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  1. That is not true in fact. Depth of field is much less, all else being equal, with say a D800 (36MP) versus a D700 (12MP) when viewed at 100% on screen. If, for example, you use hyperfocal focusing (depth of field tables or lens barrel markings) to get front to back sharpness, the D800 image will be very soft in comparison to the D700 image viewed 100% on screen (as Alamy QC does). Downsizing the D800 image to the same size as the D700 image gives very similar results (the D800 image will now appear a bit sharper than the D700 image). I learnt this the hard way when I got a D800 almost 3 ye
  2. Yes I think it would be more than a bit crazy for you to buy CS6 at this point as Adobe are unlikely to keep on updating it forever. My worry with the subscription model is that, if you ever stop subscribing, then you lose the use of the program. This is especially important to me as I save all my processed images as PSDs (far better than TIFF for speed and other things if re-editing) so I am really tied into Photoshop (and have been since the last century). I did read somewhere (a previous thread here I think) that if you stop subscribing you can still open files but are unable to work on the
  3. If you mean you can still upgrade to CS6 perpetual for a small fee, then definitely do it. The biggest change in CS6 over CS5 in my opinion was under the hood - they reprogrammed the graphics engine making massive speed improvements and enhancements in viewing images, very useful with 36MP files. Adobe never made a lot of noise about this change but it was very significant. I'm still using CS6 with LR6 now and have found no reason yet to go for subscription which I also intrinsically dislike. I intend to stay with this as long as I can - the change will probably be enforced when Adobe stop sup
  4. Yes. PSCS5 and later have the ability to use much more RAM than earlier versions which make them much faster if working on even moderately large files and amazingly faster if working on panoramas assuming one has sufficient RAM on board. CS6 had a brand new graphics engine which makes the graphics way faster if the graphics card is compatible. Lightroom 6 is definitely faster in some respects than earlier versions but they really need to improve the graphics I think.
  5. Maybe locked when reviewing on camera - easy to do with Nikons which have a lock button near the menu button.
  6. The General referred to is the top section in the Info box which opens when you select a file in the Finder and do one of the following: File Menu - Get Info Command-I Right click and Get Info (but this one only works on a Mac if you have set this in your Mouse Preferences under System Preferences which is why you are not seeing it) I don't know if the Info box has changed very recently (MacOS10.10) but it has existed in one form or another since the very early days of the Mac. It has always been where you lock or unlock files among other things - showing file and folder sizes and n
  7. I think the Locked tickbox is under General at the top (at least it is on Yosemite).
  8. Yes I did read their 'about us' page and came to the same conclusion. If they offer a UK warranty would they be OK if anything went wrong with the equipment do you think? I don't know how they could offer a proper UK (or EU) warranty unless they are based here. Manufacturers' warranties don't cover imports in my experience (Nikon, Tamron, Epson). I do recommend WEX too. It's probably fortunate for my pocket that I live quite a bit away rather than locally.
  9. Have you tried Lightroom 6 panoramas? I don't know about geometric accuracy in comparison to AutoPanoGiga but it produces very good panos as raw files which is just amazing. Proper wall-filling panos. And it runs in LR in the background. That alone has been worth the upgrade for me.
  10. I don't know about usage of the GPU for general processes but Lightroom has light years to go to match Photoshop in the graphics department. CS6 made some major advances in graphics speed. Lightroom feels more like Leadroom in comparison. I will continue to open all images into Photoshop after initial LR assessment for flick panning and zooming just to check for sharpness to see if they are keepers or not.
  11. The negatives always tend to sound a lot louder than the positives. This is probably a tiny minority of users. Something always goes wrong for somebody. I've had no problem. Purchased and downloaded the new version from seeing this link a few days ago- up and running in about half an hour. The upgrade didn't recognise the older version on my Mac and asked for a serial number which I had to hand - I keep a file with all of my serial numbers.
  12. Thanks for that Allan. The speed changes I am seeing or not make more sense from reading that.
  13. 200 Mb (pixel dimensions) is still the max size as far as I know so you would have to downsize your tiff. There is no punishment for trying to upload a file that is too large - the system will just reject it.
  14. Can you qualify (what operations) and quantify (how much) "way faster"?
  15. The ability to save merged panoramas as raw images is definitely a major boon from my perspective - e.g. colour and black and white 16-bit raw versions from the one DNG image - excellent (I've never liked the LR virtual copy stuff - too LR specific). The enhanced grad filter is also a big plus - it's possible to edit and refine a grad filter with the adjustment brush which gives much greater control. I have tended to use the grad filter quite a lot in previous versions but it was often too coarse for what I wanted and too much messing with separate adjustment brushes to get it right. This
  16. There is an update for PSCS6 Mac but it is only the latest version of ACR (now 9) and no problems updating. LR6 is working fine as well - totally seamless upgrade so far.
  17. Saw this and figured I might as well give it a go (the upgrade for £59). Clearly rumours of subscription only were incorrect. The GPU-related enhancements are the attraction for me as well as the ability to do panoramas in Lightroom. Upgrade was seamless - it keeps the old catalogues when converting and LR5 remains available. My conversion from 4 to 5 was not so seamless. Adobe claims the GPU enhancements speed up various processes in the develop module. It seems snappier in the develop module but I have not noticed any major increase in speed despite having some pretty decent graphics pro
  18. I've not used Silkypix and I assume it is not a Photoshop plugin. The usual thing on a Mac if there is no unistaller provided (which is the case for most apps) is to just drag the application to the trash and delete. The app should be in your applications folder and should be called something like SilkyPix.app.
  19. I just came across this Nikon Slide Copier ( http://www.wexphotographic.com/buy-nikon-es-1-slide-copier-52mm-copying-adaptor/p1537536) which is made (they say) for the wonderfully sharp 55mm 2.8 Nikkor which I just happen to still have. I might just get one for a rainy day when I can find give time to looking through my slides and negs. It's not too expensive and might even inspire me to give it a go.
  20. It was based on speculation only as I've never tried it (yet). I will try it sometime. I just assumed that focusing on the film would also reveal any dust on the surface. I'm not clear how this would be improved in the shooting. Digital ICE works like magic when it does work (uses infrared to detect dust and scratches) but doesn't work on conventional BW film.
  21. Does that solve the dust problem? Alan Also copying slides using a camera would not solve the dust problem so that is a bit of a diversion really. According to this article on ScanDig (http://www.filmscanner.info/en/Kodachrome.html, Digital ICE Professional works (came with the Nikon Coolscan 9000) as has been mentioned above. The scanner is no longer made and prices for 2nd hand ones are pretty outrageous. ScanDig do the scanning for fairly reasonable prices but are based in Germany. Prices in the UK are generally very high but this one seems reasonable from a quick browse (http
  22. I would have thought that using Merge to HDR Pro would be ideal for this job although I wonder if it is even necessary to use 3 exposures considering the dynamic range of the D800 which should greatly exceed that of the transparency.
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