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  1. That is correct as long as you are looking at an 8 bit image (it will be 8 bit if it is a JPEG). So if it is a minimum of 17MB in the Image Size dialog box, you will be fine. The pixel count is directly proportional to the pixel dimensions in MB so you don't have to think about that. The whole terminology thing is a bit of a mess for reasons I won't bother mentioning to avoid further confusion but that is why you are seeing something different in Bridge. Alamy's terminology (uncompressed file size or open file size) is non-standard and needs updating for an age when many people are using Light
  2. In England there is a long tradition of football (soccer) on Boxing Day and onwards through the New Year. I've gone to London a few times on Boxing Day but it is a long haul as there are no trains so it means driving. This year because of the pandemic, there are very few games in front of fans - the only ones with fans in the top division (English Premier League) are in Liverpool where 2000 fans are allowed. All of the games at the moment are televised.
  3. Not going there Edo beyond saying that I abhor any form of terrorism.
  4. Boxing Day is known as St Stephen’s Day in Ireland. St Stephen got stoned to death (literally). As a young man I used to try to follow in his footsteps (figuratively) over Christmas. Now a glass or two of good red wine is more than enough.
  5. Excellent programme. Fascinating to see the Bojo bumbling away and making a total mess of hosting. Nothing has changed. Long may it continue - the programme not the bumbling Bojo.
  6. OK well I learn something new every day including Christmas. 😀
  7. What is a boot jack? My socks are generally pretty dry and I don't believe I have a boot jack? 😀
  8. Bus drivers should be at the front of the queue for vaccination. They provide an essential service and are dangerously exposed. A large number of London bus drivers (mostly from BAME backgrounds and not necessarily elderly) died from Covid in the first wave when they had virtually no protection at all. As for politicians getting vaccinated, no doubt there is a case for that but it could work both ways. People who are most vulnerable to conspiracy theories are probably less likely to trust politicians anyway (or indeed trust anybody except for their own kind). And it is astounding
  9. Agree Michael. The whole thing is entirely chaotic from the top down here. They are going to vaccinate health workers among the first batches. However, my wife is a teacher and there is no talk at all of vaccinating teachers as a priority. Teachers are vital to the whole system and it would collapse without them. The schools have stayed open with very little regulation on kids wearing masks. The original idea that was proposed about there being very little transmission by kids as a justification for keeping schools open is total nonsense. Many of the confirmed cases here are a direct result
  10. Fortunately I have never had pneumonia but it certainly sounds similar in terms of the exhaustion. However, it seems like Long Covid is different in that the actual symptoms of the acute phase can remain or return in people, even those who did not have severe Covid in the acute phase. This is what has been puzzling the scientists and it seems like it is hard to pin down what is causing it. I have had recurring lung problems (shortness of breath when active and lung pain) which get better and then come back, now over 9 months on. I am cautiously optimistic as I have been improving but also awar
  11. I think photography (the technical side at least) and computers go together in many ways. I have always loved computers and cameras (before computers). I could have had a career as a programmer if I had gone that way when I first went to university as I always found it fascinating but I studied geology instead which I don't regret except occasionally when I think of how much money I could have made from programming. When I retired from my geology job some years ago, I decided to focus on photography and forget about programming as it is incredibly time-consuming. I also got rid of my Windows
  12. I have it on two computers and have no problems at all with Photoshop, Lightroom, Final Cut Pro, various other apps, Epson printers and so on. I read there was a problem with iProfiler software from XRite but that may be fixed now. The only problem I had was when I downloaded it, it said that it did not comply or words to that effect with the Mac Gatekeeper policy which is weird but I just re-downloaded and it worked. I did make a bootable backup on an external drive before I did it just in case.Having said all that I am not sure there is any advantage on Intel Macs running Catalina. The big d
  13. Thanks Betty. For me I am hoping for the best with those tests and I definitely feel somewhat better than I did a few months ago but I am still experiencing exhaustion at times and my lungs still feel really raw even if nothing shows up in the tests. Apparently this is common. I will just have to wait and see. I don't know about lifelong effects although in cases of serious organ damage that is certainly true. I have been reading a lot about Long Covid mainly because of my own experience and it is evident that the science is still at the beginning of understanding what is happenin
  14. My good thing for today (well actually yesterday) was finally seeing a respiratory consultant to check out the state of my lungs after months of waiting. I have been looking forward anxiously to this for weeks and going out of my way to try to make sure I would not contract Covid again. I had loads of tests on my breathing and a CT scan to determine if there is long term damage. The consultant was very positive and thinks there is no serious permanent damage from listening to my breathing but I will have to wait a few weeks to find out the actual results of the tests. You know things are stra
  15. Depending on the type of test she took, the fact that she tested negative does not mean she did not have Covid as there is a window of some days in the early stages when people test positive but after that they can test negative even if they still have the disease. Because of the huge variation in symptoms ranging from completely asymptomatic to severe, she may well have had it mild in the first place and even possibly passed it to your nephew. So he could have tested positive and she negative at the same time. An antibody test would be definitive. If he still feels that bad now,
  16. Creative Cloud installs newer versions of Photoshop and Bridge and keeps older ones unless you select to remove them I think and the older icons point to the older versions so it is easy to mix up. However, I don’t think your problem is likely to be related to Bridge, more likely ACR, and there will only be one version of that. Hopefully it has sorted itself out.
  17. Maybe you have two versions installed and you are using the older one. Check your applications folder and start using the new one.
  18. Ok I was just going by your initial post where you say you are using Bridge 10. The latest is 11. In general for problems with Adobe software, their forums are a lot better than contacting their customer service as the users tend to be a lot more knowledgeable and usually somebody else will have reported something similar.
  19. You know you are using an older version of Bridge. Does your machine run the latest 2021 version. If so update it. One thing you also could try also is disabling the GPU and seeing if that has any effect. Go to Camera Raw Preferences (in the latest version under the Adobe Bridge menu, Camera Raw Preferences, Performance and turn Use Graphics Processor off).
  20. If it is crashing in Camera Raw, then it may have nothing to do with Bridge itself. Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) is a separate program. Given that you have CC, I would suggest installing Lightroom Classic, importing a few raw images and then seeing if you can convert them. The Develop module interface in Lightroom Classic is very similar to the new ACR interface so it should not be difficult, even if you have never used Lightroom. The conversion engine in Lightroom is exactly the same as ACR so doing that would indicate whether it is Bridge or ACR that is causing the problem.
  21. You can use a mini display port adapter on the Thunderbolt 1 or 2 port on the Mac with whatever cable comes with the monitor or it may even come with a mini display port cable if it is a good quality monitor. On the monitor end it could be display port, hdmi or an older connection like DVI or VGA. I have no problem with the latest Photoshop either. I think it is a simple fact of life that to keep running Photoshop, Lightroom and other graphics software comfortably it is necessary to upgrade computers every 5-7 years max. They use the GPU a lot more now than in the past as well as RAM
  22. You might be best to buy a new monitor - BenQ do some good ones at decent prices. A 2560x1440 would be cheaper than a 4 or 5K monitor and in my opinion better for photo editing. I wasn't saying that Apple never produce problem-free hardware, just that this is not a consistent direction - in other words their stuff is not getting worse. I have had problems over the years but very few really and I think the general quality of the hardware is very good. Having used Windows (not for years) and Macs, it would take some serious problems to make me go back and I am pretty good with techie
  23. This is nothing new. All MacBook Pros in the last several years cannot be owner upgraded for anything other than the SSD which is easy to do. The iMacs can be user-upgraded for RAM (simple) but not much else due to the design. If one is handy with hands and happy removing the screen then it is possible but not for the faint-hearted. I don't see any evidence that Apple is using inferior hardware either. Problems arise every now and then no doubt but I don't believe there is a consistent pattern. I bought one of the first ever PowerBooks back in the mid-90s and the screen started to
  24. The real importance of this update is for the new M1 Macs. For Intel Macs it does appear to be a pretty cosmetic update from Catalina but word has it that for the M1 Macs it is going to be a game changer for the world of graphics. At the moment I think there are very few programs apart from Apple's own video apps (Final Cut Pro, Motion) that can take really advantage of it but, if the reviews are to be believed, even the new and relatively low spec laptops can do amazing things with Final Cut Pro. Video is far more demanding of computers than stills of course. Adobe will have to do their video
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