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  1. You can buy a cheap will-making pack in WH Smiths (presuming it still exists) or do it online. You need an executor (such as a close relative) and two witnesses (or maybe just one at the moment as there was something I read about a change in the law because of Covid-19).
  2. Missed this as I rarely look in this thread. But goodonya John. As I said before it was the best money I ever spent getting lens replacements over 4 years ago now. I wish I had done it years before as it made such a huge difference to my life and my photography. As for sports talk, this will probably go unappreciated by Canadians and other continental Americans but, when the surgeon was waiting for the local anaesthetic to take effect, he started talking about football (soccer) and which teams we support. I said Spurs and of course he said Arsenal. Now these teams are huge local Lo
  3. You know things are bad when the Doc starts growling.
  4. Same here years ago. It’s crazy not to. Adobe will have to rewrite their apps or they will lose big time for video. Final Cut Pro is my choice anyway for video and apparently flies on these new machines. Perpetual license with free updates and Pro Res Raw with many recent mirrorless cameras. No contest for Mac users in terms of price unless using other Adobe apps besides LR/PS and Premiere.
  5. Who knows Edo? The one thing that is predictable is unpredictability itself. This time last year the idea of a global pandemic was completely non-existent except perhaps for a few Chinese doctors who were seeing something very strange happening. For me, Covid-19 led me to down a road I would never have even considered a year ago. You know the good thing that happened to me today is I woke up feeling dreadful again, aching all over as if I had not slept, like I was a few months ago with Long Covid. All the good of my recent travels seemed to have disappeared and I was back to squar
  6. Not necessarily the near future but quite likely within 5 years or less, so if you want future proofing, then it is sensible to spend the extra £200 now, as the memory can't be upgraded afterwards. The only component that can be upgraded is the storage. The current minimum RAM for LR and PS is 8GB with 16MB recommended. So saving the £200 now is likely to be false economy. At the moment Adobe have not yet optimised their apps for the new chip but this is in progress I hear so it won't be possible to get the best out of them for photo editing until they do. However, Apple have optim
  7. Hi Kumar I should say I wasn’t trying to convert you to Nikon but I do think these new Canons (cameras and lenses) are very overpriced in comparison to the equivalent Nikons, in some cases up to 50% higher. I guess they are relying on customer loyalty and photographers already having Canon kit not wanting to change.
  8. If your usual lenses are between wide and short telephoto, I am wondering why you would want to switch to a zoom with such a massive range in focal length. I don't know anything about that lens but typically zooms with such a wide range and variable maximum aperture are nowhere near as good as zooms with a smaller range and constant maximum aperture. Perhaps something shorter and lighter in the 24-70 or 24-105 range might be a better bet to take advantage of the lightness of mirrorless cameras. I know that this thread is specifically about Canon cameras but, looking at the price o
  9. That used to be the case bit not nowadays. There used to be an OS-imposed limit of 2GB of RAM usable by Photoshop until 64bit processing arrived around 10 years ago (Mac and Windows) so the only advantage of having more RAM then was being able to run more programs without using virtual memory (scratch disk) which really slows things down. Larger image files from high MP cameras, 16-bit images, files with multiple layers and panoramas all have large RAM requirements. Now the minimum RAM required to even run Photoshop and Lightroom is 8GB and no doubt this will increase in due course. 16GB is th
  10. Fixation? Maybe I am getting mixed up between servicing where I'm pretty sure they do a factory reset and sensor cleaning.
  11. If it was Nikon or authorised Nikon repairer, then this is standard practice for sensor cleaning. They set the camera back to factory defaults. It is usually up front in the terms and conditions so you know about it. At least you discovered it before going too far.
  12. A bit more background. I was never a fan of the Pogues I should say nor anything punk-related. The word Pogue is an anglicisation of the Irish word “póg” which means kiss. However, that is only half the story. They were originally called Póg mo Thón (Pogue Mahone) which is a well known and well used Irish expression meaning “kiss my arse”. The Wikipedia link above explains the context and meaning. It is very real life stuff, very powerful, not at all your typical Christmas mush.
  13. I think this is really worth repeating. Generalisations can be very misleading. Whatever the technology behind luminance noise control, different cameras have greatly different abilities, all else being equal. Post-processing skills are also very important (the assumption being raw images only). In addition, unless you upload high ISO images only in a single batch, it is not possible to say what is acceptable as it may not have even been seen in QC. A tip: I'm surprised nobody appears to have mentioned this but downsizing the image at the final stage to the minimum required by Ala
  14. Definitely the way to go. if you look closely at my avatar picture, I have the shades just on the top of the mask, enough to prevent steaming (unless I get into a heated political discussion 😎).
  15. Politics in this happy feel good thread. Ah who cares. They are not mutually exclusive. Actually is he jumping ship before the real chaos starts in the new year? They say he is the architect of the whole unmentionable thing that is about to happen. And they thought Covid-19 was bad. OK a day late but congratulations to Scotland on finally qualifying for the Euros.
  16. It is not the embarrassment that has ever bothered me as I am not American but what I find absolutely astonishing is how so many people accept completely blatant lies as truth or simply don’t care and that so many people actually still voted for him. I think there will be many more demonstrations over the coming months as his embarrassingly outrageous claims of voter fraud and refusal to concede gracefully result in many more scenes of mayhem on the streets of American cities. But it is so heartening that there is change afoot and hopefully Joe Biden will grace the unofficial title of
  17. I also read some bigwig tweeted that the poles were wrong. I am not sure how he knew that 😀. I voted for your picture actually. Incredible scene. I hope your lungs are ok.
  18. Covid-19 is a new disease - scientific fact based on very detailed genetic studies. This is not a matter of opinion. It is scientific fact. The willingness of people to believe in conspiracy theories and alternative facts is very worrying to those of us who seek truth. To say Covid—19 is anything but a very serious disease which humanity still has no weapons to combat is indeed stupid at best and dangerous at worst. Numerous unfortunate, ignorant people have died believing Covid-19 to be a hoax or not very serious. And it is not just about death. Long covid is a very real and debilit
  19. I used to think it was called novel coronavirus because it was new but I guess I was wrong. Perhaps it likes a good novel, maybe a nice fictional conspiracy theory to help it spread. Nothing like human gullibility for super spreading. I wonder why it is called Covid-19 though? Genetic evidence you say. Oh not more science. Who needs science at a time like this? I hear we are rounding the corner myself.
  20. Give it a few weeks and then a few months. The times they are a-changin'.
  21. Perhaps that should be qualified as Pre-Covid Fatigue, a psychological state which is perfectly understandable but nothing too difficult to deal with really in comparison to Syn- or Post-Covid fatigue. The endless threat of some unknown potential horror with no end in sight tends to erode one’s sense of caution. That is natural. Covid-19 may even seem remote. But it only takes one episode of contact with an infected person to become infected. Even more insidious is the fact that a large proportion of infected people are entirely asymptomatic. Well Post-Covid fatigue is something
  22. Yes Edo. Liverpool has a special vibe about it. Special people the Liverpudlians - I have to say that - my gal is one. Yes I read about the mayor’s brother. Another tragedy that maybe could have been avoided. Where is that world-beating test and trace system when you need it? Enjoy that lens Edo.
  23. Gives a new meaning to 4000 holes in Blackburn Lancashire. That is not meant as a joke by the way. Covid-19 is serious stuff. As for buying kit, well why not?
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