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  1. Tree branch covered in paper messages Survivor Pine trees covered in snow
  2. Missing autumn at Peles castle ...and Cyprus We are freezing now at -25 so I wish we'll get back above 0:
  3. FYROM Macedonia's hidden treasures Click on the individual pictures to see more information.
  4. Mihai Popa

    Picture needs

    Can you post all picture needs in a topic on Alamy forum so contributors can keep track of all requests?
  5. I have similar result (3.3) for a Macedonian landscape:
  6. I received the same e-mail for 100 photos. I don't have time now for keywording so I'll prefer missing the sales that are not coming. Eastern Europe subjects equal zero interest.
  7. I think the servers are loaded after Easter. It's the same with QC. Have patience
  8. It depends on your lens autofocus. If the end of the lens is moving, you should use screw in type. If lens has only internal movement, use square filters on a holder. I use both depending on the lens I'm using.
  9. I have a question? What is the QC criteria for images exhibiting blown-out highlights? I am wondering this as most of the time is hard to cover clipping from small reflections or light sources (light bulbs).
  10. I have 4 external HDDs and a NAS made from an old PC.I prefer using Seagate or Western Digital HDDs.
  11. I am in Romania which is not an interesting location. I have uploaded photos from other neighboring coutries also (Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria), but I saw only zooms. There was no sale on specific locations as they are often searched. I think people are using Alamy to plan their holidays.
  12. Funny story: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2595000/Woman-rescued-falling-15-metre-having-sex-partner-runs-leaves-there.html DXFCRT , Kumar Sriskandan, An old refurbished Moorish well, El Pozo de los Frailes, Cabo de Gata Nijar Natural Park, Almeria, Andalusia, Spain Europe
  13. Have you checked all photo tabs in Manage Images? Model releases are attached? Your first batch is online so can be sold.
  14. You can try wrapping camera belt on a tree or pole. It's easy and quite stable. I use it where tripod or monopod are not allowed.
  15. Look at governing law of the contract. That applies to all contract terms. And I am sure is UK law.
  16. Mihai Popa

    Stockimo query

    Stockimo has normal and filtered images. Pass rate depends on subject and subjective rating. I had similar pictures that failed or passed. There is no standard for rating images. I stopped uploading because I saw no searches on them and I have the feeling that uploads declined as Stockimo library is only 17k now...or maybe tougher ratings? There is no Stockimo sale until now so I don't bother spending time on my phone. I can keep photos on my HDD.
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