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  1. I'm also waiting, keywords added Thursday afternoon.. images not still not showing as of this morning.
  2. Sold one like this two weeks ago, one of my best sales to date.
  3. I opted out two weeks ago! but have since had a sale for $0.97. ???
  4. Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Editorial websitePrint run: up to 5,000Placement: InsideImage Size: 1/8 pageStart: 01 March 2019End: 01 March 2024Czech Republic, Editorial, Editorial, Website, Bulk discount, flat rate per image Not enough for a stale donut. 😕
  5. I would also like to opt out of novel use, could someone advise me where I find this option? Thank you
  6. My e-mail was sent this morning to opt out of Presentation.
  7. Country: WorldwideUsage: Presentation or newsletters, Use in a presentation/talk (eg,Powerpoint and Keynote) or in a newsletter.Start: 23 November 2018End: 23 November 2023 I Just recently found one of my images by accident while getting my motorcycle serviced at a Harley Davidson dealership. It was in magazine advertising motorcycles with the above license and my uploaded image had two people on the bike with model releases. Wish I could opt out presentations, power point and news letters as I have with personal use. Alamy was notified and is looking i
  8. I would also like to see this option added.
  9. One sale Country: World English Language Usage: Editorial Media: Retail book - print and e-book Print run: Unlimited Placement: Front cover Image Size: 1 page Start: 27 October 2013 End: 27 October 2023 $237.04
  10. Congratulations John. Very nice work indeed..
  11. Manual for me 99% of the time with my D300, D700 & D3S. I use Aperture Priority when shooting birds in flight and always shoot in Raw.
  12. Paul, Enjoy your new lens! Who knows when Canon & Nikon will once again raise there prices.
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