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  1. Sounds like a great idea John. Maybe you start a thread in the Technical Talk area. I've been dabbling in video since the beginning of the pandemic - video was top of my bucket list at the time so I thoughI better get a move on. I have not done any stock video as yet but am considering it now.
  2. That is true for multi-layered files. However, if it is a single layer (rather than a single background layer or a multilayered file), then you can just use the Layer - New - Background From Layer command which does the same thing.
  3. Boots do large poster prints. I don't know how prices compare with premium labs though.
  4. If you use the geometry tool in ACR or Lightroom and open the image in Photoshop, it puts the image on a layer rather than on a background layer (normally images processed in ACR will open with just a single background layer). There is only one layer in the image but, because it is not a background layer, it can't be saved as a JPEG. Flattening the image is one way to get around this as Bryan says. Another is to use the command Layer - New - Background From Layer. Another is to just Save a Copy which gives the option of saving as JPEG. In the case of a single layer file it doesn't matter which
  5. Unless a cut has gone septic (become infected) you would not normally use an antibiotic cream. Aa Nigel says, what you need for first aid is an antiseptic to prevent it becoming infected. if it was a very deep cut where you need stitches (sutures), then maybe you would use an antibiotic as a precaution but that would be administered by a medical professional.
  6. The D780 and the Z6 and Z6(ii) are only ~24 MP which is a nice sweet spot - manageable file sizes, don't require top of the range lenses etc.
  7. That sounds like a good idea as there is not going to be a huge weight difference between the new Z 70-200 2.8 and the one you have. Definitely get the entire kit -camera, 24-70 f4 and the adapter at the same time as it is much cheaper than buying the adapter later. Do keep in mind that the Z6 is still an excellent camera and the differences between it and the Z6II are not major if you are not doing action or client work (where the second card slot would be desirable). If you are in London a visit to Grays of Westminster would be worthwhile I think as the customer service is excellent and they
  8. Not all. I'm still here and I did notice it when I read the thread earlier but declined to comment.
  9. The app is not difficult to use but they have to use a very high level of security checking initially to prevent impersonation which is right in my opinion. You don't want someone getting into your medical records. Imagine the chaos if it was easy. Vaccination records are becoming a big thing. I think it is easier for people with British passports as they can check the details more easily. I already had online access to my NHS records through my GP surgery which I got some years ago and it was easy to get the app login sorted.
  10. Given that you are already a Nikon FF user and used to the benefits of FF and the amazing Nikon sensors, I would think this is a no-brainer. The only question would be which Nikon Z camera to buy. The Z6 is still on sale and with all the firmware updates is not far off the Z6II unless you really need a second card slot and/or are doing a lot of action photography (the AF system is improved I believe in the second generation). As I said earlier in the thread and elsewhere on the forum, the 24-70 f4 Z is an amazing lens, best bought with the camera as it is much cheaper. Also it is wise to buy t
  11. Great info thanks Steve. I wonder if Apple will do the same for the professional silicon Macs when they arrive.
  12. Just done a bit of reading and realise I was wrong about the storage being replaceable on M1 Macs. I was thinking about easily replaceable - it Is soldered to the logic board so apparently can be done but not by ordinary geeks it seems. However, this link describe how things may not be as bad as they seem.
  13. Hopefully that is the case. If Steve is correct a disk failure would be disastrous and extremely expensive. I only back up my data. My system is minimal and I would prefer a clean install if I have serious problems-very rare. My data resides on external drives.
  14. Steve where did you get that info? It is strange as the only thing that can be replaced is the storage.
  15. Why not email Alamy and ask. This is the sort of question where some input here from Alamy would be very useful as most contributors don't actually know. The blog post is 3 years out of date as well and an awful lot has happened in that time at the lower end of the market. I get the feeling that they are less concerned now with the type of camera used than they were in the past given the huge explosion in images from other agencies which no doubt have different QC requirements. A lot of modern phone cameras are capable of producing better images than older DSLRs for sure (depending
  16. Apple ID is used to log in to iCloud. It should only be confusing if you had two Apple IDs. That is not to say that the differences between iCloud Drive and iCloud are not a bit confusing but they seem to have made that simpler now. It’s all there on the Apple website and in the Big Sur user manual.
  17. MDM

    The new homepage

    As for the original topic, I also do not like (putting it mildly) the way the videos flash past. Five seconds on each would be much more aesthetically pleasing.
  18. MDM

    The new homepage

    A bit to the west would be more correct in fact. It's actually Irish (Gaeilge) not Scottish. It was brought to Scotland by the Irish invaders some time way back before the Normans invaded England and then Ireland. The Scottish version is a dialect with very similar words and sounds to Irish (of which there are numerous dialects in various parts of the country). It's only the Ch sound not the G, which is always a hard G, as far as I know. The complicated bit is where a normal C changes to a Ch for a noun beginning with C depending on the case and gender. Because of learning Irish (
  19. Thanks for the vote of confidence Carol and Betty. I won't take on a formal role but happy to advise anytime. You have both now successfully used the Terminal App which is a huge step forward in overcoming Mac-related Fear of Failure (MFoF for short). FoF is a general human condition which has evolutionary advantages and disadvantages. Too little FoF and we become reckless and do things we might regret later, too much FoF and we don't do anything. We humans would never have left Africa if we had been too full of FoF. My approach with Macs (and other areas of life as w
  20. TIFFs have been able to retain layers and channels since the 90s so that is nothing new. Unless there is some new magic afoot that has evaded my consciousness, you can't flatten a TIFF file and restore the original layers in Photoshop. Once flattened the layers are gone for good. However, it beats me why any Photoshop user would save as TIFF anyway as PSD is a much more efficient format for layered images. For 16 bit images, uncompressed layered TIFFs are a lot larger than the equivalent PSD file and tend to be a lot slower to use if there are multiple layers. There does not appea
  21. Good you got it sorted at last Carol. What you did to reset it is exactly what is described in the link I posted in the other thread so you could have saved yourself quite some time by just reading and following those instructions from Apple but perhaps you were not confident to do it without being talked through it. The thing to realise here is that it would not be the end of the world if it didn’t work as long as you had your data backed up. The bottom line would be a reinstall which is neither difficult nor scary. The Mac is just a machine and a pretty easy one to control at that.
  22. I just did the update with no problem. You need the login password to start the installation and again when it restarts after completion so you would not be able to do it unless it accepts your existing password which seems unlikely. You should really do the password reset following the Apple guidance (links in other thread).
  23. I forget the details now without reading the original thread but you might get locked out of the computer if it won’t accept your login password. Have you restarted the computer since then? If it was me, I would use the AppleID method to reset the password if possible.
  24. Not yet but more importantly in relation to you, did you sort out your password problem from some weeks back? If not then I would not recommend updating the system until you get that sorted.
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