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  1.       It was 92 degrees in Central Florida today with plenty of sun and blue skies, I Took a ride on my Motorcycle to the UPS store to deliver a small package that had a weight of 3.75 lbs. 


     I sold my only camera today, it was a Nikon D810 Camera body.  I sold it on Ebay today and shipped it out by way of UPS at 3:00 pm. The new owner from South Carolina will have it Tuesday June 1, 2021 after he signs the UPS drivers electronic pad.


    Now I've put my last and only Lens on Ebay, I spent the last 30 minutes getting it ready for packaging so when it sells I'll be good to go.

    Tomorrow I'll cancel my Photoshop membership as it's coming up for renewal and I do not want my Credit card charged, a savings of $120.00


    I now have more room in my cargo carrier on my motorcycle for carrying my lunchbox, sun screen, swim suit and towel when riding my motorcycle to De Leon Springs State Park Florida.  One of my favorite watering holes.  Now that I'm camera free it's so much easier and less to worry about.


    No more looking for dust spots in the sky, figuring what keywords to use or sitting in front of my iMac for hours on end.


    I guess I'll go get a bowl of ice cream now and watch the evening news.


    So glad to hear that everybody had a nice day, I enjoyed reading your adventures and look forward to your Friday adventures.


    Stay safe and keep up the good work.






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  2. On 26/01/2021 at 07:03, EzHighway said:



    Thank you Niels and Alamy,

     I was able to supply Alamy with information and now I see I have a license sale on this item this morning.


     Country: Worldwide
    Usage: Consumer goods
    Media: Garments/t-shirts. $$$

    Thank you Alamy and Niels for your help!

  3. On 25/01/2021 at 16:26, Niels Quist said:

    I guess you know the name and the URL of the other business - you are entitled to know this.


    Try to find more information and a physical address at:




    This may enable you to find an e-mail address in one way or other.


    Good luck.





    Thank you Niels and Alamy,

     I was able to supply Alamy with information and now I see I have a license sale on this item this morning.


     Country: Worldwide
    Usage: Consumer goods
    Media: Garments/t-shirts. $$$

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  4. C57BWJ. my image on Alamy






    I checked with Alamy on above sale of my image, I'm at a dead end.. they advised me I could go on my own with this infringement as the site selling this image said they got this image from another business and Alamy doesn't have an e-mail address for the other business.  Has anyone ever ran into this and what other options are there? 


    This image is exclusive to Alamy.

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  5. 6 minutes ago, Ollie said:

    "Czech Republic, Editorial, Editorial, Website, Bulk discount, flat rate per image

    Not enough for a stale donut."


    I've opted out of Czech Republic sales.  Everyone else should do the same.  Maybe market forces will eventually start to work.


    Didn't know about Slovenia and Serbia.  If similarly low prices are being given those two countries I'll opt out of them too.  But Alamy seems to have missed the creation of the country of Serbia; it isn't in the list.  Nice to know we can still opt out of the country of Yugoslavia.  Is Alamy in the news business?


    I  opted out two weeks ago!   but have since had a sale for $0.97.  ???

  6. Country: Worldwide
    Usage: Presentation or newsletters, Use in a presentation/talk (eg,Powerpoint and Keynote) or in a newsletter.
    Start: 23 November 2018
    End: 23 November 2023


    I Just recently found one of my images by accident while getting my motorcycle serviced at a Harley Davidson dealership.  It was in magazine advertising motorcycles with the above license and my uploaded image had two people on the bike with model releases. 


    Wish I could opt out presentations,  power point  and news letters  as I have with personal use.


    Alamy was notified and is looking into it.

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