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  1. Unless it is a cellular iPad. Betty says above she made the iPad a Personal Hotspot. I don't think it is possible to do this on a WiFi only iPad. I certainly can't see anything on mine whereas it is really obvious on the iPhone. So, if that is correct, she is using a cellular connection on the iPad and it is a problem with the modem or the computer settings. I presume she has already tried restarting the computer which is the first thing to do in any case. If not and that does not work, then she could try turning off the Mobile Data setting on one of the mobile devices and see if s
  2. Personal Hotspot is useful for a quick fix here but there may be conditions from your mobile (cell phone) provider that forbid or limit its usage. Do you have a cellular iPad with an active contract? If not then the iPad is using the modem to connect to the internet so it is not a modem problem. If that is the case then check the Network settings in System Prefs. Have you accidentally turned off WiFi. Can you connect the computer to the modem using an ethernet cable if you have one?
  3. Great Dave. The menu system on the Nikon Z cameras is very similar to the Nikon DSLR menus so the transition is not too difficult. The i button on the back brings up a customisable box that is very useful for making quick changes so is well worth getting to know. The IBIS in conjunction with the 24-70 lens and a steady hand makes it possible to shoot at very slow shutter speeds which, together with the lightness of the body-lens combo, opens up a whole new world for walkabout photography and the image quality is amazing.
  4. I'm not going myself but I presume that the Covid policy would be notified to prospective attendees when they get their online tickets. The point I was making is that it all seems rather pointless at this point given how rampant the virus is at the moment in England and how easy it would be to bypass the requirements anyway.
  5. Vaccination cards, self-reported lateral flow tests. Sounds like heavy-duty Covid security (Irony). Why bother at all when the virus is running rampant anyway through the country? There are no restrictions on public transport which many will be using or anywhere else just about except for hospitals and the like. The UK apparently has the second highest number of cases after the USA on the planet now. The good news today from the ONS is that you are very unlikely to die from Covid if doubly vaccinated unless you have serious underlying conditions and/or are pretty old.
  6. Sounds like a really good idea especially if you have health problems as you mentioned in another thread. The Z6II with the 24-70f4 is a really light combo for going anywhere but there is very little weight advantage changing the 70-200 to the Z version. Best of luck with the trade-in.
  7. I think sticking with what you have is sensible unless you have a very good reason to go mirrorless (weight or taking up video mainly). The weight advantage is only significant for some lenses - the telephotos do not differ a lot between DSLR and mirrorless within the same system. So the Nikon mirrorless are very light with the 24-70 f4 lens but stick a 70-200 on one and there is little difference. between that and a DSLR with the same lens. Canon seem to be more expensive for their newer mirrorless bodies and lenses as well in comparison to equivalent Nikon and Sony gear.
  8. What kit have you got at the moment? It is impossible to make informed suggestions as to whether it is worthwhile going mirrorless without knowing that. The two big issues are weight and the fact that Nikon and Canon are heading in a mirrorless direction so there is a future-proofing consideration if investing in new kit.
  9. Fascinating Edo. You have led a really interesting life and I wish you lots more to come.
  10. Deleted - I think you are correct. I have been under the wrong impression that these are Aloe Vera plants
  11. Yeah sure Edo and you had a ten gallon hat as well 🤠. I mentioned this before but I was actually in New York the day John Lennon was shot. It definitely was not me. I was in JFK airport. I loved John Lennon. Liverpool's greatest genius. I heard about it when I arrived in Dublin the following day. I was shocked.
  12. My only trip to New York was in 1980 and it had a reputation for being dangerous and unfriendly back then. I asked a guy for directions in the street and he completely freaked out, started shouting at me about why I was bothering him. I got out of there fast 😀
  13. Yes. A little knowledge may be a dangerous thing but no knowledge at all is worse. I doubt there are too many people who would purposely go out and get Covid to protect themselves from Covid. That is a level of stupidity too far so I don't think we need to worry about that. The real danger is from the anti-vax and conspiracy theory stuff. I had someone tell me that Cristian Eriksen (Danish footballer) had had a heart attack on the field as a side effect of vaccination in a well-publicised event a few months back. He had actually had cardiac arrest due to what is probably a congeni
  14. Liverpudlians are renowned for their friendliness. That is a wonderful story Edo. Like Edo and Emma, an expat 🤣
  15. Science is a highly regarded journal so I don’t think that is a concern here. Definitely. Javid’s statement about not cowering from Covid was unbelievably lacking in empathy, understanding and knowledge of the disease. The fact that he recovered rapidly himself ignores the potential horror of the disease for a very significant proportion of those who experience it, directly and indirectly. Of course there has to be a balance in moving forward but the attitude here now is basically move forward with no restrictions and hard luck if you get Covid. You should be alrig
  16. Absolutely agree with this Betty. It is vital that people be aware of the facts. The feeling here is that the pandemic is almost over. That is dangerous.
  17. That is a good and informed article Betty. It is important to be aware of the fact that breakthrough infections do occur in vaccinated people and can be very serious.
  18. Interestingly, she is actually of Romanian (obvious from her surname) - Chinese origin, born in Canada and moved here when she was two.
  19. I shot a wedding ceremony in your home town back in June where the socially distanced guests were wearing masks in the ceremony but we did some outdoor pics afterwards without masks. However, they put the reception off until next year. In any case, I wasn't suggesting mask-wearing for the entire wedding but was surprised to see nobody wearing a mask. Some middle ground would be better if difficult to achieve. Fewer people in ceremonies with some distancing would be more sensible and some control at receptions, but that is impossible once numbers are unrestricted and dancing is all
  20. The big question is how long that protection lasts. The immune system is very complex. What does more protection even mean anyway - less risk of very severe illness (hospitalisation or death), less likely to develop any symptoms, less likely to experience long term effects the second time and so on? I think the danger is in just pretending everything is back to normal. There is no doubt that vaccination greatly reduces the risk of severe illness but it does not mean that the pandemic is over. In my opinion, the message from the top should be proceed with caution and continue to we
  21. Basically the message from the top here in England is just get on with it. This is the herd immunity thing they were aiming for at the beginning but very few other countries are taking this laissez-faire attitude. However, they are still requiring people to quarantine from so-called red list countries, many of which have lower case rates than here, and mandatory testing is still required from orange-list countries. That makes no sense except perhaps to those who have invested money in testing companies and quarantine hotels. I photographed a wedding last week and none of the guest
  22. The message that the mask is primarily to protect others has been totally forgotten in the scramble to create the illusion that all is back to normal thanks to the vaccine programme. Seeing all those unmasked Tory MPs crammed in together in Parliament says it all. Not only has it been more or less forgotten that masking indoors is simply responsible behaviour towards our fellow humans but most people seem to be oblivious to the fact that vaccinated people can be Covid-positive and transmitting virus while asymptomatic themselves, not to mention the fact that vaccinated people can a
  23. Yeah I was just clarifying as some people don't seem to understand what Alamy QC is about. I actually thought we were in the same thread as yesterday. If i had realised this was a resurrection, I would not have bothered. As for sliced bread - I prefer to slice it myself.
  24. This is only partly true and is missing a very fundamental point Steve - Alamy does not do quality control for content. The Alamy QC model is based on the notion of technical quality and they just check a sample, not every image in an upload. That is why they differ from other agencies and why the collection is vast and extremely varied. Basically they are checking for general technical competence but that does not mean that all images that pass QC are of a professional standard. In fact there are a lot of substandard images in the collection for various reasons, both in terms of technical qua
  25. Not by Alamy criteria - it is a catch all term for a range of imperfections as perceived by Alamy QC. If you want informed advice, then do what the man said - upload one or more of the failing images at full size and make them downloadable.
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