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  1. The experience that you have just had is pretty much the norm in the online stock industry today,  Alamy often comes across as giving the work away with their low discounted fees,  the reason we know this is that Alamy is very transparent in how they do business, most other online archives work pretty much the same as Alamy but are less transparent, therefore we pick on Alamy pricing because Alamy informs us in detail to how the image was licensed and the fee paid, hence sometimes we are not happy because it has been put in front of us in detail.


    In regard to your question!  i can only recommend putting restrictions on your images,  to be honest i do not know how efficient this is, however it must work to some degree.


    RM images today do not seem to be recognized like they once were,  control has been lost in our online world, i sometimes feel that once a image is put online it is there for the world to grab and hopefully somebody will pay for it.


    I am sure there are others here that can help with your thread.





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  2. *Sorry having a very real what's the point day today*



    We all get those days,  when i see some of my sales it is more like  " frustration day for me ".


    Enjoy the fact that somebody liked your image well enough to publish it, forget the conditions and what ever you may have been payed for it.


    Nice shot by the way!





  3. I must admit when i read 7000 images and sold 10 a year it rather put me off.



    Don't be put off by what i am saying,  their are plenty people here doing very well with much less than 7,000 images,  for reasons not known to me my work dose not suit Alamy clients,  somebody once told me that i am in the wrong stable with what i have to offer,  this must be rite as one of my archives in Germany sell between 100 and  150 images per year,  now with saying that'  i do have 11,000 plus with them.


    So don't be put off by me here,  just keep sticking them on,  hopefully you will see some results in time.  :)





  4. Paul, I have 7,000+ pix here too. But if I was only licensing 10 pix per year, I'd be tempted to pack it in



    Yep! i kid you not,  don't know where i am going wrong with Alamy my sales are low and slow, compared elsewhere,  my downfall might be that i have only marked a few areas in the distributor scheme.


    I admit that i do get envious when i read the how was your month threads,  some people do very well with Alamy!


    Have a good one everybody.





  5. I have not read the entire thread,  however i am sure that many have said you have to get more on Alamy,  it is a numbers game the more you have the better the chances of a sale,  as you can see i have over 7,000 with Alamy and i battle to sell 10 images per year,  i am not having a go at Alamy,  it is todays market with so many images and archives out there it will always be tough to make a lot of sales, unless you have the numbers,  so get very busy start shooting and  uploading.


    Good luck!





  6. Hi everybody,   i have my images distributed to many 3rd party sites from various suppliers.


    Recently i have seen a great deal of my images with the suppliers credit line without my name being mentioned anywhere,  i am annoyed by this as i am the creator and it is my copyright.


    Dose anybody know how the law stands on this matter?


    I have contacted the various suppliers about this,  they say they will change it but nothing get's changed.


    Have a good day everybody!



  7. Been there many years ago, proudly showing off my then loved camera gear and getting some negative comments, now as a pro my camera gear is just a tool, buy it use it, at times abuse it, gone are the days when it was something to give the impression that i am a photographer.


    Paul, i assume you are a young guy fallen in love with photography,  we have all been there, my advice is to ignore what others say,  just lap up your love and passion for photography often you will find there is nothing better in the world.


    Yes!  i also have the 70-200 2.8,  in my kit,  you can't go wrong,  you made a good choice " well done " :)


    Cheers, and happy shooting with your 70-200 lens,


    Paul Mayall.

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