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  1. No problem. I use word and Excel on the Mac as well and provided you don't need to write any VBA scripts it works a treat. VBA on a mac is a fairly new development. I think it's Excel / Office 2011 for the Mac that I'm using on Mountain Lion. On a quick read up on Maverick, it seems like they will charge the same as the last OSX upgrade, about £14 to update...... you'll not find many Windows operating systems being sold at that price! Last time I downloaded the update over the App store it could be applied to both iMacs and the MacBook Air.... excellent value. A little known fact
  2. David - if nothing else. at least you have the consolation that you were there when times were good (and you have an amazing and unique portfiolio to prove it). It's evolution and, like it or not, it's going to happen just like life will go on after you and I take leave of this mortal coil. Photographers' and journalists' financial concerns aside, the internet is a truly amazing development for human society and is mostly beneficial in my opinion. I can still be in awe at the technological developments that have occurred in the last 100 years.
  3. I don't mind if they all go behind a paywall as long as they start paying decent fees again for content (some hope!!). It would also stop aggregating websites leeching off them and therefore some theft of our images. Good point. But I wonder how many will survive if they do require subscriptions, particularly the tabloids (perhaps much of the tabloid revenue still comes from hardcopy?). People are too used to getting stuff for free. And there is presumably a negative hit with advertising revenue when the number of users inevitably drops. And then there is the BBC to factor in, still grea
  4. You won't look back. I started with Macs, went to PCs for several years and then back to Mac. I won't be going the other way again in the near future. The OS is very straighforward and all the components are designed to work together. I have been running the same machine for nearly 5 years with 3 OS upgrades and I've never had to reinstall from scratch. And no viruses to worry about still. As with any computer intended for graphics, just make sure you get as much RAM as you can afford.
  5. OK. That makes sense. The comment I saw said 20 articles not 20 visits but nothing died after I tried out the travel and football sections this morning to well over 20 articles.
  6. Just had a look at the Adobe tech specs and PSE12 is 64-bit. Like Malcolm, I use PSCS6 so no direct experience of PSE. However, I do know that when Adobe introduced the full 64-bit version on PSCS5, it gave vastly superior performance in terms of memory usage as it allowed the program to use essentially unlimited memory instead of the previous 2 Gb (I think) limit. This is very important with large files (like from a D800) - saves vast amounts of time editing.
  7. My advice would be to get the latest version PSE12 (the £63 upgrade cost is tiny in comparison to what you have just spent on the Mac). Otherwise you are running two different versions of ACR which can be annoying and confusing. And Adobe have probably added some new goodies to the most recent version of PSE, perhaps even a 64 bit version - that I don't know but, if it is, then it should perform a lot better than V9.
  8. Which ones besides the Murdoch publications? I read in the blog linked to Ed's post that the Telegraph requires a subscription after 20 articles/month (however that would be monitored) but I've never seen anything like that. The Independent and Guardian are free. What am I missing? I currently do not buy any publication except an occasional Outdoor Photography. I'd happily subscribe £1 or 2 per week to the Guardian to keep it alive as I think it provides an essential service to society (British and global) but I'm probably in a small minority of the 20 million or so Guardian readers global
  9. The wrong spelling could lead to serious misinterpretation if he was female as in "loose" "woman"
  10. By far the best way to learn is the hard way by mistakes - that way you don't forget. From the first day I got a camera, I made mistake after mistake - the trick is not repeating the mistakes. A big differences between learning now and the dark old days before the internet became availabe to all was that not many people, if anybody, got to see your mistakes. Has advantages and disadvantages I guess.
  11. Paul - this is meant in a totally constructive way. If you are failing QC frequently, then your problem is not the length of time you are having to wait but why you are failing. Firstly, you need to look at the reasons you have been failing and correct those faults. Alamy QC is very very unlikely to be wrong time after time - you must be doing something wrong yourself. Think of it as a learning experience with a strict but also benign teacher (Alamy not me). I think you also run the risk of having your account closed if you keep on submitting material that fails. You are clearly an incredi
  12. It's not surprising that everything is late this year given that last winter was severe and endless and spring didn't really start until late April. It was the coldest April on record in many places - I was in the west of Ireland in early April and we had a night of -10 which is really rare at any time, never mind April. The trees here in Cambridgeshire were just starting to flower in early May. Just looking at the weather forecast it looks like summer is over. It was a lovely 20 here yesterday but it's cool today and the Met Office is showing it going down into low teens at best later
  13. Me neither. It looks like the email is going to US customers. I wouldn't worry - just go and change your password if you haven't already done so. I'm not a cloud customer either but I've purchased PS upgrades now for several years and had to create an Adobe ID to do that. The only thing that would be obtainable on my Adobe account would be serial numbers - assuming that they don't retain card numbers from one-off purchases which they shouldn't do. we'll, I've received it this side of the pond, so looks like it's for all. off to check further now. ann Yeah - I based that assumption on insuff
  14. Me neither. It looks like the email is going to US customers. I wouldn't worry - just go and change your password if you haven't already done so. I'm not a cloud customer either but I've purchased PS upgrades now for several years and had to create an Adobe ID to do that. The only thing that would be obtainable on my Adobe account would be serial numbers - assuming that they don't retain card numbers from one-off purchases which they shouldn't do.
  15. +1 LR5 probably won't run on any system older than 10.7 OS Lion. LR4 runs on Snow Leopard which is what I presume Gervais has.
  16. The simple answer is NO. That camera is not compatible with the LR4 raw converter. If you don't want to upgrade to LR5, then you can use the DNG converter to convert to DNG first. As far as I know, then LR4 should be able to open the files. I've not done it so can't speak from first hand experience. To check, if you go to the dowload section for ACR on the Adobe website, it will list the updates to ACR and, if you check the details for each update, it will state which cameras have been included in the update. As a rule, if a new version of LR has come out before the update, then the older
  17. Thanks for that. I think I did see it before and take Alamy's point. However, I still think it does not make logical sense in terms of database design - if I do a search for [MR], then I would expect to only find images that have actually got people with model releases. I've had a huge number of irrelevant views in the last few days because of this. Oh well time to move on.
  18. I've noticed recently I've had large numbers of views on search terms such as [MR] Dublin or [MR] Cork Ireland. Now most of my images are without people so they usually get marked as 0 people. The few that do contain people are marked as no model release with the number of people ticked. But Alamy search is bringing up all images which are keyworded Dublin, say, and do not have any people - in other words what one would expect with a search such as [WOP] Dublin, not [MR] Dublin. Obviously this is having a negative effect on my zooms/views ratio as it has spuriously increased my current month v
  19. MDM

    new to alamy

    See the thread linked below as an indication of the money people are actually making. http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/1122-how-was-your-september/
  20. The Alamy guidance on preparing images says that "If we fail one image, we will reject all images in all media awaiting QC at that time." If I am interpreting this correctly, there would seem to be no point in continuing to upload images if you know you have failed, as they will also automatically fail - they won't even be looked at.
  21. Similarly, I use a 50mm for a lot of my landscapes, especially if there are mountains, as using a wideangle often makes mountains look small and wimpy (unless I'm in very close as in a valley or a cliff). The 50mm gives superior image quality to a wideangle. I'm normally using landscape format but I will frequently take an additional sky shot with overlap and stitch later to get a portrait or even a square format. I also prefer to do a panorama with the 50mm rather than use a wideangle. It gives a realistic representation of the scene although a wideangle can provide a more dramatic rendering,
  22. Glad to have helped. The info on the 200Mb limit is hard to find. It was somebody else who found the link to Alamy guidance on this. I discovered it by trial and error and some vague memory of having seen the guidance the first time I had an image rejected for being too big. It's easy to forget to downsize but fortunately it doesn't result in a QC failure. Malcolm - would you care to share the name of the other site you mention (either openly if that is allowed by forum rules or by private message). I have loads of stitched panoramas on Alamy but sales have been extremely poor. I like cr
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