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  1. You might have touched resolution settings in camera app. Check there first!
  2. They have free access to Alamy library and report sales like students downloading science articles from international article databases.
  3. Commercial=RF. Any visible people and property without release is set as RM...if not discarded by QC.
  4. I got 13 images rejected in a row. That was really bad luck. I'm off Stockimo today. We spend too much time typing keywords on a tiny screen and there are no searches in Stockimo library.
  5. I forgot to mention: first photo would be failed because Elpida brand is visible on memory chips. Any content that can't be commercial is discarded.
  6. Paul, I have noticed that pictures get rejected if similar item is already available on Alamy or has many samples uploaded on Stockimo. Avoid boring subjects like architecture, landscape or technology. I had a similar shot with a laptop keyboard rejected yesterday. Add more creativity.
  7. My Stockimo photos appear when I search my name. Wait for the next Alamy refresh.
  8. I calculated there are three reviewers for each image from rating averages.
  9. Try processing raw file in Noise Ninja then get it back into LR.
  10. Alex, I haven't seen any stats in Stockimo app and I don't think they show up in Alamy. We just have to wait for the first sales to see how's the process...days..months maybe.
  11. Because iPhone is the main phone used on Instagram and all advertisement professionals love to use it.
  12. I have an iPhone 4S since 2012 so I have enough images to upload on Stockimo. I can't loose money, just time. I managed to get 10 images online, but no activity on customers side. Processing and uploading takes more time than usual. I will keep you informed of my progress.
  13. Thread can be closed as requested option is in development.
  14. I saw that Saturday QC was at work. I noticed Stockimo rating is done in 24-48 hours and I read that it's done by other people: customers, photographers. I wish there were more guidelines about images and customer needs.
  15. I think buying a new iPhone is a big investment. Wait for the first sales on Stockimo to kick in and see if it's worth getting one.
  16. When uploading from Stockimo, go to Snapseed folder otherwise you might upload the original photo.
  17. +1. It would be useful. Also a detailed guide for submission. I just lost 20 photos due to app crash
  18. Open app, go to Home, choose a picture and click on Edit. You'l see a red "Delete photo" tab on the bottom of your iPhone screen.
  19. You can change tags after they are approved. All activity on your images is available only in Stockimo app. You can also delete photos.
  20. I wait to see if there is any Stockimo sale so we can have a "Have you found any Stockimo photographs? February 2014" section.
  21. I noticed there is a limitation in daily Stockimo uploads. I had some photos waiting in queue and after app restart I lost them. I have to start upload and keywording again. It was so easy to do this on a PC.
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