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  1. I agree that picture is scary in itself, The reason I find the one I linked to above scary is the idea of someone in the Capitol with a confederate flag, with its direct connotations of civil war (and racism of course). The divisions that we are seeing in Washington are far more global than we might think and to different degrees in different countries. That is what I find most scary.
  2. My favourite photo from that gallery.
  3. Unfortunately it is impossible to watch this unfold and not feel anything or comment on the reasons and implications. This has truly global implications in relation to democracy. This is not at all surprising given what has been happening these last several years and it is not going to go away as the disease of lies and alternative facts has taken deep roots across western society. Not all is dark, however, as the senate election wins in Georgia are of major significance and have gone completely under the radar this evening in the news here. This gives hope that some effective chan
  4. I will check that out Colin thanks.
  5. It is frightening how fragile democracy really is once the players (the politicians and the media) stop playing by the rules and the spreading of lies becomes not just commonplace but accepted by enough of the players. Unregulated social media is a major contributor. What I am finding quite sickening is how quickly those who should have been standing up for truth for the past four years are now suddenly taking the righteous approach and condemning this horror attack on democracy and freedom. I will name no names but it is pretty obvious who they are.
  6. Incredible. Literally incredible. I stopped watching political TV news after the UK 2019 election but have been glued to Sky News for the last few hours. The most amazing thing I have seen since the prorogation of parliament here. Fascinating to see the statements about maintaining democracy by the very people who attempted to override democracy here not so long ago. You can bet they are relieved that the schools u-turn and today's record breaking Covid figures in the UK have been swept off the front pages
  7. Brazil = football to many Europeans. I bet more people think Rio is the capital and not Brasilia. I once spent an hour in Rio on the way to Chile. I had time for a few cups of coffee - amazing stuff.
  8. My first sale of the year (mid $$) - the Lake Isle of Inishfree, County Sligo, Ireland. made famous by the WB Yeats poem which begins with "I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree" - a nice thought even if not possible to go anywhere right now.
  9. I don't think this is anything to be alarmed about at all unless you are a Japanese Nikon employee. They are already making a lot of stuff in Thailand including the Z series mirrorless cameras and there is no question about the quality of these or the new lenses. They were late to the mirrorless market but they are very competitive in terms of the gear and the pricing. Canon are way more expensive for equivalent kit so unless someone is already a Canon user there would seem to be little reason to go Canon mirrorless. Nikon's main competitor now is Sony who do have a huge head start in the mir
  10. What ???????????? OK. I realise I just made the mistake of responding to one of your posts in an attempt to have a rational discussion. My mistake. Apologies to my more sensible self. Never again.
  11. Sure. It beats me why any experienced contributors actually worry about passing QC unless they have eyesight problems. Taking pride and responsibility in your work is fundamental. It is not as if the QC bar is very high. Back in the day you had to upsize every image to a minimum of 48MB at a time when a lot of digital cameras were still at 12MP or lower. This meant a lot of borderline images in terms of sharpness, moreover because no sharpening whatsoever was allowed. A few early QC failures taught me to be very overcautious.
  12. The only way a photographer experienced in the ways of Alamy QC should ever fail is if they make a mistake (e.g. miss a dust spot). The rest is simple for any experienced photographer so complacency it must be then. If I was to fail QC, I would blame myself for not properly checking my images before uploading.
  13. Alamy’s model is effectively self-certification that images submitted are up to a certain technical standard with some checks on samples of batches. That standard is simple: images must be sharp with the main subject in focus, a certain minimum pixel size, no chromatic aberration, reasonably well-exposed/developed and so on. Importantly they do not take content into account and after the initial batch they only check samples from batches. There is no doubt that this is all about economics as they don’t have to employ an army of quality controllers to check content and technical qu
  14. I am guessing that he is very busy at the moment wondering how to break the news of how much it pains him to have to break the news that England will soon enter full lockdown until springtime at the earliest (although the timescale will not be stated as such - probably until the end of January and reviewed then)
  15. I think it is unwise to lump most TV documentaries together like this. Different people learn in different ways. Cutting to the chase works for me for educational stuff but I would be more inclined to do that with written material than video in any case as I learn well from reading. Good documentaries should be more than just about learning in any case. If you don't like a documentary then there is a very simple solution - switch it off. If you want to know more about the subject matter without enduring the programme, then the information is very likely to be available in readable
  16. I don't have a home cinema either but a lot of people do nowadays and just a TV covers a vast range of devices. The real point I was making is that it is meant to be an immersive visual experience, not one to be raced through. I understand your point as well. I will be in better position to judge after I watch it which I intend to do, one episode per session I expect.
  17. An alternative viewpoint. I’ve not watched this yet but I had a quick look at the first 10 mins on my iPad to see what you are talking about. While it is a rather thin experience on an iPad, I expect it must be quite different if viewed on a home cinema with surround sound. The cinematography is truly amazing for one thing but it needs to be viewed through the right medium with total immersion. The subject matter itself (planet formation and evolution) is to my mind incredibly fascinating and should really be general knowledge for most humans. So while this information could be impar
  18. See here for a recent detailed discussion of RX100 series cameras. Here is a very useful review of the different cameras in the series. If you are intending to use it for vlogging then you may want to be looking at the Mark VII as it is the only one with a microphone port for use with an external mic.
  19. Yes I agree - always use a login password and don’t enable auto login. You can enable resetting your login password using your Apple ID which is probably a very good idea. The security with Big Sur appears to prevent seeing anything on the internal drive if you start up from an external drive so File Vault may not be necessary now to prevent the data on the disk being accessed from an external startup disk. I would worry about setting a firmware password in case something went wrong as recovery could be very difficult. Incidentally, I had something very strange happen with my login pa
  20. Definitely leave the backup alone for a while until you are sure everything is working.
  21. Don't worry about any of this Carol. None of it is relevant to you. Just get on with the Big Sur update if you are going to do it. You should be safe in the knowledge that you can restore your Catalina system from the Time Machine backup you made if necessary. CCC is a program called Carbon Copy Cloner. It can be useful for cloning an entire disk onto another disk so that can be used as an alternative startup disk. it also works as a backup program and for creating bootable backup drives. There are doubts about how it works on the latest M1 Macs. TC is a Time Capsule - an ancient
  22. I have just been using CCC to make an occasional bootable backup of my OS or to clone a version onto a G-Tech SSD external drive which worked well recently. I bought it some time back for its cloning capabilities. I prefer my manual backup system for my data files although it can be time consuming. There are some major issues with creating bootable backups with CCC and Big Sur - I am not clear if this is just with the Apple Silicon Macs or Intel Macs as well. Time Machine might be the easier option for now if creating a bootable backup from Big Sur. Time Machine does n
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