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  1. Just to muddy the waters further, "unpaid" is not the same as "uncleared" An image can be paid for by credit card for example on the date of invoice, eg. A personal use. However, although ALAMY has the money, the payment may not be cleared for 45 days, this is to allow any conditions on the sale to be refunded, eg. There is a flaw in the image or it turns out that the image is not suitable for the use its been sold for then the customer may request a refund.
  2. Just to let you all know, I’ve just found an image of mine on thebesthotels.org. It was still watermarked with the alamy footer.. There are numerous other images on there, some still watermarked. I don’t know if this site has been raised before. Probably more of mine on there, worth people having a look. I have notified ALAMY. edit just to let people know which is on a page search for Sunderland are two other images still watermarked: B27E82 Travellib europe CC5C6N Greg Balfour Evans Im sure there must be others with different searches. https://thebesthotels.org/room-photo-beach-view-lodge-hotel-ID1840615.htm
  3. Actually Alamy don’t take down photos of NT property if you can show that the photo was taken from public land, ie., public highway or footpath, or that it was a free to enter property. You might have to challenge them when they tell you they are removing images upon the request of The National Trust, but I’ve always found that Alamy have accepted my argument and left them for sale, and actually have sold some.
  4. Several Alamy images in this book including one of mine. ISBN: 9781911358381 Vita and Virginia: Sarah Gristwood A google search will bring up a page of picture credits. https://books.google.com/books/about/Vita_Virginia.html?id=E990DwAAQBAJ
  5. https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/rye-water-house Two of mine here, plus one from Ian Bottle. Just paid at reasonable rate. This website has other articles using images so possibly other Alamy contributors, haven’t had a chance to look yet.
  6. I had that to, but if you go to the website and download the latest version fD, ignoring what it says about version, it works fine, (Alamy changed the login format) still a couple of bugs but since Alamy are changing stuff still I'm sure it will take a bit of time for Jim to sort it. Richard
  7. Hi Paulette A brief outline of the plug-in. 1. It can reassign keywords from the lightroom keywords to the supertags and tags catefories. It makes guesses based on things like capitalisation, use of quotes etc. I used it extensively under the old system and it worked quite well, You had to re-assign some keywords but it was easier than typing into each image. This still appears to work under the new tag system but it's easier to re-assign supertags by just removing the blue star. 2. You can set all the items such as Pseudonym, Primary and Secondary Categories, exclusivity etc. This makes life a lot easier because you can do all this in grid view using the painter tool or selecting a group of images and applying the setting you want. 3. The plug-in gives you collections that show sales, those with eg. a caption missing etc etc, and many other factors. 4. You can use various functions to Set the Metadata or Fetch the Metadata from Alamy. This makes it easy to update your images data should you need to.( I think there may still be some errors with these until Jim gets the working properly with the new AIM). I've been using the plug-in since Jim started developing it and I have to say I've found it extremely time saving. It doesn't always allocate the tags in the best way but it does mean that you can get your images on sale in a very short time and then tweak them afterwards. On the whole, I'll be using it before uploading the images to Alamy in the first place because then they will immediately go on sale as soon as they pass QC. They can then be adjusted as necessary afterwards. Best way to understand it is to give it a try, You can download the latest version here: http://www.lightroom-plugins.com/AlamyIndex.php I'm sure that Jim will be sorting out any discrepancies by the introduction of the AIM. There is an pdf handbook which should help but probably refers to the old system, but most of the actions are similar. Hope this helps Richard
  8. Hi Ian I've been using the plug-in for several years. I did get a response from Jim when I asked about the new image manager and he was working on it. I was in contact with Jim yesterday and he'd sorted out some of the problems created by the new AIM and was working on others. If you download the latest file from the website it works well, I've done a couple of uploads with it yesterday, and it worked fine and includes some of the new features of the AIM. I'm sure that Jim is still working on some of the issues that remain, it certainly isn't dead in the water Richard
  9. Actually you appear to have 30 images on sale
  10. It works fine for me Make sure the settings in the set or export are right. Also Jim tells me that he's working on a new version to be totally compatible with aim. If you put tags in the essential field they become blue starred
  11. This is a quote from Alamy's latest blog about tagging "Try to avoid adding alphabetical lists of tags. Proximity of one tag compared to another used in a multi-word search can have an effect on where it appears in the sort order, which is why we’d recommend adding phrases / multi-word tags where appropriate." According to this word proximity is important and yet they make it difficult to achieve. Pearl Thank you Pearl, I think I've read so much over the last few days I'm getting tagitis. I would point out though for people that haven't used the Lightroom Alamy plugin that it doesn't export the tags in alphabetical order, at least not to essential and main keywords(as still is until Jim Keir provides an update) but can make an attempt to prioritise them, not always perfect, but you can at least move them about as required in Lightroom rather than them being exported alphabetically. Essential keywords come up as blue starred and main keywords come up as unstarred tags.
  12. I use Lightroom but with Jim Keir's plugin, I know he's working on updating the plugin for the new IM. But I'm finding it works fine, using the old fields. Also I've adapted the export functions for set and fetch metadata to enable me to either keyword on the desktop on Lightroom and transfer to Alamy or to fetch the metadata when I've been keywording etc. on the iPad when on the road. Works fine. Also I seem to have read somewhere in one of Alamy's posts that keyword order is not important with the new search engine. Richard
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