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  1. Not one I recognise. It would probably help greatly if you said whereabouts on Tenerife it was taken as there is a huge variation in flora over the island. Is it a wild or garden plant etc.
  2. This thread is beginning to sound like people are preparing for the end. Is the pandemic making us all more aware of our mortality? 💀
  3. It depends on requirements. For example, the D780 is infinitely better if you want to shoot 4K video or 10-bit N-log video, as the D600 only does 1920x1080 @ 30fps tops. I know the OP did not mention video but just using that as an example to illustrate a point. That said, given the OP’s stated requirements a D600 or D610 might be ideal.
  4. Cheers Bob. 😀 I notice that Grays have a D780 with 24-120 for £2499 but are offering a trade-in bonus of £180 before July 30th bringing the price to just over £2300. That is a decent deal. I also notice that the venerable D750 is still available new with the same 24-120 f4 for £1599. Again going by the OP's port on Alamy, that could be a great deal as the differences between the D750 and D780 may be negligible for his type of photography. I am pointing to Grays by the way as they tend to have the best prices in the UK for Nikon kit and have great customer service.
  5. I have been using high MP Nikon cameras for years since the D800s were released in 2012 and I see no evidence of an advantage as far as sales on Alamy are concerned. There are other big advantages to high MP cameras but for general stock I would say no. As far as a D780 with 28-300 lens is concerned, as far as I can see that would set you back more than £2300 unless you are talking secondhand. My question looking at your port is do you really need a lens with such vast reach. It looks to me like you could live with a 24-70 for most of your stuff. If that is the case, the best deal
  6. Martyn - you won't be able to update your Mac to Mojave if it is a 2011 iMac (guessed from the specs you gave in the other thread). I am not sure what the point in doing that would be anyway as the limiting factor is going to be the amount of GPU memory (graphics card memory), You said yours had 512 MB but the recent versions of Photoshop require a minimum of 2GB. I am not sure if you could install an older version of Photoshop CC if you upgrade to High Sierra which should be possible for your Mac. However, the fact is that your Mac is old and there is a lot of new technology that needs moder
  7. A tablet or smartphone is perfect for this. I was using my iPad and the Voice Memos app to record my thoughts in relation to Covid during and after the acute phase. I hadn’t got the energy to write things down and it was also interesting if very disturbing to hear the changes in my voice brought about by the disease.
  8. I am probably more scary with the mask off 💀. Anyway I was talking about me being the sender of the parcels not the receiver.
  9. Yeah I know you live in West Cork. The point I was making is that this would only happen in really rural areas outside of towns. There is no way delivery people would just drop registered parcels that require a signature at doorways in a town or city in Ireland.
  10. I am guessing you live in a quiet rural area. Imagine the chaos if that was happening in Dublin. Time to drop this at the door in any case.
  11. Not my experience. Perhaps you are over-generalising. I have posted many registered parcels to Ireland over the years and never had one left outside anyone's door. If the person is not in they leave a card to arrange redelivery or collection - An Post, DPD, UPS, Fedex.
  12. Do you love travelling with a tripod or do you love the results? I used to always have a tripod when shooting landscapes and I still usually have one in the car if driving, as you can’t beat having the total control that a tripod allows - low ISO, whatever shutter speed and aperture you want. However, as my body strength is not what it used to be, I also usually have a Nikon Z series mirrorless camera with 5-stop IBIS and great performance at moderately high ISO (up to 1600 or so). This allows me to get pictures that I would not have been able to get not so long ago and my body is thanking me
  13. I have that head for video and I cannot imagine using it on a monopod. It is heavy (1.6 kg) and is controlled by a great big handle. You would really need three hands - one for stabilising the monopod, one for the head and one for the camera. You could probably use it without the handle but that would be slow and fiddly. I have no recommendations as I don’t use anything heavier than a 70-200 which I use with a light Manfrotto monopod and a light Manfrotto ball head attached by the lens collar (Nikon).
  14. The clause relating to accuracy of metadata has been there forever. It has undergone several modifications over the years but the key point is that this not new. You signed up to this years ago. I doubt that a misidentification of an animal or plant would lead to any problems for any contributor but it is certainly best not to guess if there are doubts.
  15. Sure - I like that style of video - short, sweet and to the point. I don't see myself ever using it on a landscape image but it might come in handy sometime for a design. I used to read all of Russell's tutorials back in the day - he had some great tips. I have loads of them saved somewhere (the gradient used is called Russell's rainbow).
  16. This is my favourite rainbow pic, taken in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, which is a semi-desert. Aside from the few drops that fell when this rainbow appeared, I have never seen it rain there. And this is another favourite of mine, from Garachico, Tenerife, where it does rain quite frequently. Personally I don't like the false rainbows - most of them look garish and far too big.
  17. For the workflow you describe, there is no real reason to keep the JPEGs as you can always export them again if required. However, make sure you write off the metadata into xmp files and back them up along with their raw files as well as backing uptake catalog. Also if you use any catalog-specific features in Lightroom such as snapshots or virtual copies, then you would lose these on catalog failure so backing up the catalog is essential, either within Lightroom or simply by normal copying. All that said, disk space is so cheap now that storing 50 GB of JPEGs would cost <£1.
  18. No just the pseudo. Rosie Betancourt always seemed a bit incongruous for the person in question and it rang a bell. Number of images out by more than 5 orders of magnitude if I recall.
  19. I recognise that pseudo. I know who you are Señor FocusUno 10 images.
  20. It is a very easy program to learn if you have been using Bridge and ACR but it involves a slightly different mindset. ACR and Lightroom Develop Module are almost identical now. The first thing to do is to setting up the way you want it in the general and catalog prefs. However, I don’t think learning it in bits is enough way to go although the online help is very good. Personally, as someone who learns well from books, I would recommend buying the Scott Kelby book as this will take you through it in bite size pieces but in a structured way. The extreme internet usage is a bit of a
  21. Nothing new under the sun then Joe 😀. I still have that correspondence about stock video that we had a few years ago. I never got around to it at the time and neither did my son who I was trying to encourage at that time. I am now spending more time on video than stills but have not been thinking about stock until now really.
  22. Paint drying might make an interesting time lapse. In fact now that you mention it .................
  23. If Alamy are going to start accepting video content directly, then I guess it will be when the new contract is due to go live (July24th or thereabouts) as the previous contract does not cover video (refers to images) whereas the new one refers to content. I was not doing video back when they were accepting it but it seems very likely that it will be a managed collection rather than the current stills model where anything goes. I am looking forward to it now as I have spent a lot of time since the beginning of the pandemic teaching myself the art of shooting and editing video. I have not gotte
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