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  1. To close this subject, I have received confirmation by finance that I will be paid in February. So a 2 months delay. I am still not sure of what happened, but it seems that thousands of payment were made since the thresold was lowered to 75$. So thank you to the people who helped or gave logical and sensible answers. The ones who just used this topic as a way to have a good laugh, sarcasms, pass definitive judgements, and hit red buttons, I let them appreciate the maturaity and usefulness of this attitude. Ps: I will not follow this topic anymore since it is solved and I have no time for little boys jokes.
  2. Well, you can wait for a looooong time. Sort it out yourself, mate. You're too friendly! Cheers, Philippe I hope you realise how arrogant you are with your smart comment: " here's that neat little invention .......... the "phone".and now with "your splendid advice". But most of highly infatuated people don't even notice anymore... I am friendly with friendly people not the ones who take me for an idiot. It's very easy to click on the little red square ins't it...
  3. Hopefully it will be sorted. I finally had to re-enter my account details (triple checked) in the payment section (although nothing proved me that there was an error there). I received a receipt by email validating this chnage but, on my "Balance of account" page, the following mention still appears : Next payment date: Not due -Invalid payment details I hope it's just a question of update. I also wrote to MS and finance, telling them and asking wen they will proceed to the payment. I still don't know what really happned and I am still waiting for MS / finance to come back to me since my last email.. Let's see what happens now. Thank you for those who helped
  4. Maybe should be 999 since there appears to be a major fraud in progress oh oh oh...
  5. For the phone, last time I called, I was told the number was reserved to customers only... As a contributor I had to use emails to MS... Here is what is displayed on their contact page: CustomersOpen Monday to Friday 08:30 - 23:00 GMT/BST 01235 844600 sales@alamy.com PhotographersWe try and answer all emails within an hour, except at weekends. Most things can be sorted over email but if needed we´ll give you a call. memberservices@alamy.com Live NewsFor sales and photographer enquiries about Live News, Sport and Entertainment. 01235 844690 news@alamy.com Front DeskOpen Monday to Friday 09:00 - 17:00 GMT/BST 01235 844608 info@alamy.com press@alamy.com This one is funny: 'We try and answer all emails within an hour, except at weekends" "Most things can be sorted over email but if needed we´ll give you a call". i AM STILL WAITING Anbswers from finance and MS after my email yestrday afternoon...
  6. Sorry I scanned your post and missed that first time around. Allan Sorry also for my first answer, I was a bit p.... off...
  7. Yes to all questions. Actually, MS told me the payment were issued from the UK. Again, I don't see any error on my side in this case... But finance still didn't answer my mail....
  8. To Philippe, You seem to be very aware of how to communicate with alamy as a contributor and also very prompt to laugh at people, I suppose nothing of the kind ever happened to you. Why don't you, in your unfathomable wisdom, provide us with the dedicated phone numbers for contributors ? The one to call MS and the one to call finance directly? Waiting to be enlightned again...
  9. Thank you again for all the comments and help Ok, let's admit that the term "abusive" is too extreme in the circumstances. However, how unprofessional you have to be to send an email on the 18th of December about a payment supposedly attempted on the 2nd of December (16 days after!). Also, how confused your company must be in term of internal communication when I ask MS on the 5th of December if the payment is on its way I receive a positive answer while according to “finance team” there was a problem since the 2nd of December. Maybe it’s just confusion between services, lack of internal communication or lack of care for contributors from the finance services, but it is definitely unprofessional. And yes, this type of behaviour make me become suspicious. By the way, I answered to the MS and finance team, I am still waiting for an answer. For instance I asked a simple question: are the payment coming from the UK or the US ? I am still waiting for an answer as it seems, MS doesn’t know the answer.... Again, would anyone being a service member for contributors not aware of how his/her company pays the contributors ? Another thing, what if , as someone suggested it was a computer glitch and Alamy finance team made an error ? I would still have to justify myself and change or rather enter again my bank details because the error can only be on my side obviously... Of course, it’s easy to accuse but it’s also very easy to give all sort of excuses to justify very peculiar business practices... I wouldn’t have complained if this had been handled differently (like having an email from finance immediately after the attempted transfer).
  10. Thank you for your comments. Apparently, the only contributor who had a similar experience is Lynne. Otherwise, I don't really see how it is going to be solved. Let me re-phrase what happened and you will be able to judge if the practices here are normal and professional or simply unprofessional and/or abusive. 1. On the 2nd of december, a payment was due by Alamy to my account for pictures sold previously. 2. On the 5th of december, having not received anything, I wrote to Alamy asking if the payment would proceed and when. Here is their answer on the 05/12/2013: "Yes, we can confirm that we’ve sent your cleared balance of $...... to your bank account . Let us know if you do not receive the payment within nine working days." 3. On the 11th of december, I checked a last time, nothing was paid and no email from Alamy either. SO, I CONCLUDED THAT THE PAYMENT WILL PROCEED NORMALLY AND THAT IT JUST TOOK TIME... 4. On the 12th of December, I took a flight and wnet to travel until the second of january (WITHOUT ACCESS TO MY EMAILS AT ALL during this period). 5. On the second of January 2014, I was back and checked my emails and found this email from "[finance@alamy.com]" dated on the 18th of december: Sent: 18 December 2013 11:31 Subject: Alamy Ltd-Payment delayed-Your action required Hi We tried to send a payment to you on the 2nd Dec 2013, but it has been returned to us by your bank. No explanation was given. However, it is likely there is either an error in the bank details we hold for you or the account has been closed. Request you to · Check with your bank for correct details · Update it to “Payment and tax details” in “My Alamy” page. · Email us Thanks Finance team My conclusions: 1. When I asked them on the 5th of december, they assured me that the payment was in porcess and there was no problems BUT, in their email from "finance" they say they tried to transfer money on my account on the 2nd of Dcember 2013 ! Very strange indeed. 2. The email from 'finance" is dated on the 18 of december. iF THERE WAS AN ISSUE ON THE 2ND OF DECEMBER WITH THE TRANSFER, WHY WAIT 16 DAYS TO SEND AN EMAIL and warn me ??? 3. I never made mistakes in term of account numbers. In my entire life, I've never experienced a single mistake for a transfer coming to my account. And it is not the first transfer I receive. But of course, here it must be my mistake.... 4. I never answered to the "finance" email, because I had no access to my emails while travelling. But Alamy took the liberty to add the mentions : "Next payment date: Not due " and "Invalid payment details" on my Balance of account page. Very strange practice indeed ! So, without talking to me or exchanging with me, they decided to close the subject by adding invalidity to my payement details .... Even more peculiar, On my Balance of account page, I can now see that the fund have been cleared as if I have been effectively paid. Of course, none of the money ever arrived on my account. I wrote to Alamy and I'm waiting for their answer (and payment of course). Anyone can say and think or recommend what he/she wants, but I haven't signed with Alamy to have problems at every levels, especially not in term of payments. So, for the moment, the way they dealt with my payment is unprofessional, and suspicious and I remain in doubt regarding their intentions. Hopefully, they will prove me wrong... L
  11. Is the money in your account? It should be by now. Allan HI Allan, Did you read my post ? The money isn't on my account, that's the problem.
  12. Bank transfer: - announced on the 02/12/2013 by Alamy: nothing on my account on the 12/12/2013. But they assure me by email that the money has been transferred . - 18/12/2013: email from finance alamy: they send a payment to my bank on the 2nd Dec 2013, but it has been returned to them by my bank (impossibel since the 12/12/2013 they were saying something else). - 03/01/2014: Coming back from travel, I discover that alamy has: 1. Still hasn't paid me 2. Has made my bank details invalid without having received any answer from me. 3. Has cleared my balance account as if I was paid one month ago. - 03.01.2014: Called my bank, they never heard of Alamy, never saw any transfer attempt from them. By the way, transfers originating form the US for a UK company to contributors living in UK and Europe ? Who's paying bank charges and foreign exchange rates ? No further comment....
  13. I would also like to add that on my "Balance of account", the payment appears as paid, again adding to the suspicious practice described above...
  14. Hi, I don't know if it happened already to other contributors, I received on the 18th of december, from "finance@alamy.com" the following email: From: Finance [finance@alamy.com] Sent: 18 December 2013 11:31 To: Finance Subject: Alamy Ltd-Payment delayed-Your action required Hi, We tried to send a payment to you on the 2nd Dec 2013, but it has been returned to us by your bank. No explanation was given. However, it is likely there is either an error in the bank details we hold for you or the account has been closed. Request you to · Check with your bank for correct details · Update it to “Payment and tax details” in “My Alamy” page. · Email us Thanks Finance team The email is not signed, it looks like a spam, is very cold and affirmative (it is likely there is either an error in the bank details). In fact, there is no error in the bank details I provided. I also contacted my bank who never received any transfer attempt form Alamy "finance" services. I have been travelling all of december and coming back home at the beginning of january, I see that alamy has already added the mention: "Invalid payment details " on my "balance of account " page. Without having been in touch once with me except this email. I just wrote to them today to solve this issue but I am quite ..... off. How would one call this type of practice: Pretend to send a transfer (while the bank hasn't recorded any attempt), then invalidate my account in my "alamy page" while my payment details are correct. In general the payer is the one who should trace the transfer ioperation, not the receiver, nor the bank. If anyone has expereinced this kind of issue, please let me know, for the moment, I can just conclude that Alamy is involved in some sort of abusive practices and methodolgies inorder to avoid to pay what is due...
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