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  1. AlessandraRC



    This concurs with my limited experience. It is not a problem with QC, but a general problem of not getting the fine details of things very well, particularly as you get closer to 200 mm. 

    Not sure what gear you have,  if you can attach your lens to a full frame camera then do a test comparing crop to full frame you may see a difference, advantage should go to full frame for detail.



  2. it will take more than a few months for your work to be totally cleared from the distribution scheme,  Alamy would have notified all it's distributors,  also the image you sold may have been purchased a year ago and has just been cleared.


    " I checked my account settings and the date of my opt-out has been changed to match the precise date of the image sale"  this i cannot explain, try asking MS.



  3. I have not read all the replies perhaps this has already been said, now getting back to the original topic.


    With Alamy's collection of images growing at such a fast rate it is only natural that sales will fall for the individual photographer, competition is more than ever, altering your keywords may not make any difference at all, spend your time on adding fresh material.




    Chuck Nacke

    I have fallen in Love with my SIGMA 120-300 2.8,  pre IS version.  It is really heavy, but it makes wonderful images

    I share the same comments in regard to my Sigma 150-600 sport,  only after putting it on the Canon 1DX,  before that i was struggling with image quality on the 7Dii, these days Sigma seem to be making  very good lenses, my Canon 600mm f/4 is just a shade better in image quality but dose not have the versatility of the Sigma zoom.

  5. but it's a bit disconcerting -- especially in these days of falling image prices -- when you're thinking about spending hundred of bucks on a lens.


    I could not agree more, i often ask myself why have i purchased many thousands of $s of gear and sometimes consider upgrading because it might be better, knowing that the image prices are not going to get better just because i purchased some great new piece of camera kit.


    Because it is nice to have we photographers often over capitalise.



    I bought the 18-300 a while ago but I'm not impressed.  I even sent it back to Nikon for checking and re-calibration, which improved it slightly, but I'm still not impressed.  It will be on ebay soon.

    That extra 100mm could be enough to not give tack sharp images on a crop sensor,  try the lens on a full frame and see if there is a improvement.



  7. Hi John,

    you can be sure the optics have improved, however from my experiences super zooms and long lenses on crop sensor body's don't give sharp images especially if you are trying to get fine detail with bird photography, i found this out when using the Canon 600 f/4 and Sigma 150-600 sport, both lenses are almost tack sharp on full frame cameras.


    Downsizing might be the answer for super zooms on crop sensors, i have never tried doing so.



  8. In more recent times there has been many topics of complaint from forum members and now this one,  "NO NOT A MISTAKE" it is how it is, of course i / we are asking Alamy to start dealing with clients in a way that is fairer to the contributor and stop offering nothing more than silly prices for our work, ( in some instances).


    Alamy would more than likely agree as they would also benefit more!   however it is all the agencies "image suppliers"  that are driving the payment for images to the bottom,  therefore if Alamy was to insist on reasonable fees to satisfy us contributors Alamy would start to lose it's market meaning less sales and in time Alamy could fall by the wayside like so many agencies of old who worked with higher prices, and there have been some famous names that have gone because they did the right thing.


    As much as we don't like how it is and rightfully so we cannot change the way this industry has gone, we are in a over supplied industry with to many distributors that are forced to stack em high and sell at a low fee to stay competitive and stay in the game.


    We all pay the price,  even Alamy.


    As a footnote;  Alamy has yet to sell my images for less than i have received elsewhere.



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     You used to be helpfull, treating photographers with respect, listen to us and talk in a professional way... What is going on now?!! 


    I have noticed this with all of the agencies "image suppliers" over the past 2 years,  we as photographers are nothing more than a source for images,  most of us have come to realise this over the years as the industry has gone through it's changes.


    The only way to correct this low image payment system would be for all agencies "image suppliers" to pull together with a standard sufficient minimum price for images then go from there,  but of course it is a dream, the only way it might happen is if we were all under the same umbrella with union control and started dictating to the buyers and not the other way around.


    Just my thoughts!



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    Problem is - as Jill rightfully mentioned - that you have to put that restriction on all your images.  If you do, then none of your images will be available through distributors.


    I agree, however i have enough distributor schemes running elsewhere,  to be honest i find distributor sales less than rewarding.



  11. Hi everybody,   over the past few weeks i have been calibrating various lenses on my Canon 7D mk ii,  it dose not matter what i do it seems impossible to get tack sharp images more so with long 600mm lenses,  the worst results come from the Canon 600mm and the sigma 150-600 sports,  all of the lenses are tack sharp on my full frame 1Ds iii.


    Is their anyone here who can say for sure if the full frame sensor is sharper than crop,  i am reluctant to send the 7d in for testing as there might be nothing wrong with it.


    Any knowledgeable people who can help will be appreciated.


    Thank's to all,



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