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  1. I have read the T's n c's very well for alamy. Is there some sort of childish mentality here whereby if you don't pass OQ, instead of just telling you that you haven't, they make you wait weeks? This is the first 3 images I have uploaded and technically-wise they are very good at 100% - no flaie, CA, noise, exposure etc so I would be surprized if they fail, but this so called 24 hour average to check images is a joke as in total it is 4 days. If so, I'll take my images to another stock site. Already on Getty and several others so I am not bothered either way...I just don't appreciate the messing about. I have heard alamy is extremely concerned with IQ to the point they will accept a really technically good file that at the end of the day is a bad photograph? Just sayin' what the internet tells me!
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