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  1. Perhaps a dumb question, but what in the heck is "Yosemite" is it some form of the Australian Vegemite that has been re-invented by another country. Do Tell Paul.
  2. From my side of the keyboard everything is broke this month at Alamy, zooms going down, only 1 sale.
  3. I have had some time in the past week to pay some attention to the latest camera gear. One could not help but notice that manufacturers seem to be making the once still camera into a video machine, seems like most improvements lean toward moving pictures and not still. Dose this mean that still photographers will be paying more for the video functions that will not be used just to get a half ways decent still camera. From what i have seen recently it would seem that way. Paul.
  4. I have often thought the same John, i am sure one would have a better chance in getting work pass QC via another agency, i have images with 1 agency that Alamy failed, the same concern supplies Alamy, i am sure if i were to allow the agency to offer my work to Alamy those images would be here. I am just picking and pretending to be upset, in a nutshell i am happy with what i receive across the stock board, even happier if Alamy could raise my sales just a tad.
  5. It's interesting how technical issues and quality have taken over content, really is it so necessary to have razor sharp images? i am so thankful that i supply a few agencies that are not looking at every pixel for detail and sharpness, and yes selling many more image than 2 of my suppliers that seem to just want technically perfect material. I wonder how many buyers look at images at 100%, general small print media i would think not, images for poster and quality calenders yes. 99% of my images are used in small print media, therefore i am not so worried about producing 100% quality images that many buyers don't require. After all i am in this business for myself and not photographic companies offering new so called better image quality gear every few months. Paul.
  6. Canon is known to have issues with most of their zooms especially at the wide end, in your case it dose seem you have a lemon, quickly return it to the supplier, if possible try another 24-105 and see if you get the same result, there could also be a problem with the camera. As Geoff Kidd said Canon excell in telephotos, if you use mostly wide zooms don't mess around and go to Nikon, at the moment offering better sharper sensors and great wide zoom lenses. Paul.
  7. I have not uploaded scans for 2 years, as QC is so tight these days i would think not. Today i scanned several images, sharpness, and grain looked terrible, after viewing digital for so long my eyes have become adjusted to the clean detail of pixels. Paul.
  8. After reading all comments, i have decided to follow fellow scanners here and go with my old XP laptop, i looked at the Vuescan, but why pay for and learn another program. Thanks to All . Paul.
  9. Hi everybody. I am trying to install my Nikon Coolscan V ED on a Windows 7 64 bit system, Nikon say that they don't support 64 bit, however i am sure it is possible. Anybody had success in doing so? Thanks to all. Paul.
  10. I am a Canon man myself, however i have been looking at the later Nikon models especially the D810, it would seem that Nikon sensors are leaving Canon way behind. Looking forward to what Nikon users are saying about D750. Hoping it is not all brilliant news as i might be tempted to convert, and that will cost me a small fortune. This might help; http://www.dpreview.com/previews/nikon-d750 Paul.
  11. It is very long, as the earth is not flat i guess it has a curve . For a change not a bad image without obvious QC defects as seen in many previous covers. Paul.
  12. OK Folk's all sorted, couple hours of messing around with updates etc, happy now
  13. I must defend the Canon 7D mk1, i am on my second 7D, sold my 1st to help finance other equipment, my current 7D is 1 year old now and is tack sharp with all my L lenses from 16mm to 600mm, with a kit walk around lens it can be a little iffy although still good enough for QC in most cases. The 7D mk II looks on paper to be better, however how much better dose one want or need? I for one am tied of running out and throwing hard earned money at new gear that depreciates faster than ice melts, the mk II is interesting but not enough to sway me into spending, later maybe when proven and good used ones are available. Like my 1Ds III bodies, i have no lust in replacing them with the 1Dx, i simply cannot justify the cost for what ever little differences there may be. Paul.
  14. They know, but don't care! all they really care about is the bottom line, it's human nature!
  15. I am having the same trouble with PhotoMechanic, Only in the past week since i upgraded to a new computer with a Nvidia card, my old PC had a Radeon card never a problem! So i am guessing it may be the Nvidia. Paul.
  16. John, you must be feeling very annoyed with such a high then such a drop, i am feeling sorry for you, unfortunately we see this every now and then, i believe in a sale when it is in the bank. In compensation, Alamy should offer you a get out of jail free card for your next QC failure. Hoping you have another good sale figure in the near future that stays. Paul.
  17. John, it is a Microsoft program that allows raw thumbnails to be viewed in Windows. I have had it for more than a year, it always worked a treat until i uploaded their latest version. Paul.
  18. I have just just uploaded the latest Windows Codec Pack after a new install, and i cannot see the images in my Sony RX100 thumbnails, all is OK with my Canon thumbnails. Can anybody offer a fix? Many thanks, Paul.
  19. This year many of my QC mails have taken 31/32 days , in past years i received them within hours of clearance.
  20. You might have something there! i also remember the days of good editing and having to produce images that would sell, countless times i sent out transparency's at great postal cost's only to have 90% rejected, however the kept 10% had a good chance of being licensed for a reasonable sum, by editors who knew what a good image was.
  21. Robert i would have to agree! I also supply a smaller agency in Germany, i am not sure if they have a dynamic manager, however they sell more of my images than any of the big guns.
  22. I say thank's to all who added their thoughts here, interesting reading. Another thought on how nice it would be to have a Alamy clone supplier or similar whome only dealt with individual photographers and not take on distributors or other suppliers, it certainly would offer the contributor a better chance of being seen and perhaps more sales! Paul.
  23. I am impressed with Alamy's fast growth in the numbers game and their confidence in claiming they have the largest online collection. It seems that many here with collections of a few thousand still make sales with Alamy including myself, (well done). How long will it be before the smaller collections be totally swallowed up and lost in the masses with Alamy's policy of take all images providing they are technically perfect. I like Alamy as a supplier of images, however i fear that the day may come when the smaller contributors will disappear because of not being seen, allowing Alamy partners with massive collections to completely take over. I understand that we must grow, but why so fast. ( is it greed ) or to be the biggest kid on the block? In a nutshell good for Alamy, not good for the average contributor. Paul.
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