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    fotoDogue;  Back when I looked into PhotoShot they required an exclusive contract with most contributors. Not sure if you're permitted to license your own work directly


    I have images with Photoshot via 2 other image suppliers that i know of,  not sure what kind of agreement was reached,  however if the images are not exclusive i would think that there is nothing to worry about,  i should also have been notified by the suppliers of my images to Photoshot if exclusive rites were granted.


    In a nutshell i would think that there are a group of lawyers who are trying it on,  there is a lot of lawyer scams going on these days.





    This situation where stock prices keep dropping while equipment prices keep increasing reminds me of the Gold Rush in the American West of the mid-19th century

    Also makes me think that people see photo togs running around with all their flash equipment getting the strange illusion that photographers make a lot of money,  well of course we do otherwise we would not have such expensive gear. rite!


    As for Sony lenses,  i am very happy with my Zeiss 16-35 and 70-200, on the 7ii, for casual shooting,  still use my Canon Pro kit for fast pro stuff and when it must look professional.





     But to tell you the blunt truth: you missed the boat 7 years ago. I would never recommend stock photography to newcomers who have to start from scratch


    I hate to put you off, however Arterra is rite!,  a editor from a very large German stock Archive told me a few years ago that he could not advise any photographer to start in Stock.


    For me stock is more for the hobby shooters who don't have to rely on a steady bread and butter income with their photos.


    As been suggested, you need thousands here to have a chance,  yes it is a lot of work and effort for the return in stock photography today.


    If you put images up as a hobby it will be more fun without the stress.



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  4. Unless your current Canon or Nikon is regularly producing sub-standard images why throw away hard earned cash on another piece of equipment that will soon become yesterdays technology, then off one goes again for the next bit of kit that that may be in some way 2% better.


    I am sure that some people read the technical discussions on camera gear and ask themselves why photographers always seem to want the next best piece of gear at the risk of losing money ( me included ) i have shelved out plenty over the years and to be honest by doing so has not put me in a position where i get more for my images.


    My best selling image in recent times for €900 came from a Canon G9  from 5 years ago, all my wonderful expensive pro gear of many thousands of euros has not come close.




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     I love the A7ii because I can carry it in my bag but if I don't find a good zoom for it I may also consider the D750

     Lynn,  what would you consider a good zoom for your Sony 7ii,  i have the Sony Zeiss 16-35,  it's not bad but not super great for the price, however the 70-200 G lens is every bit as good as the Canon 70-200L  at half the price and half the weight,  a great lens.



  6. Yes Linda,  you have every rite to be jealous of the Sony 7ii  users, i have had this camera for 1 month now, it is a great walk around, medium size, not to heavy (depending on lens) and to boot great IQ,  the only down side for me is the ergonomics, after shooting with the big bodied professional dslrs for 20 years it takes some getting use to.



  7. I was not convinced with the sharpness of the 28-70 kit lens, not happy with Metabones Canon system as only the Canon 16-35L was the only lens that gave average focus speed, all my other L lenses gave a lot of problems.


    So rather than sell off the 7MK2  i bit the bullit and now have the Sony 70-200 G and 16-35 Sony Zeiss,  so far so good,  i am very happy with the system,  however the Zeiss 16-35 shows more distortion and is harder for software to correct than the Canon 16-35.


    Nothing is perfect!


    I will keep my Canon gear until i am really convinced that Sony 7MK2 is the way to go.



  8. Today my photo dealer swapped the Sony 7ii for another,  so the first thing i did was went out and shot the same night scenes, only a couple of shots, i am happy to say no Magenta casting,  Now a Happy Chappy  :D.


    Lynn, I just returned the Metabones 1V,  a very expensive adapter that became very slow in focusing after making the latest firmware update,  to my knowledge Sony do not make adapters for Canon EF lenses, so now i am kinda stuck for a good adapter.


    One more question Lynn, when shooting with the 55-210mm how much do you lose in resolution,  for example what dose  the file size end up as.



  9. How do you like this camera? I was not crazy about the A7 or A7R. My ratio of focus/not in focus was horrible.

    Linda, i am not sure!


    I have only had it a week and still trying to get a feeling for the 7ii, to be fair i have always used pro and semi pro Canon DSLRS and find the Sony a bit of a toy, although when it comes to image quality/ sharpness and detail/ it is brilliant with no focusing issues with the Sony kit lens.


    What sold me on this was the hand held night shots that Lynn Palmer put up in another post about 2 weeks ago, i would have to agree except for the Magenta cast in dark skies that i am getting and some Banding, i am using Auto WB, perhaps this is the problem.



  10. That's rite John!  the hybrid contrast/phase detection AF system is a problem with 3rd party AF lenses,  getting off topic just a touch, i have just noticed with my night shots from 2 hours ago that they have a strong Magenta cast in the dark sky and finding it hard to remove in PP with  DXO and LR. Hmmm. I hope the 7ii is not just a daytime camera.


    Perhaps Lynn Palmer can come in on this as i know Lynn has this particular camera.


    Looks like further investigation will be necessary.





    Sounds like it might be worth a look, especially if it has IS that works with third party lenses


    Yes it seems the ideal camera for that reason,  however there is a trade off, it is called slow focusing and hunting with 3rd party lenses,  i have the latest Sony 7 Mk II,  great camera with Sony FE lenses, in the last few days i have been testing Canon L lenses,  all have slow focusing and sometimes missing focus causing them to hunt,  however the IS system does work.



  12. Never a problem with LR, i use the CA setting at default and adjust the purple fringe slide to +2.


    i am not concerned at all anymore with QC  results, if they pass great if not what the heck!  i work with others that accept and sell many of my images,  my Alamy sales are not very good in general therefore i refuse to raise my blood pressure because of QC failures.


    Life is too short :)



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  13. After browsing this post i decided to purchase the Sony 7 II,  seems like a nice camera,  with one major problem,  i cannot open the raw files with DXO 10, yes i have loaded the modules and i keep getting camera not recognized.


    I can see the raw files in Photo-mechanic however if i try to view at 100% the image gets a little smaller instead of enlarging,  with all my cameras over the years i have never had this problem


    Anybody know what the problem could be?


    Thanks for your help.



  14. Ed, yes renting would be a good way to find out,  i will see if it is possible,  also as you pointed out it is not a fast lens,  also a consideration, i was shooting wildlife in the Kruger a few years ago with a 300 2.8 and 600 F/4 on 2 body's and it was a bit of a pain switching within a confined space of a motor car,  hence the idea of a big zoom making it a little easier, of course if money was not a problem i would purchase the new Canon 200-400 L,  but the cost for such a lens is somewhat insane.



  15. Hi Folks's,  i have a planned trip to shoot wildlife in Africa this coming March.


    All of my telephotos are Canon L series,  for the ease of getting  close and distant shots in a hurry from a car without working to cameras and big prime telephotos i was considering the Sigma 150-600 sports Telezoom.


    Has anybody here used or own this lens and are there any serious problems or downfalls?  my biggest concern is lack of sharpness.


    I will be very happy to know of your experiences before shelving out €2000.


    Thanks everybody,



  16. A friend of mine treated himself to a new Canon 7D MK II for Xmas, yes i was envious of his new camera as being a long time user of the original 7D.


    We went out yesterday shooting winter snow scenes and a few low flying Ducks, using both cameras ( old versus new ),  i was very impressed with the fast focusing and the handling of the new Canon, however when we put the images on the computer we did not see any real differences  in the images until ISO 800,  the MK II was just a little better with less noise than my old 7D, at 1600 ISO the MK II was that little bit better again.


    I feel that the MK II is a better camera, however i am not sure that i would trade my old for the new and  hand over  approx €1100 after selling of my old 7D.


    7D MK II owners it would be interesting to know your thoughts.




    Back to my original response to a Wide Zoom in F mount.


    I've now been using the TOKINA 16-28 f2.8 for over a month

    and on several big assignments and I love this lens 90%

    Chuck, Thanks for the feed back.


    Glad to know that the purchase worked out,  for the price it seems like a good alternative to the 14-24 Nikon.





    There are thousands of images of police stations on Alamy, so the jails must be filling up with stock photographers


    Yes John i certainly hope so, it should increase my chances here :D.


    I understand that nobody including the law enforces, can legally make you  delete your work, that dose not mean that the law could not retain your camera or at least memory cards/ film to be scrutinized before a higher order such as a court.



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