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  1. I have recently had a sale for personal use, i prefer to sell to professional clients that should have a understanding of usage and copyright laws. is it possible to get out of personal use?, if so how do i go about it. Thanks, Paul
  2. Thank's to everybody, i have taken on board what has been said here, as nobody has clearly said that a full frame is sharper than crop i suspect that my 7D ii has a problem, i ventured into using Reiken Focal to calibrate the lenses, unfortunately there was no improvement, i am now thinking of having it looked at by Canon service. Thanks again. Paul.
  3. Hi everybody, over the past few weeks i have been calibrating various lenses on my Canon 7D mk ii, it dose not matter what i do it seems impossible to get tack sharp images more so with long 600mm lenses, the worst results come from the Canon 600mm and the sigma 150-600 sports, all of the lenses are tack sharp on my full frame 1Ds iii. Is their anyone here who can say for sure if the full frame sensor is sharper than crop, i am reluctant to send the 7d in for testing as there might be nothing wrong with it. Any knowledgeable people who can help will be appreciated. Thank's to
  4. Sensor cleaning is no real challenge unless you have bad eye site or shaky hands, in most cases it is just dust statically stuck to your sensor nothing more, i use the Arctic Butterfly by Invisible Dust, no wet solutions and swabs that can get messy, another tip is to shoot with open aperture around 2.8 to 4, of course for the landscaper with skies and small apertures cleaning can be a daily chore if you are changing lenses. Give it a go, providing you don't use finger nails, steel wool, vacuum cleaners and high pressure hoses , you will be ok. Paul.
  5. This is the problem with internet publishing, once on a site anybody can use it, there are not to many sites using methods to stop copying, and what annoys me is the lack of credit lines, perhaps some people might use the credit line as a means to contact the supplier or © owner and pay for the image without resorting to copy and paste theft. Paul.
  6. Sorry to say Callie, More likely selling as prints at the local street markets for a few dollars, i am sure you have already thought along those lines. Alamy we have problem!
  7. The down side to having images managed by so called agencies is the lack of control, Callie (jw) said that she would consider to opt out, i think to opt out would be to withdraw completely from all distributors and only have images with concerns like PD. Yes folks it is a concern.
  8. I wonder how the partner agencies who contribute 1000,s of images at one time to Alamy manage their keywords, surely they don't have somebody reworking keywords like us photographers.
  9. Bryan, I had the a6000 combo, took it to Iceland, no problems the a6000 is a great camera although i found it a bit small and fiddly after spending most of my years with dslr's, the Zeiss 16-35 f/4 is also great, so if and when you bite the bullet for the a6300 i am sure you will be happy that you did as i am sure build quality would be the same. By the way the a6000 Zeiss is durable, i went for a slide down a shallow cliff then later got it soaked in seawater spray, I mean really soaked, never a problem.
  10. 10,000 images here = 3 small sales for Feb, guess i must be doing something wrong!
  11. Yes John i agree, reincarnation would be the only option for me as well, i guess us old boys will have to be happy with what we have achieved on Alamy and not chase the impossible.
  12. Hi everybody, at last i finally will reach 10,000 images online with Alamy tomorrow being the 1st of March, it has taken many years of hard work getting through QC and all those keywords. Do you think Alamy will send me a cake or a token for making the effort "joking" All i gotta do now is stay alive for 100 years to catch Jeff Greenberg, how dose he do it? Anybody else getting close to their milestones?
  13. All much the same for me, i cannot see any changes, the corporate agencies still seem to be running within the 1st 10 images on the first page, even though some of their keywords are irrelevant to the given images, kinda makes me wonder how the ranking system works, i have a sneaky suspicion it is more to do with quantity of sales than perfect key wording to get into the top 10.
  14. What ever they are cooking i am not part of the ingredients, my sales with Alamy are very weak, always have been, here is hoping that they a cooking a big pie and i will get a nice slice of it one day. Guten appetit .
  15. If pseudonyms help with making sales i must ask why the big corporates here on Alamy do not have pseudonyms? they just have their name, e.g. Robert Harding. I have several pseudonyms, i am sure it makes no difference to sales, it just makes it a bit easier when editing my work. Paul.
  16. Yes Callie, we hear you, but the real question is doing the archives really care?, i must say that Alamy in general is getting better fees for me than most others although not enough to live on, not by along shot. Every contributor here could stop sending in their material and Alamy as others will survive because they already have the numbers. Years ago a image archive CEO told me that being in stock is no different than gambling, and if you want to make money get a proper job. Have a good weekend, Paul.
  17. F4s, Now that is a camera for pros only, 1 heck of a solid workhorse that did the job without failure for the guys and gals who knew what they were doing with such a piece of kit.
  18. The good old days certainly bring back fond memories, however when i think of all the running around buying film trying to calculate how many rolls to take how to best store them on long trips especially in outback Australia with temps from 30 to 50 c, not forgetting airport security and their x_ray machines and so on, we seemed to make more of a effort then, trying to use only 50 or 100 asa film, No Image stabilization, yes often a challenge, and more rewarding in $$$. The best times were waiting hours sometimes days even weeks to see the results on a lightbox. AH yes the good old da
  19. Yes Geoff i also remember, one particular insurance payout for damaged slides netted me $12,000 plus a few other claims on lost sales, and some of those cheques/ checks, yes the good old days! and the gear also seemed to be cheaper.
  20. We better get used to this, it has been the trend for some years now and getting more popular with buyers and sellers alike! As a friend of mine with 40 years experience in commercial photography told me many years ago that i am putting a rope around my neck and it will get tighter as the stock industry grows, Now he tells me i told you so . The worst sale in the hand profit was 02 cents non micro from another distributor, just how much tighter can the rope get? Have a great new 2016 with a few thousand $8 sales. Paul.
  21. Bryan, i feel for you as well as myself, this year i have had some bad sales across the various archives i am with, i am happy to say Alamy has not sold images of mine as low as $8. Let's hope this is just a one off. Paul.
  22. Hi All Canon Users! I have been thinking of getting a Canon 6D for low light light shooting, cheaper than the 5D3 and from what i hear is just as good in low light. What concerns me is there are so many on Ebay that have low shutter counts therefore not old cameras, why so many, is there anybody here who has experience with the Canon 6D. Thanks in advance. Paul.
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