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  1. 2 sales for $162 gross revenue. Revenue total saved by a single $149 sale early in the month. I still find it puzzling why my sales numbers are so variable. For the last 6 months they've been 7,7,1,11,12,2. Or is this a common experience for other contributors?
  2. 12 sales for $190 gross. Just slightly below average total monthly revenue, but quite a long way down on average revenue per image.
  3. Is that the same BBC that are increasingly attempting to get people to submit their images to them so that they can use them for free? You, too can become a BBC Weather Watcher!! https://www.bbc.co.uk/weatherwatchers/
  4. I think Gary is referring to incorrect captions on other contributors images. There is no flagging system, so an email to Contributor Relations is the only way, and then presumably Alamy themselves would follow it up. Keith
  5. I agree. I cannot understand why Alamy think it's acceptable to treat a significant percentage of their suppliers in this way and keep them in the dark. It's just poor communication again.
  6. Well done Kumar in reaching this milestone and in maintaining the quality and variety that continues to return impressive sales figures. Keith
  7. 2016: Gross sale revenue almost the same as 2015. Sales by volume up 50% from 2015 One factor in this though is the percentage of Live News sales. A handful of those in a printed newspaper can make a large difference to the revenue figure, and that was an important contributor for me in 2015. So, while my average revenue per sale has gone down in 2016, it's perhaps not as significant as the raw data might suggest.
  8. 7 sales for $203 gross. An improvement over November and in line with my 2016 average.
  9. Thanks for that spot Michael. I had seen it zoomed but would never have know that it had made it to the Washington Post! Keith
  10. 4 sales for $92 gross. Disappointing month, but consistent with my recent trend. Reversing that trend will require a lot more hours of work, and my dilemma is whether it will be time well spent. Or should I put that time into other ventures?
  11. 4 sales for $144 gross. A bit below average, but perhaps a reflection of the reduced effort I've been putting in.
  12. Urban real estate in Peterborough featuring strange markings. Free traffic cone included.
  13. Some great entries so far. Here are my three: Congestion Evening Calm Flood
  14. 11 sales for $182 gross, so back to a more normal level (for me) after 3 summer months of up and down spikes.
  15. Daily/Sunday Telegraph, 11 Sept 2016: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/09/11/in-theresa-mays-meritocracy-what-will-become-of-the-stupid-and-u/ Image ID: C7X4HT Contributor: Ian Dagnall / Alamy Stock Photo
  16. I think you have some excellent images in your collection. I haven't looked at your keywording, but I'm assuming that they will be found by relevant searches. I think though that you also have a lot of similars and/or images that it is difficult to see why they would be bought as stock. The impact of that is that instead of having 1500 images you effectively have a much smaller number - say 300 to 500 that are strong stock images, So, when thinking about the numbers, you might need to base any analysis on a lower effective portfolio.
  17. I think you are incorrect to say that it is illegal to sell photos of people under a Royalty Free Licence. This gives some useful info and pointers, but remember that there are no easy/simple answers in this area - it will depend on the situation and who is involved. http://www.danheller.com/model-release-primer.html
  18. After just one sale in the whole of August, I've had three come through in the first day of September! Unfortunately the revenue isn't much to celebrate about. Found two in Newspapers, so presumably they were sold through the Newspaper scheme. Bring back the Personal Use sales!
  19. Very poor. 1 sale for $37 gross. I have just reached my 2015 sales volume though, but still have a way to go to reach the 2015 revenue
  20. Rather than many individual photographers spending their time and money (if buying print editions or on line subscriptions) recording usage in national newspapers, surely the best solution is to centralise this effort in one place? Is this something that Alamy are already doing? Maybe they are, and if so could they publish a list each day of Alamy images used in the UK national newspapers?
  21. 15 images from Alamy: http://metro.co.uk/2016/08/04/19-british-place-names-youve-been-mispronouncing-your-entire-life-6046790/
  22. Thanks Keith. However I have my doubts over that one, it's very similar but not quite the same. Tineye is finding what appears to be a more exact match from another agency, it could be incorrectly labelled on the BBC web site. I did have some doubts too Bryan. It was difficult for me to tell because the quality of the image on the BBC website was pretty poor but I had put that down to bad editing. Good luck with it anyway!
  23. Yorkshire Dales and Lake District national parks extend http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-36905517 I think it might be a crop of this image, and Bryan should be able to confirm Image ID: C51REX Washington Imaging
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