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  1. Nikon's list of recommended lenses is not definitive - it is just a list of "Some lenses that offer excellent resolution …". There are many lenses not on that list that are as good or maybe better. I've not used the G but I have a 50mm 1.4D lens that offers truly unbelievable resolution edge to edge on the D800. I assume that the 1.4G would be just as good. I use the D lens in preference to the G because of its smaller size. I rarely use autofocus in any case so have no need for the silent motor which seems to be what distinguishes the lenses. I've also used my old 55mm AIS Micro-Nikkor an
  2. Until you get a new camera and you need a new raw converter?
  3. Same here. Everybody appears to be unique. It's a fascinating thread but each time I think about describing my workflow I decide it's better to do tackle some more images. A quick summary: I import into LR4 from copies of the originals and add basic metadata including locality info. I recently starting to embed GPS coordinates in the metadata. My keywording is very disorganised as I have used several different systems and will probably never find the time to synchronise eveything. I find images primarily by locality in the metadata which is ok as most of my stuff is locailty specific.
  4. The only thing that would entice me to upgrade now would be real speed enhancements. I generally find LR4 ok in that respect (comparing to Bridge - ACR which I used previously), except for the graphics speed when examining big images, which is one of the several reasons I open everything into Photoshop CS6. After import I set LR4 generating previews and come back when they are done. I've never had a problem with dual monitors. I'll wait a little while and hear more of what others are saying I think.
  5. Maybe I'm not understanding the problem here but it seems to be that you are concerned about not properly ejecting the card. I think the only reason to worry about not properly ejecting a card (or a drive) would be if you were writing data to the card. It shouldn't matter when you are importing. But general advice is always to copy the files from the card to the computer and then import the computer copies into Lightroom. I think the Martin Evening book is excellent - very comprehensive, authoritative, well-written and very good value. I've not seen the Kelby book.
  6. In my experience, most geologists are very aesthetically challenged when it comes to taking pictures - hammers and lens caps being prime offenders - not to mention complete absence of any knowledge of photographic techinique. That should in theory leave a gap in the market except the market is probably extremely small as most scientific publications do not purchase images. As far as the Irish (and British) Atlantic weather goes, when the light is good, it can be very good. One needs to be on the ball and eternally optimistic. However, I've spent nearly 5 weeks in Ireland this spring and I'
  7. For me the primary reason for doing photography is not money, it's LOVE. I love the whole process from packing my gear for a trip, the trip itself, discovering new places etc - but most of all the buzz of getting the picture I was looking for when or if it all comes together. And then seeing what I've got when I get back home on the big screen and putting the finishing touches. It's incredibly fulfilling for me. I feel really fortunate that I am enjoying my photography (and geology) so much. If I was doing it purely for the money then I would probably be incredibly stressed out. That is part o
  8. I use iCloud to sync my contacts and calendar but I've not set it up for docs. I don't entirely trust iCloud as I don't entirely understand it - in particular why it erases everything that was syncing on a computer if I decide to sign out. That could have grave consequences I think. For a similar reason I copy manually in iTunes rather than syncing - I'm never totally sure what it is likely to do. I don't like the feeling of passing control over to something I don't really trust or understand to the degree I would like.
  9. Another option for file transfer is to use iTunes and wire the iPad to the Mac, using one of the apps that can do file transfer such as PDF Reader (not the Adobe app although this does something similar but is more limited). I've never used Pages so don't know if the iPad version can do transfer. It's a bit of a fiddly process (certainly does not conform to the simplicity of usability which made the Mac famous) but it works very well for pdf and rtf files both ways.
  10. Thanks for sharing that. Glancing at your portfiolio, you've been to some great places that I'd love to visit at some point, particularly in the USA (like Hawaii and the Californian volcanic areas). I'm a geologist too, retired (early) from geology a few years back, and really enjoying the opportunity now to visit and photograph various geologically interesting places. When I was actually working in geology, I never really got a lot of decent photography done, at least the sort of stuff I do now where I visit and revisit localities in the hope of getting the right light and so on. I rarely get
  11. Just as an aside, I wonder why you are having to replace internal hard drives so many times - are these all on the same MacBook? I replaced the internal drive on my (teenage) son's 2009 MacBook Pro a few years ago, as it died a very slow death but gave plenty of warning that there was something amiss when it started to run incredibly slowly. I didn't know what was happening at first until I booted it from an external drive and it ran normally. Otherwise I've never seen a Mac internal drive fail. I've had a Western DIgital portable drive fail - it didn't like being dropped on the floor.
  12. I started with that question as I heard (can't remember where & when, but while ago) Time Machine was not for high volume backup. As I said it was a while ago when I started to think about migrating from pc to mac, but the improvement on that issue might have been made since. I saw you say that above but I'm not sure what is meant really.
  13. So what are the advantages of these 3rd party programs over Time Machine? I just do frequent manual backups of my images and data to external drives, and I always have a copy or two offsite in case of fire or theft. Possibly tempting fate but I've been running the same MacPro for over 4 years with 3 upgrades of the OS and I've never had to reinstall the OS from scratch yet - unlike my previous experiences of Windows (XP) when I used to do a clean install once a year. The Mac OS is very stable in comparison to Windows in my experience - maybe because it is designed specifically for the hard
  14. You can't unless you have a personal web server. The image has to be hosted by a website.
  15. According to the article that's exactly what he did. Combine versions of the same RAW file: That is the only way HDR could be used on an action image as he couldn't have fired off three or more identical shots. No the point I was trying to make is that he could have achieved a very similar effect in a single conversion in the latest version of ACR, for example, simply by moving the highlight slider to the left and the shadow slider to the right. I can only speak in relation to the cameras I've used - with a Nikon D700 or D800, the dynamic range is so high that it would be a fairly tr
  16. The photo is incredibly powerful - one of those images that will live long in the memory - and that is a lot due to the technique used. The image will certainly draw further attention to the plight of the people in Gaza and surely that is what is intended here. I think a lot of the fuss is because many people do not understand the background to digital image capture. A very similar result could be obtained without HDR with many newer cameras, simply by some adept raw processing of a single image. If he had done that, then there would be no fuss. The Guardian didn't help with their original
  17. I have come to believe I was born on the wrong side of the window, a few panes short of the full double glaze, but that's another story - referring mainly to the crazed notion that I might actually be able to make money from my photography - but no worries - I'm doing what I love doing
  18. I agree with the sentiments although living in a place like Cumbria is different from doing a week there, staring out of a window at the clouds and rain. I've had entire weeks in rented cottages in the west of Ireland where I've not seen the sun and barely a break in the rain. It's hard to stay optimistic at times. But it's usually worth venturing out, particularly when the weather is changeable and showery,.The picture below was taken in early morning on my last day of a recent trip to Sligo. I'd wanted a shot of this island (made famous by the poet WB Yeats) and didn't think I was going to
  19. MDM


    Alamy quote from locked thread Sign In Regarding the issue that this thread is actually about, the sign in requirement, this is very likely due to be browser specific to each user, however we are going over the code to make sure there are no errors our side. If there are, we will notify you of changes. I seem to be the only person still experiencing the issue that this particular thread is about, which is related to the aforementioned but opposite in that I can't sign out. I do and next time I restart the browser I am automatically signed in. The only way I can sign out fully is to clear
  20. I agree. Green casts are not aesthetically pleasing (to my eye). It would look much better to me in black and white or toned. Good picture though - certainly catches her mood of anticipation of what is going to happen when she gets off the plane.
  21. This is not really true. Sure there are many overcast days but there is also a lot of variability of cloud cover and this can be excellent for outdoor photography. In sunnier climes (Spain for example), there may be dawn to dusk sunlight but it can be very harsh, with stark blue skies and heat haze.
  22. Use the time for reconnaissance for when the light is better - localities, time of day, direction of light etc. And do details as RedSnapper says.
  23. MDM

    sign in?

    I've got the opposite problem which has been there since the new forum started - I don't want to stay signed in but the only way I can sign out (in Firefox and Safari, Mac) is to clear all the recent history. I've got it set not to save passwords. I log out and next time I start Firefox and come back to the forum I am logged in again automatically. I've never seen this behaviour before with any other site including the main Alamy site - I'm glad it doesn't happen for my internet banking.
  24. I don't know about Windows but the Mac versions of CS 2 that Adobe made available was PowerPC only. If Adobe ever makes CS 6 available without activation and provides serial numbers I'm sure it will be years after Apple releases a completely different OS possibly based on an entirely different processor. You are right. I'd forgotten that. I am sure I will have bitten the bullet and taken up a subscription by the time that happens. Most upgrades are ultimately hardware driven in any case: new camera needs more RAM or new machine which means new OS which means new apps and so on. The unfortuna
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