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  1. No I didn’t think you were serious but you could always use it as a ploy to demonstrate to the one who must be obeyed how frustrated you are. 😀.
  2. You might get something on a trade-in with Apple if you go the new route so don't throw it in the Thames. I got a decent trade-in on my last machine. However, you would be making more trouble for yourself buying a new Mac as LR 5 will not install on the latest MacOSs (anything after Mojave) - same with Photoshop 6. The Adobe installers are 32-bit although the apps are 64-bit (required on post-Mojave systems). This means the subscription if you stick with Adobe - personally I think it is well worth the £10 a month or going a different direction. As I said above, the DxO software is excellent a
  3. You are correct Harry. The latest version needs Mojave or later. My brain is not fully engaged at the moment. It might be worth Dave checking if he can install Mojave on his machine first though. He doesn't need to go to the Apple Store to do that. He can check the minimum specs for Mojave online. Here is a list of Macs that are compatible with Mojave MacBook (Early 2015 or newer) MacBook Air (Mid 2012 or newer) MacBook Pro (Mid 2012 or newer) Mac mini (Late 2012 or newer) iMac (Late 2012 or newer) iMac Pro (2017) Mac Pro (Late 2013
  4. Thanks for the good wishes Allan. It is part bad luck but I did put myself in the situation out of necessity so can't complain. And yes a meet-up at some point would be good. Take care.
  5. Thanks Harry. I think I most likely got it doing the bridal preparation pictures which is a standard part of wedding photography nowadays. I was in small, poorly-ventilated rooms with the bride and bridesmaids getting their hair and makeup done. It is actually one of the more creative and skilful parts of wedding photography as it can be dark and the lighting is usually difficult (mixed daylight, tungsten and fluorescent last week) but it can allow for artistic expression. After that I was well away from the other guests for the most part when indoors and a lot of the time was spent outdoors.
  6. Thanks Steve and Bryan. The good wishes are much appreciated. I am feeling a bit better this morning as the fever seems to have dissipated for now so hoping for the best and that my breathing won't go like the last time with a little help from the vaccines. I would not travel on public transport unless I had absolutely no choice as I didn't when photographing the wedding. The fact that people are not wearing masks to protect others means that the risk of potentially infectious contact with an infected person is very high unless you travel at times when there are very few others tra
  7. Thanks so much for the good wishes Gen, Carol and Jill. Really appreciated.
  8. The issue really once you have the images on the computer is that Lightroom 5 is older than the camera, so can't read the Z6II files, but Adobe do provide a solution which is the DNG converter. It will convert the raw images into a format that is readable by LR 5. However, a card reader is a good idea anyway rather than fudging it with the D90.
  9. Cheers Mr Standfast. Much appreciated. Now let's see if I can get this tired body to take you up on that.🤣🤣
  10. Your computer may be too old to upgrade to Big Sur. Just download the DNG converter from Adobe and you should be able to use your existing version of Lightroom. Have you got a card reader (one on your Mac or a separate one) so you can just copy the files to the hard drive? EDIT -just to add this is not a difficult problem at all and nothing to stress about. Just use a card reader. If you are only using XQD cards then the card readers tend to be more expensive than SD readers but very fast. Use an SD card in backup mode for downloading anyway if you only have an SD reader (a lot of
  11. Thanks for the good wishes Paulette. It is difficult to stay safety conscious when others are not. I guess the way to go is to not take unnecessary risks. In my case it was a necessary risk that I was aware of and it didn't pay off. I am even more aware of it now.
  12. Thanks for the good wishes Cecile, Betty and Michael. Much appreciated. I am hoping for the best and that the fact I am double-vaccinated will mean it doesn't get too bad. As I said, I was posting my personal experience as an example of the need to stay cautious for all but the good wishes are really uplifting.
  13. OK you may be correct about case rates since July and give it another week or so for the schools. Forgive my error please - I am a little feverish right now. Case rates are difficult to measure as they are a function of testing (type of testing, numbers taking tests). The absence of restrictions means fewer people are legally obliged to take test which may be the real significator. Death rates from Covid, however, are a much more certain indicator and they have risen massively since July. The bottom line is that the pandemic is not over and life is not going back to normal for a si
  14. Well I have just tested positive for Covid despite being doubly vaccinated and having had Covid before. I have a fever (which I didn't have the first time), pains In every part of my body and have near zero energy. So far my lungs are ok unlike round 1 when I had serious breathing problems although that could come on I guess as I am only a couple of days into this. I almost certainly got infected while photographing a wedding last Saturday - I had no choice but to fulfil my commitments to my clients even though I was well aware of the danger. So why post this on here? Well I am ce
  15. You can't currently upload video directly to Alamy. It used to be possible some years ago but they stopped accepting footage and the collection went static. However, a few months back they started acting as a distributor for Pond5 and advertising this on the home page. So if you want to get video onto Alamy you would need to upload it to Pond5 but it seems that it is a random process as to whether your video actually ends up on Alamy or not. There are a few other threads on the forum about this (started late June or early July). Given that Alamy is not really known for
  16. The lens profiles for the Z lenses are built in to the raw file and can't be changed in Lightroom (the CC versions at least). I don't know the perpetual licence versions but I suspect to would be the same. Sony cameras do something similar as far as I know. I have only scratched the surface of Affinity (my wife has it) but, the last time I looked back in March, the raw converter was lacking some features that I would regard as very important. If I was to change from Adobe, it would be DxO Photo Lab which has a very good raw converter plus a lot of other features - the local adjust
  17. The V and VA have an integrated ND filter - it is not variable ND apparently though. There is a time limit of 5 minutes recordig I think for 4K to prevent overheating on the VA.
  18. I have lots of ideas Mark but not the faintest idea of what is up with Betty's Safari. Not something I have ever experienced. Maybe it is a hangover from her migration installation?
  19. An ethernet cable may sound exotic but ethernet is actually very common. It has been around a long time but has been keeping up with the times and most desktop Macs have an ethernet socket or two. If you look on the back of your iMac you will see an ethernet socket - a rectangular hole with a little notch. If you had an ethernet cable you would connect one end into that socket and the other into a similar socket on your modem (most modems that I have come across have them). It is an alternative to WiFi and generally much better - faster and more stable. I use ethernet rather than WiFi at home.
  20. It must be a cellular iPad in that case and you must be or have been paying a contract with a mobile provider to ever use it in cellular mode - basically it is a very big phone. Turn off WiFi on the iPad and see if you are still connecting to the internet - it should show something like 3G or 4G at the top like on the phone. It sounds like it might be the modem gone to me - maybe the storm has damaged it.
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