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  1. +1 Phil, a good question, with such a large collection, great discounts, 90 day accounts, and more, Alamy would do better for themselves and it's contributors to make themselves a household name on most publishing desks world wide. As you said Alamy is more or less1 click away, we know as contributors Alamy has a very efficient/ fast data base, as a (photo editor) or buyer what more could one want. AND TO BOOT 30,000 NEW IMAGES DAILY I would be very happy to see the end of distribution and receive that extra percentage that distributors take from us all. "Alamy" is distribution necessary? when you are so mighty and getting mightier every day. Paul.
  2. I often read on the topic, (how was your month, e.g. May, June, July), so many forum people stating they make regular sales, apart from a few most have less than 20,000 images, and selling almost every month, it would seem that there are a group that have a much higher percentage than 0.1% in sales, with Alamy's 50 million, it is not a bad result for some. Paul.
  3. For Alamy i would think a bright future with having the largest amount of images under 1 roof, for the contributors it will be harder to be seen, bit like a needle in a haystack, it would be interesting to know just how many images a photo editor looks at, being so many on Alamy, if the average editor only views the 1st 10 pages it would mean millions of images will never be seen. Nice to have 50 million, if only 1 million is regularly viewed it would seem the rest is just there to make Alamy look big in the business. Paul.
  4. John is rite! one must find the best outlet, i believe in horses for courses, in my 5 horse race i have to say that the horse called Alamy is nearly always at the tail, however when Alamy has a win the payment is usually not too bad, so it is worth keeping Alamy in the race. Paul.
  5. In a recent discussion with a friend of 30 years in the agency business, it was suggested that a QC checking program would be a good way of helping Alamy photographers and make money by offering such a program/ service. Either develope a software program or start your own small business offering photographers a service to QC images before sending to Alamy. Perhaps a former Alamy QC person or persons could start such a business. Something to think about! Paul.
  6. That's rite! do something else, after all Alamy is not the be all and end all in image distribution, including myself wonder why we all carry on so much about QC, when Alamy now claim to add 30,000 images daily, i ask is it so necessary to worry about adding our handful of images that won't make a dent in the Alamy system or hardly be seen amongst near on 50 million. As funkyworm says, just go and do something else. Paul.
  7. Allan! what version of LR are you using? i have 4.1, i cannot find "Visualise spots" at bottom left of screen. Thank's, And also thank you for your offer of support if Alamy would try something in QC like i suggested. Paul.
  8. I am a photographer and not Alamy therefore i think more to what suits me and perhaps fellow photographers here. Alamy has often changed their rules over time for the benefit of their photographers. I, as i am sure other photographers feel that 1 month out of the system is too much, it really dose mess up the professional photographers workflows, I feel a more professional approach by Alamy would be to implement a QC staging, for example the more failures a particular photographer has the longer time in the sin bin, starting from 1 week to perhaps 6 weeks. Let's face it there are some good photographers here with great work that unfairly get kicked out of the system because of some small technical defect " perhaps 1 image out of several deliveries", these photographers should get only 1 week in the sin bin. In a nutshell, the more failures over a given amount of images the longer time in the sin bin. It sure would be nice if Alamy would consider such a plan. Of course Alamy may have already considered this, however due to extra work load or technical issues it may not be possible. Paul.
  9. f/4 at 16mm a little soft in the corners and edges, from 6.3 i notice improvements f/8 seems to give the best results, it has been suggested to send the camera and lens to Canon for calibration, overall with only a few shots i can see it is a much better lens than my old 17-40L. Canon has made some effort in obtaining better corners and edges. The lens itself is well balanced and has a quality feel to it, happy so far, but it needs some more field work it's early days. On a crop sensor Canon 7D i find it very very sharp from corner to corner Paul.
  10. Not sure of the implications, from what i understand, images that have already been licensed as RM may not be change to RF by Alamy, if they indeed change them at all, also i believe that RF licensing cannot be changed to RM, therefore if you change to RF your images will always remain as RF. Earning more with RF, i would think it is pretty even over the whole spectrum, the good side of RM is you should have a little more control compared to RF. Please correct me if i am wrong. Paul.
  11. It's the older folks from film to digital who have been supplying stock for many years that see and feel it getting worse, more so than the newer breed digital photographers, i remember the 90's and that wonderful time of film, all the work and cost's we had to endure to have our work seen, accepted etc, and yes when the print media took pricing more seriously and paid fair to good fees. That was then and now is now, for me stock is more so a worker bee way of making some money "more than ever before", thankfully it is still possible to keep the wolves from the door with assignments, the few clients i have only work with pro photographers with experience and the rite gear, therefore not every tom dick and harry can just walk in and squeeze the fees to the low level that stock imagery has become, although having said that i am sure in time assignment fees will also become low, hopefully not to extent of competing with stock pricing. Paul.
  12. I got away with this, but it was 2 years ago, possibly the strongest fog image i have that is on Alamy, not sure if i would re-submit today. Paul.
  13. It is a tough call, if there are no technical defects it should by all accounts be passed, unfortunately Alamy has become over sensitive with there QC to the point where they have made many of their photographers paranoid. Today photography has become all to technically perfect, agencies and suppliers are losing the ability to notice a great image for the technical forest they put before images, sure if a image shows strong technical problems it should be failed, however in your case there is probably no fault, because your image may not jump off the screen with bright sharp colors and clear background QC might say lacking definition. If you are not sure don't submit it, unless you are willing to take a chance on a 1 month break, then again it could get through. Being paranoid here can save you time. My tip would be to send it to another supplier if you have one that also has QC, if it passes then it may have a chance with Alamy. Paul.
  14. I still think there has been a mistake made here, please post what MS comes back with. Paul.
  15. It has to be a mistake, i wonder how hard it would be to find out if it was used. Good luck! Paul.
  16. What! refund from 2009, it can't be possible, or can it? Paul.
  17. I understand where your coming from, many are in the same boat, another reason why i would like to get more passed through QC without that terrible 1 month sin bin thing in the hope of making it worth while being with Alamy. Paul.
  18. Pretty much the same here, i have another supplier with over 13,000 of my images and selling very well every month, if Alamy was not so QC happy the same images would be here and hopefully my Alamy sales would be higher. Paul.
  19. +1, i also would like to add more to Alamy in hope that sales might increase, unfortunately Alamy could be getting more than they need, i sometimes wonder where the threshold is, maybe 50 million, then it might even be harder to get images on here. Paul.
  20. Paranoid is the keyword here! i am about to come out of the sin bin in 5 days, while waiting for time to pass i have been going blind on re-checking images to be uploaded, and yes i am becoming paranoid, Alamy will not see some images for this reason, there is probably nothing wrong with what i have decided not to upload, i wonder how many more of us are doing the same. For me time is precious and waiting in the sin bin for a month is frustrating to say the least. I have thousands of images to offer Alamy, unfortunately i feel that most will not see the Alamy site. Paul.
  21. Thanks all for your input, the http://www.alexnail....16-35-f2-8l-ii/ review pretty much says it all! I have picked up a new 16-36 f/4 this morning, if i am not happy i will come back to this post. Paul.
  22. I had a look at it not so long ago, at first it seemed impressive, however it is nothing but a expensive toy for the players and something to talk about at party's. Paul.
  23. Anybody here using the Canon 16-35mm f/4 L lens. I have been struggling for some time with the 17-40mm and it's soft corners on a full frame, i understand that the 16-35 f/4 is better in this area. Some real user advice would be very appreciated. Thanks! Paul.
  24. I have been playing around with LR sharpening sliders as recommended by Colin, and yes overall image sharpness is good without that noise texture look in the sky and some backgrounds. Thanks Colin and everybody for your input. Paul.
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