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  1. I think showing more keywords will allow Google's web crawling bots to index Alamy content.
  2. I worked as system admin and the safest way to store data were RAID storage computers (like NAS) with regular incremental backup on magnetic tapes. Each tape can hold up to 100 GB of data and the amount of RAID storage on a PC sized server can be up to 8-10 TB.
  3. Last time I tried a cloud solution it was taking weeks to transfer the files and it wasn't cheap. I do have an archive of probably around 100000 images. Any good cloud service you could recommend that would accommodate that many images for a decent price at a decent speed? I keep some of my pictures on mega.co.nz.Encrypted and safe (until now). I also use it to upload RAW files from my SD cards when I'm abroad.
  4. I found that some of my DVDs weren't readable after several years of storage. I suggest you to use a cloud solution instead. I prefer to use several external HDDs and cloud solutions.
  5. I stumbled across an interesting story about using images from Google search: http://www.blogher.com/bloggers-beware-you-can-get-sued-using-photos-your-blog-my-story. It's good that bloggers start learning about photography copyright.
  6. I saw the same thing when I searched my alamy photos on google. It seems that alamy content is kept under the radar.
  7. Install and use the program "Alamy SizeCheck" to be sure your JPEG files fulfill all specs before uploading.
  8. Drones will be illegal in Romania as a new law was approved. Any drone below 1 kg is legal if no photo/video device is attached to it. Bigger drones will be illegal, except for those with 15-150 kg which are licensed by Romanian Aeronautic Authority. A lot of people were unhappy about this
  9. Great reading and thanks for sharing! I wish I knew about this six months ago.
  10. I started shooting popular landmarks because I used stock sites this summer to document my vacation spots. I usually tend to avoid crowded places...I like to search for unknown places.
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