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  1. Only images taken with iPhone can be uploaded. You can sync your iPhone with your PC if you want to upload old mobile photos.
  2. I got one image out of six approved on Stockimo. I'll wait for more photos to be uploaded so I can understand the trend.
  3. It depends on the law in their home country. Selling this kind of photos in some countries might be illegal.
  4. Check your account icon - bottom right hand corner. When you have uploaded an image it will appear and say 'Photo uploaded.' When it fails you will get the message saying 'Photo rejected.' It shows "Photo uploaded", but I can't find it on Alamy.
  5. They should use crowd (customers, advanced users) judging QC as other mobile apps.
  6. I uploaded several test photos, but they are still in an unsure state of "Photo Uploaded". Can't figure out what is the workflow for Stockimo Help is only one page long.
  7. iPhone 5 is more than 1000$ so why you don't go for 4S for less than 600$? Note: There are normal prices in Romania.
  8. Many customers need images to illustrate their products on social networks. We need to understand this and compete with other photo-crowding apps. iPhone was chosen as the main platform for Stockimo due to good camera performance and many handsets already available on the market. Main issue in my opinion is that there is no split between mobile and professional camera content.
  9. IPhone 4S has almost the same capabilities as iPhone5/5S. Each photo has 8mpx and about 3-6 MB. Uploading from your Wifi at home is the best solution. I tested last night. The only think I can't understand is how can I check my photos status (uploaded, aproved, viewed) and views.
  10. On a quick glance, I can't see anything against merging images as long as they were taken on an iPhone. There are several ways to do this. Firstly, there is a pano option while taking pictures. Secondly, I expect some of the iPhone apps will allow merging or even upsizing. Thirdly, I can't see anything against downloading iPhone images to a computer, merging them in Photoshop proper or the like and then reuploading them to the phone. I should add I've never tried any of these three - just pointing out the possibilities. On the second point, it beats me why anybody would actually want to upload substandard images from a camera through an iPhone. The penalty for this should be severe sinbinning. I read Stockimo guidelines and uploading camera photos can be considered contract infrigement. I don't know if Alamy can go after all infringers. They have to check each photo EXIF info (easy to trick), DOF, resolution etc.
  11. Can you put a link? It's hard to believe this. I want to use it as wallpaper
  12. I upgraded my iPhone 4S to iOS 7 last night so I can test Stockimo. The app is running fast and without any glitches. There is a QC queue after mobile upload, but submission can't be tracked anywhere.
  13. Many users and customers might get confused to find mobile and DSLR photos while searching on website. Can you implement a radio select option for "Stockimo" on main page to avoid searching mixed content? This option should include in the search all files starting with "S".
  14. iPhone 5S has 8mp camera with max 3264 x 2448 pixels so S002HP (3456 x 5184 pixels) might be from other camera. DOF is unusual for an iPhone.
  15. Martin, instagram-like processing on iPhone creates a lot of noise. Many photos are over-processed and cropped. It's great that Alamy went for mobile photography so we don't have to carry bulky DSLRs all the time, but we need some guidelines and filters for these photos. I am going to upgrade my 4S to iOS6 so I can test the app.
  16. I saw many Stockimo photos with filters applied, but there is no post-processing option to specify this as for normal content?
  17. 2144 images already! Alamy might have 100 mil images until December from Stockimo! It would be great is they would split their website or maybe add a filter for "Mobile Content". Many photographers will leave Alamy to submit to other classic libraries.
  18. Waiting for a batch uploaded on 11th like Peter.
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