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  1. Yes after FAA and another library I use I do find some of the submission side of Alamy confusing and complicated. From the numerous web posts on the subject I do not think I am the only one a little confused by the restrictions menu.


    I do admit that Alamy does go to some trouble to explain things and Member Services are friendly and helpful.

  2. Mark, I am going to give up obviously I am not explaining this properly.


    I received an email from QC (see attached copy below) having uploaded about a week ago.


    We sent this automatically so there's no one here to reply.

    Hello David

    We've checked your submission.

    DATE RECEIVED                 ALAMY MEDIA REF               STATUS

    02/07/2014                    OL2871048                     Passed QC
    01/07/2014                    OL2412042                     Passed QC

    If you've passed, your images are ready to be captioned and keyworded in “Manage Images” in “My Alamy”.

    If you've failed it will tell you why on your track submissions page in “My Alamy”. 


    I therefore captioned and key worded the images as per this email and saved the changes, I then received a message saying the files were too big and over 10MB.


    Today the images are in the On Sale section.


    Late note, I now wonder if I wrongly pressed upload when hitting save was all that was required.


    Sorry for wasting your time (times) I will sort it out watch the procedure more carefully next time, obviously I have got the wrong end of the stick somewhere..

  3. No I only uploaded once (more correctly I only tried to upload once) the upload was rejected because the files were to large.


    I did nothing else apart from enter the manage section this morning to delete the rejected files only to find they were now on sale. Somehow they are on sale this morning despite the fact they were rejected when I tried to upload them yesterday without me changing anything.


    Why were they too big yesterday yet put on sale today?


    (If you read my original post I never said I uploaded twice)

  4. Back with what may be a silly question please bear with me.


    I have so far managed to upload twenty odd accepted images which were mainly from my Nikon D700 but ran into a problem with some D800 shots.


    The three concerned files went through QC OK and some time later I was informed that I could go to manage them and enter licence keywords etc and  that all went well until I tried to upload the saved images because  the site replied that the files were too large and over 10MB.


    This morning I decided to ask you people what to do next, delete them and start again whatever but have found that overnight the shots have miraculously gone to the uploaded section and appear alongside those already on sale?


    So double question really, how did this sort itself out and how should I have reduced those D800 jpgs which were from huge TIFFs?


    I will be aware of the compressed 10MB limit in future.


    Thanks for looking.

  5. Hello, Im new here and would appreciate some help.


    Normally I avoid people, logos etc anyway but could you advise with the following two subjects which to me are a grey area.


    What would you enter under Usage and Licence type for -


    A commercial airliner with is company on show?


    A scene, for example a public beach with many people on it, they are not really clearly individually recognisable in the saved image but could possibly be if zoomed in on from a computer screen at 100%.


    Thanks for looking.

  6. My concern was that if you need a release for a dog, even though none German Shepherd may look just  another one, because the owner might recognise it and object then what about a rare animal or parrot etc that may well have cost the zoo/park money and time to obtain . I simply wondered if in that case where the beast could be easily recognised and could be considered in the same way as a domestic animal is considered as property, especially as the park is on private space.

    It as quite possible that a species exists in only one zoo in say the UK or wherever.

    Useful exercise and I will do the same again in cases of doubt but Im not going to start worrying about all those common animals that look the same as each other and are in every zoo.

    Also very nice for my first time ever to have a piece of paper saying I can.....

  7.  I made the post and I live in Malta but the Wildlife Park in question is in UK and we visited it recently.

    So I did as Ed said, got the right reply and an easy mind

    I emailed them yesterday and received a very friendly reply saying I can use my images of the park as I wish, they would like a mention where possible and maybe some shots on Facebook. (I dont have Facebook so sent them a couple of shots to upload themselves if they want)


    Thanks for all replies.

  8. A newcomer considering releases, can you tell me if a release is ever required for wildlife where images are taken within a wildlife park or maybe a zoo  where photography is freely allowed and there are no obvious restrictions and the image is wholly of the creature with no buildings, ads or property in view in the image?


    Thanks for looking.

  9. Firstly, rest assured I will not be bothering you with any further questions. (Just note that the first person actually answered the query without commenting on a spelling mistake which I pointed out myself).


    I quoted only a simple version of my file naming which in practice cannot get confused by camera naming.


    Any file I process and decide to keep in a final folder (I use Nikon Capture NX2 and Photo Mechanic) has been renamed in sequence from square one ie from 00001, the camera numbers are irrelevant and any image without my own numbering is deleted or in a work to folder.

    My question arose simply because my convention is to have an underscore as first character for my D700 files and no underscore for my D200 files.


    Hope that there are no typos in this reply (not sure how to spell that either)

  10. Regular Ryanair user and found myself very limited because of my hefty D700 kit. I bought a very light hard travel case of the right & maximum size for RA and I took the wheels and sliding handle etc off, all held by screws leaving just the basic handle, this left me as much space as possible and only 2KG  max empty weight. (checked the size by going to local airport and using the RA frame) The D700 and grip plus my favourite lens take me to about 6 KG including charger leaves say 4KG. This is my travelling camera bag.

    Wife has similar case unmodified which can take her clothes and some of mine. This is great for the outward trips and we buy whatever we want abroad and I pay for a hold bag only on the way back.

    Specific camera bags may be great for general at home use but a full size open space, no pockets or strange shapes is much better. If you are travelling with nothing but camera equipment that's a different matter.

    10 KG is not much when you talk about an SLR outfit and all the odds and ends.

  11. Sorry for a stupid question from a newcomer keen to get started.

    In  Alamy terms what is an alphanumeric file name? 

    Depending on which of two cameras I use my file names are similar to   _DJ7-UK.jpg  do I have to drop the underscore and hyphen? I have many files and do not wish to confuse myself/system up too much.


    Thank you for looking.

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