / 4.54 pounds) - 85.7% - 3500 Euro

    Apple MacBook Pro 15 (Late 2016 w APPA030 panel) - 1.83 kg ( = 64.55 oz / 4.03 pounds) - 77.3% - 1325 Euro



    Apple MacBook Pro 13  (2018 i5 w APPA03E  panel) - 1.37 kg ( = 48.33 oz / 3.02 pounds) - 77.4% - 1999 Euro




    edit: the percentages are the AdobeRGB values.

    edit2: If you absolutely want a Windows laptop, but like the high AdobeRGB %% at low weight/low prices (all very relative of course) of the MacBook Pro's: have a look at the Boot Camp drivers. Review.

    Interesting set of facts and figures there Wim, thank you very much for taking the trouble to post that. I have to admit, I hadn't even thought of some of those points> certainly worth factoring into any decision.


  15. That's an interesting, and mostly considered set of replies. Thank you all very much for your input.


    Firstly, this was certainly not intended to be any kind of Canon vs Nikon debate.


    As I stated in my original post, no way am I going to give up my iMac desktop for post, but, with advancing years and long standing lower back  issues caused by the bravado and stupidity of youth trying to emulate Barry sheene, I cant sit for long periods at a desk, gone are the days of working my way through 20, 30, 40 or more pictures into the early hours of the morning.


    I have an old MacBook Pro that I bought back in early 2013, a great old work horse and still working fine, but no good for PP, its so old that it wouldn't support Adobe CC anyway. I have been wondering whether its worth replacing with a newer model that will support Adobe CC in order to, periodically, relieve the stress of sitting at a desk.


    Thank you all, your replies have helped.

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  16. Whilst I wouldn't dream of giving up on my beloved desktop iMacs for PP,  I'm wondering how many people are using Laptops for PP these days.


    When I first signed up to Alamy back in 2006, laptops were a big no no!

    For various reasons they just weren't suitable.


    I do a lot of post on iPads, but not for Alamy. The results are fine for the other agencies that I supply and the type of work they accept, but I think QC would throw a fit if I tried submitting the results to them!


    I'm particularly interested in anyones experience with MacBook's as I am not a fan of Microsoft.

  17. I was a big fan of Fuji, I thought the original X100 was superb once they got the bugs out of it. I have had both X Pro 1 and XT 1 and hate both of them!!!


    Fuji and their X Trans sensor are the reason I have opted out of the digital rat race and gone back to film. Armed with my old Nikon F2's and Hasselblads I am once again enjoying photography stress free.


    And, selling a great deal more pictures I might add!!!

    Although sadly, not through Alamy as QC are unlikely to accept the scans, which is a shame.

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