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  1. This pic brings back nice memories of warm evenings and fantastic meals sitting outside a restaurant called Vitaminas in Los Llanos de Aridane. Hopefully will get back that way again before too long.
  2. This one came in today. Mid $$ TV editorial usage Ireland. It shows the summit cairn on Slievenamon, County Tipperary.
  3. True. Safari hasn’t worked for ages but no problem with Firefox.
  4. In my opinion, it is not in the spirit of the forum to tell newcomers who clearly do not have English as a first language to search the forum. The question was asked in good faith and the OP may have great difficulty finding the answer to what was a vague question, again presumably because English is not his first language. I am not the giver of the red arrow as I really don't like them but I did give you a sad face. I am unafraid to tell you that and would do so to your face just as well as on a forum.
  5. I take it effectively means of sufficient quality to pass normal QC. I'm sure that would be possible if the original prints were good enough and one had a half decent flatbed scanner plus a bit of skill in post but I am not intending to try it myself as I have no reason to do so. I only asked about prints because the original question was vague (scan analogue pictures?). I think a lot of people do copy printed material for uploading by the archival route (or possibly from other agencies). This could be scanned or photographed.
  6. Hi jordicubells - welcome to the friendly Alamy forum 😀. I am guessing English is not your first language so it can be difficult especially because there is no direct guidance from Alamy related to your question. You really need to provide more detail if you want any information that is likely to actually help you. Are you talking about scanning film (slides or negatives) or prints? What device are you scanning with?
  7. OK that's interesting. I have had a few different teleconverters years ago (probably Tamron) when I was shooting film but have never had a quality one and have no need for one with the type of photography I do. I just wonder nowadays if sports photographers in particular could get away with using shorter and lighter lenses (never mind a teleconverter) on say a D850 and cropping heavily if the images are only intended for web usage.
  8. Land plants have been around a lot longer than flowering plants (angiosperms) of which maple is one. I believe that the angiosperms evolved during the Cretaceous (around 130 million years ago or so). Palaeontology was never my strong suit and I certainly would not argue the details of this with a palaeontologist. The thing with geology is that it is a continually evolving science. What was held as true yesterday may no longer be true today so it is important to check information properly, Anyway I can't help myself correcting false information whether it is in jest or not which is indeed hard
  9. I’m sure you mean well but this is basically complete nonsense. You should probably stick to what you know (identification). Flowering plants did not evolve until about 130 million years ago. Continents have been merging and separating for some billions of years and continue to do so - that sentence about before the separation of the continents is meaningless. Norway Maple is native to what geologists call Eurasia (effectively Europe and Asia which are really a single giant continent geologically speaking) and was brought to the Americas by 17th century settlers according to Wikipedia.
  10. Buyers can use Date Taken (DT) as a search criterion. Also I heard that there will be a general weighting towards newer images for certain types of images where date taken is important (e.g. travel). I have no idea if this has been implemented but I guess not yet. I think it would have to be done as part of a general categorisation of images which has presumably been set back due to the pandemic. That said, older images definitely do sell and the more unique they are the more likely that would be.
  11. Sorry about that Harry. I misread your post and thought you were talking about the slide copying thread where most of what was said is accurate although there is some rather dubious unsubstantiated by evidence stuff in there as well.
  12. I don't know who said that or where it is in that enormous thread but it is nonsense.
  13. OK I wasn't reading that carefully and just saw 105mm Nikkor. I used to have a 50mm El-Nikkor many years ago. I still have a Durst Neonon (50 I think) in a drawer which has not been used in an awful long time. I recall it was a very good enlarger lens though. The Tamron 90 is better than the Nikkor 105 overall. I was going to sell it until I realised how good it actually is - the Tamron stabilisation is much better but then the Nikkor was first generation VR. That has improved massively but they have never updated the 105. I guess the reason high MP images can look les
  14. I would like to see a side by side comparison of the same shots with and without teleconverters and focusing on how much detail is captured. Sharpening in software is fine but Topaz or any other software sharpener will not recover detail that is not there in the first place. They will just increase apparent sharpness. Anyway it is just an academic question to me. As for Covid - don't get me going in that one - best of luck whatever 😀
  15. I was disappointed in my 105 Nikkor (fairly new one) on my D810 with the ES-1 slide copier and extensions for copying 35mm slides - corner and edge sharpness were poor at all the apertures I tried. The best lenses I found of the few I tested for overall and corner to corner sharpness were the legendary 55mm Micro-Nikkor and the 90mm Tamron (version before the most recent one). Because the Tamron has autofocus which works perfectly on the D810 even at the very close distances involved and excellent edge top edge sharpness, that is now my preferred lens for slide copying. The D850
  16. I wonder if using a teleconverter degrades the image quality over what you would get if you shot without it and simply cropped to the same size in post. Obviously it would depend on the quality of the lens, the teleconverter and the camera itself. Teleconverters do cause some image degradation in my experience and always reduce the amount of light as well. I tend to think of them as a bit of a relic from film days and I wonder if the main benefit is just seeing the subject larger in the viewfinder. I am not going to buy a teleconverter to do the necessary experiment though. The Nikon 1.4 is a
  17. Nowadays, because the majority (perhaps vast majority) of sales are for web usage, there is much less of a need for large images and upscaling would be pointless given that the uncropped images are already large enough. I have never heard that about lowMP cameras. Not saying it is wrong, just that I have never heard it. Back in those days of minimum 48MB images, there was no sharpening at all permitted so I think maybe Alamy QC took that into account. Images did not necessarily have to look pin sharp - they just had to look like they could be properly sharpened. As
  18. Yes and there is also typically a drive to turn one part of the population against the other often by lies and propaganda which holds one side as somehow elitist and the other deprived by the elite which at its most extreme can lead to civil war. This type of populism, nationalism, racism, xxxism is not an exclusively American phenomenon of course and we don’t have to look too far in space as well as time to see it rearing its ugly head elsewhere.
  19. Definitely. The Adobe Camera Raw engine has improved enormously over the years. For me, even some of the stuff I was processing just 7 years ago looks off, probably because the monitor I was using was set too contrasty so some of the processed images now look dull. Not that I am going to go back and redo everything but it is nice to have the option to do some.
  20. Not necessary for Alamy stock but shooting JPEG only really limits you down the line. Take any portrait for example and I see in your portfolio that you have quite a few including several that I presume are of your family. The camera (talking Nikon here) rarely gets the white balance right in the JPEG. A little tweak of the white balance on the raw can make a huge difference. Of course you might only realise that the skin tones are off if using a calibrated monitor and attempting to make prints yourself. Ultimately it comes down to what one is happy with but have you met your future self yet?
  21. I have Netflix so will put The Social Dilemma on my list. I also want to watch the Trial of the Chicago 7 - seems pretty relevant right now as well. Currently in the middle of Series 5 of Better Call Saul.
  22. I think a key point here is that editing can and generally does vastly improve images. This was the case when printing negs or slides as well - judicious dodging and burning was essential. If you never did anything in a darkroom with your film then you might not appreciate this. A second key point is that if you are going to edit then it is just as easy to edit raws as JPEGs. It takes a bit more initial learning to understand the concepts but after that it is plain sailing. Going back to film, I always think that shooting JPEG only is analogous to shooting film, getting pri
  23. Possibly a first but no worries 😀. I have strong feelings about Covid as it has pretty much messed up my long term health. Let’s move on. One of the few photography courses I have ever done was a very good course on wedding photography in order to get up to date on modern weddings and what is required. I was amazed at the levels of photographic knowledge of several of the other participants. Some had virtually no knowledge at all and were about to start a business in wedding photography. That is what I mean.
  24. I think the objections from professional photographers arise when beginners offer services such as wedding photography when they do not have the skills or expertise to provide a professional service. That reflects badly on everyone. I have known more than a few people over the years who buy a reasonably good camera and think that makes them a photographer so they proceed to offer photographic services. There are countless examples of so-called photographers who have ruined couples’ weddings by offering services they did not have the skills to provide. Imagine someone with no experience buying
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