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  1. 4 sales (best month so far) $61 net (not the best net revenue) Encouraging nevertheless
  2. Not sure I agree with this. I'd like to see gross and net. As a UK contributor I accept that neither give an accurate indication of what will arrive in my bank account. However, net $ gives me a much better view of how I'm doing than gross $ does since it removes the effect of variation in commission levels (due to changes in the Alamy rate and distributor versus direct sales) and only leaves exchange rate variations. Even as a UK contributor Net$ is certainly not meaningless to me.
  3. Can I add my vote for changing the revenue graph so it shows net revenue? I'd be happy if it showed 2 lines, gross and net. Same is true for the numbers on the tabs on the left. It would be good if each tab showed two numbers i.e. gross and net. That would make the variation in commission easier to spot (e.g. change in Alamy rate and/or distributor vs Alamy direct sales). If the graph can only have one line and there can only be one set of numbers please make them "net revenue". Gross revenue may be relevant to Alamy, but it's net revenue that is most relevant to me and which I'd like to see on my dashboard.
  4. Your value for Current Average Alamy CTR is different from mine. Current Average Alamy CTR: 0.42 That's weird! Mine: Period : 01 May 2013 to 27 May 2014 Total views for wim wiskerke: 96,873 Total zooms for wim wiskerke: 475 Total CTR for wim wiskerke: 0.49 Top performing pseudonym: 6.14) Current Average Alamy CTR: 0.65 Mine dropped quite steeply to an all time low over last 2 months. After just fluctuating or climbing before. wim I think that it somehow relates to one's own results, not All of Alamy (although no calculations I have yet made seem to make any sense!) and has just been poorly worded by Alamy. Ah, I think you're right. I suspect the value quoted as "Current Alamy average CTR" is actually the "Average CTR for all your pseudos on Alamy". Because I only have one pseudo both CTR values match. This either needs rewording to avoid confusion or the value needs to be changed so it really is the "Current Alamy Average CTR". I'd prefer the latter.
  5. Is there a mistake on the Alamy CTR value. The Current Average Alamy CTR value I see seems to be different to that reported by others, and (as reported elsewhere) appears to be exactly the same as my Top Performing Pseudos CTR. Or have I misunderstood something?
  6. phew.... that' a quicker one! Also, Noticed the average CTR for the whole of Alamy is way down compared to what it used to be, about .21 now. I recall it being aroun .44 - .5 not long ago, or am I imagining things? So if this is correct, is CTR dead now that mouse over zoom and add to lightbox appear to be taking over? Where does that leave ranking now, or, has Alamy already made changes?!? That's strange my "My Alamy" says the current average CTR for all of Alamy is 0.41. Where are you looking? I'm looking to the left of the graph in the Alamy measures section
  7. I like the new sales and CTR graphs, especially as mine appear to be going upwards at the moment. It seems to take more clicks to get to reach somethings and I end up with lots of open tabs and the "Account settings" personal info seems more accessible/prominent than needed. But overall I like it.
  8. Top line of screen. Click "For Sellers" then click "Forum"
  9. The correct entry for the Alamy question "Does this Image contain property that needs release for commercial use" is YES. The dog is owned by your partner. As you know the owner,it should be easy for you to get a signed property release and upload it. If you partner refuses to sign the property release then it's even more important that you answer YES to "Does this image contain property need a release for commercial use" and NO to "Do you have property releases"
  10. I tried the first version in Park Cameras. I also found the focussing disappointingly slow, even with a new STM lens fitted. My Canon G15 focussed faster and my Lumix G5 focusses far, far faster than either. Maybe the new Canon M2 is better?
  11. Perhaps not a straightforward comparison. E07JR0 appears to be both more contrasty (the blacks are much blacker) and shows more edge sharpening artifacts than E08J7H. If you uploaded a more contrasty image then any Alamy applied sharpening will have more effect. I agree that E07JR0 looks punchier, but is that largely because you uploaded a more contrasty version?
  12. Alamy certainly seem to sharpen the download preview stock images. Slightly too much IMO, makes them look a bit "gritty". Never easy sharpening low res images.
  13. I wouldn't submit. A search for sheep head on Alamy yields 5,500 results. So unless this photo is of a particularly unique/unusual sheep (you know the breed etc) or you're making a point about the sheep's nose in caption/keywords, why risk your QC reputation when the chance of sale is low?
  14. Importing your screenshot into PS and viewing at 100% shows "watercolor" effect. Looks like a combination of too much noise reduction followed by some edge sharpening.
  15. I'm no expert but CWGD55 looks like a Vauxhall Victor FA to me. For example see http://www.simoncars.co.uk/vauxhall/victorfa.html
  16. I found the migration from Windows XP to Windows 7 pretty straightforward. I think Windows 7 is a really good stable OS and it's not that different to XP. I found all my old programs still ran on Windows 7. The only problem I had was my old Canon flatbed scanner wasn't supported. So had to install VueScan. I've tried Windows 8 but didn't like it at all. It seems to try to combine two user interfaces (mobile phone/tablet and PC) into one and just ends up with a confusing mess.
  17. I know both and Pembrokeshire would get my vote. However there are over 31,000 images of "Pembrokeshire" on Alamy and around 10,000 of "Gower". So quite a bit of competition.
  18. That's interesting. It looks too noisy to me and this noise has obscured some of the fine detail. I wouldn't submit. Maybe I set my standards higher than Alamy need?
  19. I regularly use a Notebook for PP. I agree that changes in contrast with screen angle is a problem so I put a couple of greyscale bars on my desktop wallpaper so I can set my screen angle easily. Example of my wallpaper is here. Unfortunately the jpg compression has messed up the scale a bit, the original is an uncompresssed bmp file which looks fine. I also have a 23" monitor and wireless keyboard so, when at home, I can simply close the Notebook lid, connect an HDMI cable from Notebook to monitor and carry on working. Windows even seems to handle swapping the monitor colour calibrations over.
  20. If you can't find the a Epson driver you could try Vuescan found here http://www.hamrick.com/ I used it with an old scanner I had in order to get it to work under Windows 7.
  21. Just a thought... If Getty are hosting the images on their server and are thereby providing the photographer's original image as a way of incentivising web-sites to accept advertising and, if Getty keep all the "click through" revenue, could it be argued that Getty were effectively republishing the images for commercial gain without paying the photographer and hence could be guilty of copyright infringement themselves? Or are the Getty's T&Cs written in such a way that they can do whatever they like with submitted images? I suppose, if the ONLY advertising they do is of the Getty Images library, then they could legitimately argue that the advertising is for the benefit of all their contributors. But if the advertising click thru's only link to Getty's website, then there's no click thru revenue.... Derr...
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