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  1. I would like to know what program QC uses if any to check our images with. Paul.
  2. Hey John, thanks for the tip! i was thinking about leaving out locations in the keywords on future submissions, now i will carry on as usual.
  3. Thanks for the compliment Ed, i think i might over do it with words such as nobody, daytime,outside etc, and adding where the image was taken such as region and country as this is already covered in the description. A sore point with me is agencies with their ability to be on the 1st pages due to sales volumes despite having many non relevant keywords. Paul.
  4. Just how tight can one keyword, i don't think you can get tighter keywording than just wording what is seen in the image. Am i rite or is there something i am missing?
  5. I have just managed to pick myself up of the floor after viewing a sales report from one of my German outlets showing 2 sales, my fee after all commissions 11 cents and 42 cents. Please tell me that i am not in the Guinness Book of records for the lowest fee paid to a photographer. Paul.
  6. Like many i am confused in regard to how to improve my CTR, i also have no idea what the average CTR is. My CTR for last month is 0.50, i would think not so great, but then again maybe it's average. Any folk's out there willing to share? Paul.
  7. Just had a look at your image John, soft edges on such a image would be harder to get through than mine as all my soft edge images are landscape, so i have a little more confidence. Thank's for the image! Yes Ed it is my call, lately my call's have been a bit dodgy. And thank's to John Gaffen, for you detailed info, it all helps. Paul.
  8. And with what hair hormones i have left i am trying to keep them for the top of my head, Hence No Beard! Thanks for the great DSLR topic Martin . Paul.
  9. Martin, As some here would not know what the heck we are talking about i think we should stop before somebody starts asking how old we are . Paul.
  10. Yes, remember the good old film days in the sporting arena, the max ISO film i could shoot for my people was 200, great while the sun was shining, nearly everything was shot at 1.0 and 2.8, it was a challenge but when i look back at some of the images they are very good. After being spoilt by todays technic i would find it hard to repeat what i did back in the film days with the SLR. Paul.
  11. Steve, after riding such a machine i would think that all DSLR'S would seem like they have silent shutters, A' wot ya say' sorry can't hear ya! . Paul.
  12. Martin, Glad that you mentioned this, i have never been over impressed with the ISO performance of my 1Ds 3 cameras, if i shoot at no more than 500 ISO in good light all is fine, outside that setting i start seeing noise. The DX probably is better due to less mp's on a full frame sensor. I personally prefer the extra mp's, and try to keep the ISO 500 or less. Paul.
  13. The sound of a imitation shutter in a pro camera, dread the thought, i love the sound of high end pro DSLRS going off! as i love the sound of the old V8 engines from earlier times. Paul.
  14. Perhaps a old topic, I am currently editing landscape images that were taken with my former Canon 17-40mm. Unfortunately edges and corners a soft, has anybody experienced QC failures in this area. I know that cropping will solve the problem, but i wish to keep the full image. Thanks to all! Paul.
  15. One of the reasons i mainly carry the 7D with small lenses, unless i am on a special mission or assignment, then the heavy weights come out, which means that my current Pro DSLR's should see me to the end of my photography, but then again! Paul.
  16. Yes Martin i have to agree, i found the formular 1 circut very much that way, compared to touring cars where people were much more relaxed and helpful.
  17. It is not just from private clients, I remember back in the early 90's when i was shooting professional sports, every now and then a photographer would turn up without pro gear and would be looked upon as somebody whome should not be at such an event, it made it hard for the young people trying to get a foot in. Yes it dose give self confidence to have the best gear possible for the job, people do take notice and often judge by equipment. Paul.
  18. I am not a sailor, is the tiller what steers the boat? Are we getting of topic? , or is that another stupid question.
  19. Bit like motor vehicles Martin, it is said that the most important safety component of a vehicle is the nut behind the wheel Paul.
  20. You are a brave man Geoff, Mr Fuji and his faithful followers here will not be pleased, i can think of a few cameras that would make excellent book ends and boat anchors. I sometimes have a day out with my Sony RX100, however like Martin P Wilson, i love my DSLR's, fast and accurate in most cases getting what i want, yep! i enjoy working with the DSLR system. 3 DSLR bodies, 16mm to 600mm L lenses, hard to beat! Paul.
  21. That's great news Jill, i am sure your son is just as pleased . Paul.
  22. Geoff, i agree with you, however there is a broker from Germany supplying to Alamy with many tenuous words, i find their images are always seen on the 1st pages, in their defence they have well over 667,000 images on Alamy at last count. I use image related keywords and find it hard to be on the 1st page. then i only have 8,700 images. Still find it hard to understand how the Alamy system works. Paul.
  23. Jill, Is your son aware that it may be along time before he sees his 7D again , I have 2 high end pro cameras plus the 7D, i find myself shooting mostly with the 7D ( great camera ) don't get me wrong i am not saying your 650D is not a good camera, apart from the fact that it won't start up , sorry just a bit of fun, i am sure you are smiling too!, again i am sure it is a quick and not so expensive fix. Have fun with the 7D and look forward to getting your more familiar 650D fixed. Paul.
  24. Jill, be very sure that there is a missing contact and it is not part of the design before playing around with the problem, perhaps a member here with a Canon 650D can have a look at theirs and advice if there is a contact or not. If it is a battery contact problem it sounds like a quick fix by a technician, it should not cost to much. Paul.
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