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  1. It seems that Amazon may have succeeded in patenting (in the US at least) a set up for photos on a white background that are created with a specific simple lighting set up. I just wonder how many images available across the stock industry, that may have been so for many years, are now unwittingly in violation of Amazon's patent. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/has-amazon-really-patented-one-of-the-most-basic-ways-to-take-a-photograph-9452807.html I recall the National Trust having a hissy fit a few years ago about images of its properties being available
  2. Can anyone tell me how long sales take to be reflected in the cleared balance. I've had several sales in October and November however only sales made prior to 1st October are reflected in the cleared balance at present and not the full balance carried forward at the start of this month.
  3. After increasing my portfolio size over 10 fold in a year, two consecutive QC failures and my CTR has collapsed to almost non-existant. So all in all not a particularly brilliant month!
  4. I am starting to think that the "Editorial" label is a little misleading and I think "non-commercial" might be a better label to apply. For instance other stock sites will only accept images as editorial if they are "newsworthy" and require date and location captioning like you would put on a press release. As for the original question I think it would fall into the category of "non-commercial" but purely from a personal perspective I'd feel a little uncomfortable (from an etiquette point of view) selling pictures as art with identifiable people. Of course another way to look at it is
  5. I've been waiting a couple of weeks for a QC decision so looks like a fail - really annoying because its the second one in just over 2 months and I was on target to have my entire archive submitted by now having increased my Alamy portfiolio size more than ten-fold over the past year having finally (well so I thought) fully got to grips with the QC criteria! Anyway on to the point of my post, I've been looking at the Alamy statistics and considering using (what would have been) my Alamy time over the next couple of weeks to take some less relevant keywords out of the images I have on Alam
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