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  1. These things can be handled pretty easily with a script to automate the page opening and button clicking.
  2. The quote thingy doesn't seem to work... Bill makes good points but isn't there a problem in that the buyer must rely on keywords to do the search? This means that the same subject matter expressed differently or with more feeling is still going to be buried with anything else having the same keywords.
  3. These are cool especially the middle one
  4. Confusing "good" with "successful" I think, Substitute this one word and the statement makes sense. There is a lot of commercially successful stuff out there, not just in photography, that is utter dreck and an equal amount of the very good that makes no money.
  5. Things were a little different back in the days of dial up and film. I don't really subscribe to the "race to the bottom" theory, it's simply a case of supply and demand and, as supply goes to the infinite, return per image goes in the other direction.
  6. Landed here also so looks like 10 days to process - expectations now managed
  7. The question really is not whether the image would contain more detail (it unquestionably would), but whether the human eye could tell the difference.
  8. So I got the email at the start of the month to say payment (first from Alamy) was being sent but still hasn't hit paypal. My experience elsewhere is that payment actually arrives at the same time and, certainly, by the next day - is this delay usual here?
  9. Nothing constructive to offer but, I looked at you example an wondering how to tell where the frame of an isolated on white on a white screen is
  10. That's certainly how it appears. Wonder how it affects folks who legitimately use isolated, isolation etc where it's not referring to a cut out picture - "isolated country farmhouse" sort of thing,,,
  11. So I have 71 isolations (isolation is perfect as rendered against transparent background or from an alpha mask created at run time). The cut out filter shows 52 in a search. Something under half the missing images aren't on white so that's fair enough if Alamy want to define isolation differently to the rest of the world but the software selection is clearly faulty within its own parameters for the remainder. Slightly irritating is the fact that searching with the keyword "isolated", which is present on all the images, returns the same images as using the cut out filter.
  12. Dunno, the micros are what they are and I get that folks don't like licencing for peanuts. That said, acceptance standards are higher on the main micros and the returns are considerably better notwithstanding the low unit commission. OK my best nett sale here of $80 beats the best I've had in micro (but not by much) and individual images have earned far more. For the amateur, it's also nice that an image that doesn't sell is the exception.
  13. Ain't that the truth!! Over the payment threshold on sales since last September and still not cleared. Say what you like about the micros but as soon as your sales meet the threshold you get paid.
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