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  1. Possibly but time to finish this I think Allan. .
  2. I didn’t trawl. I remembered it very clearly and only gave the link to negate with evidence of Allan’s assertion that he never told Irish jokes.
  3. Another one gone. I have been playing my Stones music very loudly for the past few weeks to drown out the sounds of the building work next door. What a drummer.
  4. Not just one time Allan. There was that Irish dry stone wall "joke". You and others here might consider that as being over-sensitive but I consider so-called Irish jokes (i.e. jokes that depict the Irish people as stupid and ignorant) to be highly offensive, not just to myself (I have nothing to prove anyway in terms of intelligence) but to my fellow countrymen and women. That type of national stereotyping is often harmful in the same way that racial stereotypes are harmful - effectively discrimination. I know people whose lives were made very miserable by that type of stereotyping. It belong
  5. Thanks for the advice James. The word slight is not really accurate though here in relation to Covid or generally in relation to me. Really I tend to rail against wider issues which may or may not affect me personally. Sometime my interjections are intended to be educational or enlightening, not necessarily driven by annoyance or anger. Justification is subjective as is the degree of perceived offensiveness, which is not in itself alleviated by innocence of motive, although intent should not be ignored, as here where no malice was intended. Knowledge of the full story is a prerequisite in pas
  6. Interesting about Villager Jim. It just goes to show one shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Presumably he used a drone judging by the angle of the shots.
  7. I’m not forbidding him or anyone else from posting what they want. I’m all for freedom of speech and it is fascinating to see the range of thought on here. It is a microcosm of the world we live in. However, I will express my opinion and feelings as well. I am not seeking sympathy from anyone in relation to long Covid. It has messed up my life - it is what it is but for me it is anything but funny.
  8. I didn't think it was intentional Allan and I know you were just joking although I fail to find it funny. I have absolutely debilitating long Covid as I have told you in person and it is anything but funny having to lie down for hours every day and that is only part of it. I won't begin to describe the rest. And then there are the 178 people who died from Covid in the last day in the UK. These were real people with real lives and real families. Covid is not f***ng funny in any form. This is not the first time you have made jokes that I have found totally lacking in taste (the UK border in Irel
  9. I don't find Covid in the least bit funny for deeply personal reasons.
  10. I think you are a little confused Allan. Covid (coronavirus) is that hilarious virus that is still causing many thousands of deaths a day worldwide and untold misery for millions of people directly and indirectly. It's the one that can have terrible long term effects (an illness that is now called Long Covid) resulting in extreme debilitating exhaustion, permanent lung problems, cognitive issues and a range of other severe symptoms which are preventing a return to normal pre-pandemic life for millions of people worldwide. A real laughing matter for sure. Blight (Phytophthora infest
  11. Maybe it is never used but In Paragraph 4 of Section 3 of Section 3 of Facebook's Terms of Service (The permissions you give us), it does actually say you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty free bla bla bla ...in relation to content posted on Facebook. I did wonder if this affected exclusivity on Alamy a few years back but James Allsworth posted something on the forum saying that social media usage did not mean images could not be marked exclusive. More relevant to what I was saying above is this article on the BBC website this evening. There is one pro
  12. I wasn't intending yet another rant about microstock. We all know about that and it is not the only reason for the enormous decline in publication fees for images. One point I was trying to make was that photography is much more accessible to everyone nowadays than ever before. You don't need professional equipment or even a real camera to take a great picture, as the quality of smartphone images is perfectly good enough for most online uses. Given that Alamy are now selling some images at the rock bottom level, would it be better if the BBC offered a pittance (say 50
  13. My last sale was for $1.50, RM editorial in perpetuity whatever that means. I might as well give it away. And it was not an easy picture to take - i.e. it took photographic knowledge and skill as well as a steep walk. No doubt there will be thousands of people happy to give away their images to the BBC and many of them will have been taken on smartphones and be of excellent quality. The times have changed people.
  14. The above info is outdated and incorrect. There is no 200MB limit any more on normal panoramas. I just uploaded two panos - 279MB and 198MB (file sizes on disk 46.2 and 41.2MB). There used to be a 200MB limit but it hasn't existed for a few years now. It is no big deal anyway as the system would just reject them - it did not mean a QC failure.
  15. Yes video would bring up a load of other issues I guess given that one could be recording copyrighted music. I might well stick to stills. I will have to have a chat with my videographer buddy to see what he does. In my photography contract I place the onus on the couple to tell guests that they are likely to be photographed and that I need to be informed of any objections in advance. Occasionally some people do not want their kids in images on the web but the vast majority of people don't mind. If I want to use kid photos as part of my portfolio, I usually offer a print or two to
  16. I wonder if there is still some confusion in terminology here. My relatively limited understanding of video file formats is that there are container formats (e.g. mov) and codecs (ProRes in its various flavours and DNxHD of which I know nothing much), complicated further by the fact that some are intermediate and output codecs (most of the ProRes variants) and some are input codecs (ProRes Raw). When I shoot ProRes Raw with the NInja V, the files produced are .mov files. I import these into Final Cut and can choose which ProRes format to transcode to. When I output them, again I choose the Pro
  17. As far as I know, MP4 is a highly compressed format in comparison to mov which has the potential to be higher quality and is a Mac format whereas MP4 is cross-platform. Intuitively I think it would be pointless converting MP4 to mov after editing in the same way as you would not convert a JPEG to a TIFF after editing. MP4 files tend to be a lot smaller than equivalent mov.
  18. I've got some coming up but not sure where I am going myself to be honest. I am still experiencing Long Covid and full day weddings are very arduous so I am thinking of how to work that (shorter packages?). I am also considering wedding video but I need to get a portfolio first. I hope I might get a chance to shoot some video at the upcoming weddings.
  19. I might be misunderstanding the problem but can you not convert to something like MP4 and import that into DaVinci. You can then transcode it to ProRes in DaVinci.
  20. Yes it is a time of huge transition in the world of video it seems. I came in just as Atomos, Apple and Nikon started pioneering ProRes Raw video at a price that was affordable in comparison to what it used to cost to shoot raw video. I already had a lot of what is needed so I dived in and, having come through the acute phase of Covid during the first wave, it gave me some real purpose in life when my wedding photography business had collapsed to zero. To say it has been a steep learning curve is a massive understatement. I am doing it purely for its own sake - if I ever make mone
  21. Aside from DaVinci Resolve which is an outlier in all of this given how fully featured it is, the free and cheap programs would all appear aimed at consumers at one level or another. Clearly what one needs in an app depends on what one wants to do. I took up video editing during the first wave of the pandemic and, as I couldn't do much else (not being able to go out and trying to recover from Covid), I dived in at the deep end. I learnt an awful lot over the last year and a half about just about all aspects of video post-processing using Final Cut Pro and Motion (Apple's answer to
  22. Goodonya. I carry what I think I will need on any particular day.
  23. This link from a Guardian article yesterday on Herd Immunity is very interesting. Basically because fully vaccinated people can still become infected and transmit the virus, unvaccinated people are inevitably going to get infected at some point because there is no such thing as herd immunity with this virus. If you are vaccinated you are less likely to become infected and, if you do, it is likely to be much less serious. Unfortunately there is not a lot one can do to influence those who are prone to believing fake news and conspiracy theories.
  24. H.264 is an acquisition and output codec but is not designed for editing. So depending on what editing software and system you are using, you will normally transcode into an editing codec such as one of the ProRes flavours in Final Cut Pro say on a Mac. QuickTime has extremely limited editing functionality. I think iMovie which also comes free with MacOS would be a better bet for starters. You can output the edited video in various formats in ProRes, H.264 or something else depending on the intended end use. One thing that is very confusing is the relationship between input, editing
  25. DaVinci Resolve seems to be the software of choice for a lot of professional video editors, particularly for colour grading. The basic version is free and apparently it is far from basic but it is probably overkill unless one is taking video editing very seriously. I use Final Cut Pro which is Mac only.
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