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  1. A good tip from Colin, i tried this at a masking setting of 30, it certainly takes away some of that textured noise look, not sure how far masking can be pushed before degrading the image though. Thanks for your tip Colin! Paul.
  2. Hi Ed, ISO 400 on a full frame Canon 1Ds MkIII. As said before QC has passed these images so they cannot be to bad, the upside is there are no artifacts or halos. Just made a few quick snaps, processed in LR sharpness 15, much less noise texture, perhaps a little less sharp. Paul.
  3. This may have been covered before, if so Sorry' for boring you! I have noticed when using LR default sharpening 25 the final image has some kind of noise texture, especially noticeable in the sky. Can anybody recommend LR sharpening settings where it sharpens without what i call noise texture. Alamy has passed some of these images, however i think it must be on the edge of a fail. Comments will be welcomed. Paul.
  4. Very disappointing here with 2 sales, a total of 47 with others, come on Alamy it's time to get the whip out and start catching up! Wow, Alamy must be listening, 2 sales just came in. Paul.
  5. Even though i swear by my trusty dslr system, there are times when i would agree. Paul.
  6. Ed Endicott, Thanks for your tip, i might try the landscape setting, i have always shot Raw in natural setting, hence leaving a lot of pp, however like Bryan i also like to keep my images as natural looking as possible. Paul.
  7. Lot's of good advice here, nothing unusual, we all try to help where we can. I am not sure about the picture quality improvements on the mk3 over the mk1, however my mk1 suffers light fall off down the horizontal sides with a little magenta added, not noticeable on all images more so on landscape, my advice is to check your new mk3 to see if you have the same problem, having said that Alamy QC passes my mk1 photos. Paul.
  8. Err! you got me there Ed, i guess what i was trying to say is with the dslr being faster in capturing a image, there is a better chance of getting the shot that may be a seller, now i am talking about quick changing situations, not setups where time is of plenty. Paul.
  9. i can understand your feelings in regard to cutting back on gear, i often wonder if it is worth carrying around big heavy pro gear worth thousands of $$$ when it seems that my RX100 mk1 gets good enough results to pass QC 95% of the time for stock photography, of course this is good if you only supply Alamy, i am sure some other suppliers would not accept the RX100 series as they prefer dslr's, i know of 1. Don't be to hasty in selling your dslr, there will always be a time when only a dslr will get that all important shot, fast action photography is a good example. For me the RX series is good for a carry around, but not good enough to replace my dslr system. I also think the dslr system would be more robust and live longer. THINK' before saying goodbye to the dslr. Paul.
  10. I have seen many online photo suppliers images that look very enhanced and played with beyond realistic capture. My take is, i would rather images look more natural when presented and let the buyer jazz up the colors, enhancements etc. Maybe i am an old head, i get a little tired of seeing imagery that has lost it's natural look. So do you photoshop your images for the wow effect? if so how much trouble do you go to! Paul.
  11. I was well over 1,000 before my 1st sale, a lot depends on subjects, i think also where you are located, i have noticed in the how was your sales for the past month topic, many of the success stories come from the U.K. and the U.S., also don't forget near on 50 million images here, in 2 words ( strong competition). Paul.
  12. You are rite there Russell, the photographer is the main player when it comes to good photography, we look back to some of the greats with their vintage camera's and find some imagery that is hard to beat! I guess my problem is the thought of a image being taken by such a cheap device as a Iphone and sales being made, then maybe one has to be an excellent photographer to have success with a phone.
  13. Why are we as photographers especially the Pro guys and girls lowering our standards to snap shooting with a Iphones, i supply a distributor in Germany, they refuse to take images from anything less than a DSLR, and yes they are making many good sales without going down the road of low budget snap shooting. I remain to be a photographer shooting with quality gear. Stockimo and similar are not for me! Sorry if i am off the topic, i just get uptight when i see our industry going down the slap happy nobody seems to care path! and making everything cheap just to make a quick $ . Paul.
  14. There is the answer! no more key wording, just write Keith Morris in the description field, ( joking of course ) . By the way who is Keith Morris? Paul.
  15. It is said that holidays maybe the reason for lack of sales, but me and my images do not want to be on holidays, if it is holidays causing lack of sales it must only be Alamy clients, elsewhere is per normal, only 1 sale reported this month on Alamy. Paul.
  16. John, i hope you deposited that $100 cheque into a high interest account to Ad_cents. Paul.
  17. It would seem like from John's experience, it make Nosense to be with them! Paul.
  18. I have been lucky in most sales with Alamy, my fees have not been too low, however nothing to get over excited about, i have better and much worse elsewhere, it is 3rd party distribution that kills our end fees. Years ago i said that we are similar to farmers offering a product that others profit from more than we do! We have all seen farmers with small stands on the roadside selling there produce, often cheaper and fresher than in a supermarket, and getting more for their products, i guess we photographers try doing the same with direct online marketing, witch i think is harder than standing on the side of the road waiting for a passerby to stop and shop, Paul.
  19. Ed, as a Australian living in Upper Bavaria i have tried to yodel, unfortunately for others there was a lot of noise that did not pass the local Bavarian yodeling QC . Paul.
  20. Yes Ed, not much noise being made on this post, but then again how much noise can we handle? Paul.
  21. John, I see some noise but not enough to have stopped me uploading it to Alamy, if this image failed QC, it would be a shame really as in normal print to a full page the quality should be fine. So much material is not being seen because of pixel peeping QC decision makers, not only here at Alamy but many other places. I can confidently say that 99% of my failures had minimal problems, definitely not noticeable in normal print or screen, the question is why are they so borderline with QC, i often think back to the early days of transparencies and try to imagine how many failures would have taken place if the tranny's could have been viewed with a 100% eye loupe. A terrible thought that many of the great images we have seen from earlier years may not have materealised. Just my thoughts! Paul.
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