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  1. Ed, as a Australian living in Upper Bavaria i have tried to yodel, unfortunately for others there was a lot of noise that did not pass the local Bavarian yodeling QC . Paul.
  2. Yes Ed, not much noise being made on this post, but then again how much noise can we handle? Paul.
  3. John, I see some noise but not enough to have stopped me uploading it to Alamy, if this image failed QC, it would be a shame really as in normal print to a full page the quality should be fine. So much material is not being seen because of pixel peeping QC decision makers, not only here at Alamy but many other places. I can confidently say that 99% of my failures had minimal problems, definitely not noticeable in normal print or screen, the question is why are they so borderline with QC, i often think back to the early days of transparencies and try to imagine how many failures
  4. I have had several of my RM images returning yearly usage fees, from book covers to jigsaw puzzles, fees that i would not have received from RF, there was 1 image i was asked to give exclusive rights for 12 month's, hence a nice fee was paid for this license, again it would not have been possible if it was RF. Paul.
  5. Yes Callie, it seems like we are sharing the same supplier. Paul.
  6. One of my suppliers in Germany recently asked contributors to consider offering images as RF over RM where possible as the the buyers are showing more interest and higher sales on RF images. I have always licensed my images as RM, for the very reasons given by Jill and John. Paul.
  7. Have been seeing this for a couple of years now and have asked myself the question, the only answer i could come up with, is the hood is usually larger than the diameter of the lens, therefore it may offer better support for some people. Paul.
  8. Why sharpen the sky? as said above it can create artifacts, i personally add a little sharpening to the whole image in LR, approx 10 much less than 25 as many do, i find 25 tends to make the image a little grainy or noisy, if necessary i make extra sharpening in PS however 10 in LR mostly dose the trick. Paul.
  9. I have to agree with Chucke, it has become a snowball effect with more image suppliers stacking the shelves high and selling cheap, i remember the old days when a image had some value and photographers had a degree of control and business sense when it came to licensing their work, where is it all going?? I would rather have 7 sales for $1000.
  10. Not good, No Sales here! seems to be getting harder with low sales figures, thankfully in other photographic sectors the bills are being paid, ( not sure about stock anymore ).
  11. I agree John, when i compare my sales from smaller suppliers to Alamy i would think that Alamy's collection is to big to be seen for the photographer with a average sized collection here., therefore it should not be such a rush to upload multiple times.
  12. I have one here, the usage dose not start before 1.April, therefore i will not know if there will be a problem with the payment till end of April-May, however i will keep an eye on it. Paul. DETAILS. Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Textbook - print and e-book Print run: Unlimited Placement: Inside Image Size: 2 page spread Start: 01 April 2014 End: 01 April 2039 All terms and rights granted as per the Alamy Preferred Vendor Agreement dated 26th January 2010 prevail. Flat rate per image, license period 20 years
  13. It would be nice to have 1 great sale, all my years with 20K plus images scattered all around the world i have yet to see anything above 2000 euros, it is a lottery and with 20k plus tickets ( images ) out there i am hoping for a big one! Some years ago a friend who worked in the white collar side of Getty told me of a sale for $35K, and went on to say that these sales come along every now and then. So there is a chance . Paul.
  14. Yes me Tooooo!, i have a feeling that we will have to wait another 3 weeks before being allowed back in, don't you just love Alamy for giving us time off to do other things . Paul.
  15. Thank's for the tip but it is not the card, a better way to describe the problem! is a slight light falloff on the horizontal edges that adds a little magenta, again not on all images, just a few mainly in bright conditions, as i said earlier, it is not a serious problem, just thought i would mention it to see if others had the same issues. Paul.
  16. The magenta and light falloff is not on all images, it shows mainly on landscape shots, i process raw files in LR-4, where possible sometimes i have to crop to be rid of the problem, thankfully it is not with all images otherwise the RX100 would be out of my photo arsenal. Paul.
  17. Yes Allan you got that rite! within the 1st 5 minutes of playing with my RX100 mk1 i dropped it on a carpeted floor without any damage, slippery little sucker, i think most owners will agree. I love this camera, however nothing is perfect, the only problem i have is a slight magenta color cast and light falloff on the sides of horizontal shots, it is not a big problem just annoying, it tends to show more on landscape images. Otherwise a great little camera, still happy with it. Paul.
  18. Not sure about shoplifters stealing images from Alamy, i think there is a honor box where some buyers feel obligated to drop a little something in there to make their purchase legal, or at least it seems that way!
  19. No' Cristina it is not fair, although Ann is right in what she has said here, however we as contributors allowing 3rd parties to handle our business in the way of making our work available to others have no control to how much a license will be obtained for. We all get such terrible fees at times, i have given up on finding out how my images are licensed, it is not worth the pain and frustration. A commercial photographer once told me, stock photographers are monkeys being paid peanuts, i was not happy to hear what he said, although sometimes i think he is right. Just keep on
  20. Nice to see some positive results, a poor month for me with 1 sale from Alamy, thankfully i have done approx 40% better elsewhere with more sales reports due in the coming days.
  21. The camera manufacturers love us photographers, most of us are always looking and paying for a new piece of kit to make better images or life easier, in my case i often find myself going back to what i have used in the past simply because it is better. I have 3 heavy pro cameras with lenses to match, also the very small where is it lost in my pocket RX100, when i am lazy and in a very casual mood for photography and not wanting to stand out, my RX100 cannot be beat, but when it is time to be serious the heavyweights come out to get better images. Long live the DSLR! Paul.
  22. I would think a failure, sorry for the bad news, from experience after 48 hours if there is no pass you can be sure of waiting a full month before finding out where you failed. You are not alone, as you read this there are plenty of Alamy contributors failing and waiting for failed QC results. I am afraid that is the game here at Alamy, has been from the start and will be for a long time to come. The only way around this is to offer Technically PERFECT images, it's that simple, Paul.
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