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  1. I have done what you are thinking about, i am very happy with the 16-35 f/4 certainly a better image quality lens than the 17-40, the 16-35 is better balanced when hand held on my 1Ds III, it also has a very professional feel and finish. It is not perfect as all lenses are not, however if i were to make the choice again knowing what i know now i would change without hesitation to the 16-35 f/4. In regard to the 400mm, i don't have one however the reports seem to be very good on this telephoto, in deciding on what lens to buy really depends on what lens would be used the most, if you feel you would use the 17-40 most of the time there is no question, just go get the 16-35. On Ebay the used 17-40's are selling for about 400 euro, so you will loose less than half on purchasing the 16-35. Good luck. Paul.
  2. Yes this thread certainly has been swinging wildly. "Both full frame and possessing the fabulous Nikon dynamic range which is probably the main reason to change from Canon" yes this is the main reason for considering the change and generally sharper lenses.
  3. Thanks for that Wim, very interesting. Paul.
  4. Good one Bill, now you have me and many others trying to find a chart that rates lenses and there megapixel capabilities. For instance i shoot with a Canon 1Ds III, and 7D, now how do i go about finding out the best megapixel lenses for these 2 cameras. I fear another sleepless night. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( Note: have just seen on Ebay A7R with battery pack and Sony Zeiss 55mm lens for 2000 euros, tempting! ) Paul.
  5. Rick, You may be rite!, with what i have also read in very recent times it would seem that the Sony A7's are not the everyday hand held walk around camera's, and only good for the serious landscaper with a serious stable tripod. I think if i were to own one of these cameras i would use it like a film panorama and set it up very carefully. It is tempting to buy one, unfortunately the used prices are not much better than the new. Paul.
  6. you are very welcome Bill, it's nice to have a discussion that helps others, i must say it has helped me. Thanks to you and others for contributing to this topic. Paul.
  7. Thank's Geoff, you have made good sense, i have taken your advice very seriously, also 36MP as you said it's a overkill when supplying stock, this thought was also at the back of my mind. Paul.
  8. Wim, you are rite! a TSE would be the more sensible way to go about quality landscape images, i became interested in the Nikon D810 for the lack of AA filter plus 36 mp sensor, and all the hype about what a great sharp capture it gave, like most of us i want the best gear i can afford to stay with the QC that seems to be in demand these days, hence starting this topic. I am still deciding, however your comment in regard to the TSE lenses has got me thinking, i know David Noton gets great shots with the 17mm TSE Paul.
  9. Therefore it seems that if the A7 shoots at shutter speeds over 200 hand held or otherwise it should produce sharp images, no different to other cameras.
  10. Have just finished a quick test with the Canon 7D live mode 1 - 2 then the conventional mirror lock up method, 100 macro lens f/8 iso speed 100 at 30sec. Could not see any real differences in sharpness, however with mirror lock up the image had slightly more contrast, therefore i cannot see the electronic 1st shutter improving the image with sharpness. Paul.
  11. Bill, would one really see the difference at normal shutter speeds, with electronic 1st shutter or is it only when working with slow speed macro. Thanks, Paul.
  12. Thanks for the update Chuck, happy to know that your Tokina is not a lemon, i am still deciding, have been looking at the Sony A7R, good for various lenses, from what i have read it would seem that Zeiss is the best lens for the Sony. What worries me about the A7R so many used ones on Ebay, makes me think that it may not be so great. I will take another look at the D810 and Tokina 16-28. Thanks again for your update. Paul.
  13. Thanks everybody, some interesting comments, i have spent the best part of the afternoon looking at You Tube videos on lenses for the D810, it seems like the 14-24 is the better one, however there are a few trade off's as mentioned by many here, Wim suggested the Sony 7R, it seems pretty good value. I will wait and see what Chuck says about the 16-28 Tokina. Thanks to all whome responded. Paul.
  14. I am looking at purchasing a Nikon D810 for landscape photography, can any current users of this camera recommend a suitable lens to go with the D810, keeping in mind that it is mainly for landscape photography, i have heard that the 14 to 24 is a great lens is it? or is there a better lens? Thank's to all. Paul.
  15. With the typical November weather and stuck indoors i decided to have a look at micro lens adjustment on my Canon 1Ds III and 7D camera's with a selection of L lenses, only to discover that no adjustments were needed, are the lens camera tolerances so good at Canon that it is only the odd lens that needs adjustment. It would be interesting to know how many here have gone to the trouble and found that adjustment was not needed. Or is adjustment only for the tweekers who believe that they are making it all a bit sharper! Paul.
  16. The same with PhotoMechanic, unfortunately i was once told it's not accurate, something to do with images processed over a given time and not camera shutter count.
  17. I have been going blind looking for a shutter counting program for Canon Dslrs, it is a minefield trying to find one that works on a PC. Anybody here with experience and willing to offer a link to software that will work. Many thanks in advance to all. Paul.
  18. Martin, i will be very interested in your findings, i have found the 7D is a great camera despite what many have said, the only downfall is the noisy sensor above 800, if the 7D2 has a much less noisy sensor i for one would be happy, and of course the smart buyer will wait 6 months, read reviews and wait for any faults that it may have. I remember the old 1D3, marketing people gave it the thumbs up rave reviews, real world users soon found out that the AF was not so great, so now i believe it pays to wait and see what users are saying. As a footnote: i had the earlier 7D, it was good, 18 months later i purchased the version 2 and found it a much better camera than the earlier batch, maybe the same will happen with 7D2. Paul.
  19. +1 I am not laughing, i use the 18-55 as a easy light walk round with the 55-250 on my 7D, and i have to say that the IQ is accepted by Alamy, at times i wonder how Canon can produce such a cheap lens that produces high quality images. Had it out today, shot 138 images giving 3 bad IQ ones, a very good hit ratio, to be honest i have had a worse ratio with my L lenses. Paul.
  20. Just received the DXO 10 email, i am tempted, it has been a while since i have used DXO, i started years ago with 5.0, through to 7, i lost interest when i started using LR, i found that LR gave me more control and is not so automated and is faster than DXO, 2 areas that failed me with DXO was over sharpening, and the noise control tended to make some images soft at times, i might trial the version 10. I am looking for a better high ISO noise software if DXO have improved in this area it could be worth the effort, removing noise without making the image soft or pasty is the challenge. Paul.
  21. Now i am starting to feel sick! Hope you don't mind me asking, i am sure many here would like to know, did you kiss her before or after her meal? Paul.
  22. Spoken like a man from the land of Downunder .
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