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  1. It’s bit difficult to give definitive advice as there are so many variables but you only really need to back up the OS if you already have your data backed up. The way I work is I keep all my images etc on external drives so it is very easy to back up the internal drive as I keep it small. You could just make a Time Machine backup onto your new drive and exclude your data files so it is quick to backup and fast to restore if necessary. I use a G-Technology solid state drive for rapid backup on the road and even as an OS drive as they are incredibly fast. My MacBook Pro internal drive
  2. What Mac have you got? Have you got any peripherals such as printers? I don't think there are any issues at the moment with the latest Photoshop and ACR. I certainly have not seen any. Catalina was a much bigger jump as only 64-bit software runs and there is extra security over previous versions which can be confusing. I do recommend making a backup of your OS drive before installing a new one if that is possible. You can do it with Time Machine onto an external drive. I did with Carbon Copy Cloner and didn't need the backups. Whatever you do make sure your data is bac
  3. I am rarely contented so no worries there. And I never listened to anything either of my grandfathers said - they both died before I was born.
  4. Don’t mention it Carol. Happy to help. 😀
  5. I am almost entirely self-taught, both my formal qualifications in science and the subjects where I have no qualifications (photography, videography, digital editing, computers). I hated school - it was like a prison, learning by rote, indoctrination, totally exam-focused) but I love learning. I really enjoyed my university years and I worked incredibly hard for my qualifications. I quickly learned that to succeed in university one had to be completely self-motivated. There was no spoon-feeding. That is why I say self-taught. I do not come from a privileged background
  6. You can turn the prompts off in System Prefs. As I said there is not much new in Big Sur over Catalina unless you have one of these new M1 Macs. That said the update has been very straightforward.
  7. As I posted in the Big Sur thread, Adobe are promising native versions of all their desktop apps in 2021 but dates are unspecified. Currently they run in emulation mode on the M1 machines. Apple are claiming that the way RAM and graphics are handled on the new chip is revolutionary and this is being backed up by independent testing on Final Cut Pro (video app) which is one of the few native apps to date. Final Cut Pro is far more demanding than LR or PS so it will be fascinating to see what the native apps are like. RAM can’t be upgraded on these machines, like the existing
  8. The speed of the update will depend on your internet speed as well as the computer. If you want you can download Big Sur first and upgrade at your convenience. Definitely less than an hour for the actual update I would guess.
  9. I read on the Adobe site that they plan a native version for 2021 but no date specified. Running Lightroom in emulation mode is probably not ideal. I expect the native version will be amazing when it arrives. I ordered an M1 MacBook Pro to use on the road with Final Cut Pro for which it is getting rave reviews for graphics speed but have cancelled for now as the concept of travel seems a long way off.
  10. There used to be one but it was not a lot more enlightening than the official guidance. A re-think of the whole thing and a rewrite for 2021 is needed but I predict that won't happen given how long this confusion has gone on.
  11. Hard to pin down and very slippery I hear. Oh please add vegetarian and heathen to the above stereotype.
  12. I do think Big Sur is just a slightly modified Catalina for Intel Macs. The return of the start sound made me jump out out of my skin and may have woken the neighbours as I did the install late at night and was not expecting the sound.
  13. Which brings us nicely back to the pandemic. I have never lived in a van but I have a lot of Van Morrison music. However, no more will I give him a penny after his Covid song. Given his age and the importance of his voice for his music, I hope the school of hard knocks doesn't teach him another very harsh lesson.
  14. Didn’t Van Morrison have a song with that title? I am guessing you are not related.
  15. Ok, bad punctuation. 😀 Definitely educated. University of Bristol in fact for the last few letters.
  16. Probably educated liberal leftie snowflake remoaner according to the populist press. White Irish according to the ethnicity quiz. Doesn't go anywhere near describing the complexity of my character. Howza about yerself?
  17. Fair enough. It did read like stereotyping of young people to me though as you quoted Stephen saying: Unfortunately there are groups of the population who believe they are invincible or don't care, likely those you mention, they are a threat to all. before going on to say: So true. My sister in law has 3 teenagers, 2 of them at university. They come and go as they please, out drinking with friends, no isolating after travel and no thought to how their actions could impact on others. Makes me cross!
  18. Latest news is that the hospitals are getting to the same levels as they were during the first wave. As for long covid, I could write a book about it (or better still make a movie - if I can find the energy 😩. There is not a lot one can do for people who think it was or is a hoax or caused by 5G or is just like seasonal flu and so on. Shouting at them doesn't seem to work. 😬
  19. It may not be compatible (too old). Check this
  20. The bottom line is that human nature is such that most people will do whatever they can get away with (and that is just the sensible, broadly rule-abiding ones), often with little thought for the consequences. The regulations are too complex, the tier system too illogical and the u-turns so extreme that most people don't know what to do: the promise of a normal Christmas originally for 5 days followed by putting a large section of the population into Tier 4 at virtually no notice reveals a leadership so inept that it is no surprise to see people behave in the way they are doing. Too many peopl
  21. Excellent stereotyping. Perhaps your sister should impose the rules and educate her offspring better then. We can all be Mr and Mrs Gumby. The old people of today "blablabla". Yes let's all blame each other. Just what the Bojo's of this world like. As an exception and I am certain he is not the only one, my son is home from university for a few weeks, is spending most of his time studying for his exams in the New Year, has met one friend (also a student home for Christmas) outside for a socially distanced walk. Of course the good guys never get a mention. Here is the news - two p
  22. Yes you are correct. It wouldn't be a single shot if he did a double exposure.
  23. I had a quick look at this wondering what it is about as I never heard of it before. He is difficult to understand and what he says does not make sense to me either - if it is a single shot what does he mean by refocusing on infinity as you say - does he mean he did a double exposure in camera? You might be best to ask the man himself. He has a website and contact details on it.
  24. That will only work for sure haven't cropped in anything greater than 3x2 or thereabouts. So there is still some guess work unless you do the full calculation of the cropped image dimensions and then convert to MB (which may bring the added complication of how pixels are converted to MB). As the criterion that Alamy uses is >17 MB and not > 6MP, then it will probably be easier to open the image in Photoshop and check the size in MB as described above. Of course this is only important for images that are borderline in size from cropping or if using old low MP cameras. Confu
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